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Nigeria Is Not Being Governed – Ezekwesili Knocks Buhari

Former presidential candidate, Oby Ezekwesili, has attacked President Muhammadu Buhari, saying that becoming president was his ‘one and only outcome’.

Mrs Ezekwesili said this in series of tweets on Tuesday.

“It is more than obvious that ‘Becoming President’ was the one and only Outcome for @MBuhari. Or what explains the fact that he seldom shows any sense of urgency to tackling the numerous governance challenges that keep multiplying? Bear the title, @NGRPresident for nothing?” Ezekwesili asked.

The former education minister added: “Do we at all have a President in office these days? This is a legitimate question that should be answered by @AsoRock. How can a Government be so oblivious of the temperature of the country it is supposedly ‘governing’?

“Let’s say @AsoRock says we do have a President, can they please let him know that our Constitution has no provision for Imperial Presidency? He is not a king.

“This country is neither being led nor governed right now.@AsoRock, let this be told whom this message belongs

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