Left Behind – Episode 5

Left Behind – Episode 5
Harriet’s POV
He was staring at me, with eyes as red as fire.
His expression wasn’t pleasant, he was furious at me.
‹What do you want from me?› I asked him with my mind. We were communicating telepathically, without moving our lips.
I was bound in chains, but I couldn’t see the chains physically.
And I could see only the eyes of the monster staring at me out of darkness.
‹I want you › he said in an echoey sort of voice that shook the foundations when he was angry.
‹What for? Who are you? ›
‹I am the Master, and everything is under my control. I will not let you disrupt my reign by your mere presence here!›
I could feel my self being squeezed as the chains tightened around me. I gasped for breath….and..
I was now standing in the middle of a wide green field with lovely flowers which gave the environment a sweet smell.
I was admiring the view, thinking how a place could be so beautiful, and then…
Before my eyes the field began to burn for miles around me, turning everything black……
“I don’t feel the fever going away, it’s like it’s increasing every minute,” said an old voice.
“The effect of the Master’s arrows, stronger than I thought,” he added.
I felt cold hands on my forehead.
The pain in my side intensified, and I winced.
“She moved!” someone announced happily. That was Jean. Must be.
“Is she going to be OK?” a smooth, velvety male voice enquired.
Even in my state of subconsciousness I fell in love with the voice, so smooth, soft….
I sighed contentedly.
Then I mentally slapped myself. I should focus on trying to wake up, not fantasising about some guy’s voice.
“She would be,” the old voice said with a cackle.
I moved my body a little. It felt like I was laying on a soft bed with pillows propped behind my back.
I coughed a bit, and moved one hand to my side where I was shot.
Then I sat up, and with a small grunt, opened my eyes.
The first thing my eye focused on was green eyes staring into mine. Soft, green eyes I’ve seen somewhere before.
I was about to place my finger on it when a hug came onto me.
“Harriet! Oh, I’m so glad you’re awake. Mr Juliantes said you could be awake in the next three days and that made me scared. Who knew he was trying to pull a fast one on me,” she laughed and shook her head.
The only old man present, whom I assumed is Mr Juliantes , cleared his throat and said, “I wasn’t trying to scare you, Jean. That was the truth. But it seems that our dear Harriet here has a remarkable recovery ability.”
I scoffed at this bulls*** and smiled at Jean. She wore a clean cloth different from the one we wore yesterday, and she looked clean.
I was about to say something when Mr Juliantes said to Jean, “Kindly follow me,” and they both left through the door.
It was then that I noticed that the room I was in was twice the size of mine.
It had grey blinds over numerous windows, giving the room a dull but calm mood.
The room was spacious, with pieces of furniture like tables and chairs strewn around in a strategic manner.
There was a large closet, a door in the wall (maybe the bathroom) and a study desk.
And my bed….it was king size!
Seriously, who owned this magnificent room? I wondered as I tapped the bed repeatedly and bounced on it twice.
“You shouldn’t do that if you’re planning on recovering sooner,” came that soft, velvety male voice that I have fallen in love with again.
What… I thought I was alone.
I looked up.
Into green eyes.
Wait, so he owned the voice and the eyes?
And believe me, he’s one handsome sonofab****.
Tall, muscular which was evident through the tank top he wore, narrow nose, lips that could’ve been designed by gods– who knows?
He stood by my bed, folding his hands. And until he cleared his throat, I did not realize that I was checking him out.
I wasn’t even done yet.
I cleared my throat too, and couldn’t help the small blush that crept to my cheeks.
Definitely out of embarrassment.
I hoped he didn’t notice it.
“Uh…thanks for rescuing my friend and I,” I began. I’m positive he was the guy from yesterday.
He scoffed and released his arms to place them on his hip.
“What were you doing out there anyway?” he asked. But to me it sounded like an accusation.
“Well, we got—”
“I know your types, missy, and I don’t like them. Correction, I despise them. And they are many of them coming around here. Hear the myth, come to check it out, cause trouble, and zoom off.”
Okay, I have no idea what this guy is talking about, but I wasn’t going to sit back and let him scold me like a child.
I got off the bed, ignoring the pain in my side, and stood level with him.
“Hey mister, I think you should take a break there, okay? Jean and I got lost, and I don’t know how that happened. But that gives you no right to go on and on about some senseless tirade—-”
“Senseless?” he cut in, sounding surprised.
“Yes, senseless. At least you can subtly show that you don’t like me than for you to bully me!”
Oops, I went too far.
Who said anything about liking someone??
Now surely the guy will think I like him or something.
“Excuse me there, I don’t like you,” I hurriedly said.
He stared at me like I came from outer space.
” I just wanted to clear a misunderstanding,” I added again.
He made a mock bow. “Then we are clear. Just hurry up and get your scraggy bottoms out of here. Amazon doesn’t need anymore trouble from tourists,” and he turned on his heels and walked out.
Scraggy bottom?
I placed my hands on my backside.
He couldn’t have been referring to my butt, could he?
Damn the……. guy!
I stomped my feet and paced around the room in annoyance.
I’ve never been in a fight with handsome guys before.
Why now?
Pfft, not like I care.
“Don’t mind Ewan, he’s not the hospitable type,” said that low female voice from yesterday.
“Tell me about it,” I replied.
The girl that walked in was average height and slender, with strawberry blond hair which seemed a little wavy as it flowed down her back. She had pale eyes, and small facial features.
She wore a sleeveless blouse, jean, and boots.
She stretched out her hand for a shake.
“I’m Zoe,” she said.
“Harriet,” I replied and took her firm hands.
“So is this your room?” I asked.
She shook her head.
“It’s a spare.”
I nodded.
“I really want to thank you for helping us last night–”
“It’s nothing, it was Ewan,” she said.
I gro-ned silently.
I hope Ewan isn’t that handsome sonofab****.
Oops, language.
“So I see that you and Ewan just had an argument,” Zoe continued.
She was giving me a strange look, and I instantly became on guard.
“Well, the thing is that Ewan never allows himself to get into unnecessary arguments, especially with people he doesn’t know. But it surprises me that—-”
“That what?” I cut in calmly. I wondered where she was going to, and I was just so curious.
“I mean, he doesn’t…” she trailed off as she scratched her arm and focused her gaze on the floor.
Then, as if she summoned courage, she met me in the eye and rushed her words, “Ewan doesn’t get attracted to girls that come with their own troubles, that goes around in fancy clothing’s.”
For a moment all was quiet, but I had this strong urge to explode into loud laughter.
This girl, standing before me, was suffering from a severe case of jealousy.
To be continued
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