Left Behind – Episode 3

Left Behind – Episode 3
© Happy William
Ohmegod, I’m having a heart attack.
I can’t breath.
Maybe what I’m seeing was just a figment of my imagination, I mean with the way Fred and Kath warned me about going to Luke’s tent, I was bound to think up something crazy, right?
Just to be sure, I took another peek again. I almost vomited. Lillian was giving him a blow job.
I felt like a knife was plunged into my chest. My vision became blurry with tears as my grip on the tent flap tightened, and I slumped to the floor, making the tent to collapse too.
Luke and Lillian quickly separated.
“What was that?” I heard Lillian’s voice ask.
They listened for a few seconds. “It was probably nothing,” Luke replied. “Now where were we?”
Lillian’s giggles made me feel like a fool sitting down there. I was about to stand up when she asked, “Luke, does it mean that girlfriend of yours doesn’t satisfy you in bed?”
“She doesn’t. To be honest I….”
I didn’t want to hear the rest. The tears flowed as I began running back to the fire. But I bumped into Iris who was coming towards me.
“Harry, what’s it, why’re you crying?” she enquired and held my arms tight.
“Luke…. he cheated on me!” I blurted out. I’d expected her to suddenly go all protective and caring on me, but her hands slowly slipped down towards her side, and she bent her head.
“I knew you were going to find out soon,” she mumbled.
I nodded and wiped at the tears that were blurring my vision.
“Luke cheated on you with almost all the girls in class. And that was like a day or two after you guys started dating.”
I did the mental calculations; Luke and I started dating in the year back. Which sums up that he’d been at it for a year!
I gro-ned, “That b******!”
“That’s not all…I just need to tell you that…” she hesitated and tucked a strand of her wavy brown h air behind her ears. I watched her intently, waiting to hear what she had to say. Something told me that this was gonna be interesting.
“You remember the day you called and asked me to come over to your house for lunch?”
I nodded, because my throat was still sore from the crying.
“I told you that I was occupied with sorting out files for mom. But I wasn’t. I was with him.”
She paused and twisted her fingers uncomfortably.
What did she mean by ‘with him’? I knew she’s referring to Luke, but…
“I don’t understand,” I said.
She sighed and cleared her throat. “Harry I just want you to know that I didn’t mean to, I was tempted and I just hope you could forgive me because I never meant to—”
“Katherine!” I cut in shaking her by the shoulder. I was loosing patience already.
“Stop blabbing, and tell me already—”
“I slept with him!” she blurted.
I froze.
“What?” I whispered, still unsure of what I’d heard.
“Luke. I slept with him that day. And the day after.”
Ohmegod, someone tell me I’m not hearing this.
I inched away from her. “Kathy you..”
“Harry I’m so sorry, i–”
“Don’t come near me!” I warned, pointing a finger at her. “I hate you! I hate Luke! I hate Lillian!! I hate all of you traitors!!!” I yelled, and ran away.
I didn’t know where I was going, I just wanted to get away from it all.
Kathy’s POV
I covered my face with my palm and I sat dejectedly on the tree stump.
I’m a horrible friend.
I still can’t believe that I did that.
I remembered that day vividly: Luke had called me to come over to his house for an assignment he had difficulty on. I was a brilliant type, so I agreed.
When I arrived I was shocked to find out that Harry wasn’t there.
But Luke told me to relax. He took me to his room.
We brought out books, but none of us was really focused on the studies. He kept looking at me intently, and I kept dodging his stares.
In the midst of my explanations, he cupped my chin in his palm.
“Do you know you’re beautiful, Katherine?”
I blushed so hard and shook my head. I hadn’t much experience with boys.
He’d k-ssed me, taking me by surprise. And then he k-ssed me again. One thing led to another, and we were both unclad by the time Harry’s call came in.
“What should I say?” I’d asked frightened.
“Make something up and come back here,” he shot out with impatience and annoyance.
And I lied.
I was still a V-rgin that time, but I loved the s€×.
It was after I’d returned home all sore that I regretted.
But it was too late.
“Kathy, what happened? We heard shouts,” said Luke as he stopped before me, breaking me out of my thought.
I opened my face to see that he was harzardly dressed, and Lillian was behind him. Both their hairs were messed, the fresh out of bed type.
“It’s Harry,” I said weakly. “She knows.”
“What the **** do you mean by that!?” he yelled.
“She noticed you weren’t at the campfire. She came to look for you. She saw you guys. She found out every thing. She ran away.”
Luke wiped a hand through his face, while Lillian smirked. “That’s a relief,” she said.
Luke glared at her. “No it’s not. If her parents find out, I’m dead.”
Luke wasn’t very rich, but he seemed so with his popularity and actions.
Just then we heard the whistle.
The camp whistle.
We hurried over and arrived just as Mr Matthew was rounding up an announcement, “…..heavy earthquake around this area. So we have to evacuate now. Hurry, pack only essentials, and get into the bus!”
It was a frenzy as students rushed over everything.
Where was Harriet?
I began packing our stuff. She must have heard the whistle, so she’ll be here soon.
Minutes later, she still wasn’t here.
I began to panick.
“Harry!” I called repeatedly.
No answer.
I hurried to Luke. “I can’t find Harriet!” I said breathlessly.
“And we can’t find Jean either,” Jack exclaimed as he came towards us. Fred and Lillian were there too.
“What do we do, the bus will soon be leaving!” I cried.
Luke looked around. “Let’s not panic, OK? The students are so disorg-nized that she and Jean might probably be inside the bus without us knowing.”
“God, I hope so,” Jack breathed.
“Every one, into the bus, NOW!” Mrs Jackson yelled.
All the students got in, and I began to search for Harriet.
I didn’t find her or Jean on board, and when we were many kilometers away, I heard, and felt, the rumblings of the earth quake.
Lightning flashed through the sky, and the floor of the bus shook.
Harry where are you? Jean?
I risked a look at Jack. He sat dejectedly, looking guilty and scared.
Exactly the way I feel.
Oh, girls, please be safe.
My boyfriend cheated on me.
My boyfriend has been cheating on me.
With my best friend.
They took me for a fool.
I sobbed loudly as I ran through the tangle of vines, shrubbery and trees that made up the forest, such that the sound of my cries could be heard for miles and miles away. The sound of my feet crunching on the dried leaves were also audible.
I kept on running, not knowing where to go, or what to do. I just wanted to escape.
The cold wind blasted in my face. I got tired. I fell under a tree and began to cry loudly.
“No no no no no,” I muttered as I hit my fists on the ground.
I’ve been a fool to trust. Normally I don’t trust that easily. Even my parents.
But I envied the way other girls in class and school always flaunted with their boyfriends.
To clubs.
School functions.
I knew that no guy would ever come to ask me out with my super rich background and my sassy attitude, and so from tenth grade, I decided to lower a little.
As rewards have it, by the first session of eleventh grade, Luke Herman, the most handsome guy in school, asked me out after we’d had some crazy outings.
I happily accepted him.
I put in all my efforts in that relationship. I did see him hanging out with different girls each week, but I ignored it and loved him with all my self.
And I believed he did too.
Then came the time he invited me over, and wanted to have s€×.
I freaked out.
The truth is that one crazy night I’d gone clubbing alone when I was sixteen. That was tenth grade. I returned so drunk that I couldn’t drive. I decided to trek a little.
Then came this man out of the shadows behind an alley. He pulled me in, threw me down, subdued me, and began taking his belt off, and struggling with the button of my trouser.
I’d scre-med. I was so scared because the road was lonely.
I thought nobody heard.
Then an old couple passing by began to enquire who was there, and the rapist ran away.
They helped me up, and asked if they should call the police.
I refused.
They took me home. I thanked them. I didn’t tell my parents or anybody.
That’s why I’m scared to have s€×.
But Luke….. I thought he’d wait. I thought……
I bowed my head a continued crying.
Then I heard the faint sound of the camp whistle.
I’d have loved to stay there where I wouldn’t see any Luke or Katherine or Lillian. But I had to go back.
I stood up and began moving.
Then I stopped. I had no idea where I was going.
I began to panic and ran in all directions. I couldn’t even recall where I came from. There was no path to follow, and it was dark.
Very dark.
I hurriedly brought out my phone to dial Katherine.
There was no signal.
“Help!” I yelled and ran. “Somebody help me!”
I stopped in my tracks when I almost lost balance and fell. The ground under my feet was rumbling. The trees shook.
Then it stopped.
I breathed a sigh of relief, but as I lifted my foot to take another step, the sound returned, as if the earth was about to be destroyed. Some trees began to uproot, and others split in halves. Rocks slid. I was now frightened like s***. All I knew is that I had to escape.
I ran.
The sound grew louder.
I ran as fast as my feet could take me.
But I ran blindly and fell down many times.
My heart was beating in my chest. I dodged being crushed by a tree that was falling, and continued running.
Then I heard the sound of other footfalls advancing. Maybe someone has come to help.
“I’m over here, please hurry!” I shouted.
“Harriet???” the person called. It sounded like….
“Jean?” I called back.
Soon she became visible and ran into my arms. I hugged her tightly, I was so glad to see her.
“What are you doing here?” she asked breathlessly.
“I….I ran away. Now I can’t find my way back.”
“Me either. Everywhere is dark and similar. And an earthquake is coming!” she screeched.
I held her hand and squeezed. I was so grateful to have someone with me.
“We’ll make it,” I assured her.
“Are you sure?” she asked, sounding so unsure.
“I am,” I replied. I  had to be strong for both of us if we were going to survive, which we will.
We scurried to our feet, and began to calculate our next step.
But we were stopped by a loud, deep voice that echoed all over the forest with just two words: “DESTROY THEM!”
Now, I wasn’t so sure of surviving.
To be continued
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