Left Behind – Episode 6

Left Behind – Episode 6
© Happy William
#Harriet ‘s POV
Instead of laughing, I gave her a toothy grin instead.
“Let me get something straight…. wait, are you his sister?”
“I’m his closest friend.”
“Ah, closest friend indeed. But anyway, you can breathe safely now because I’m not even in the slightest bit interested in what’s-his-name-again Ewan.”
She Lion doubtful for a moment, then she managed a small smile.
“OK. So there are some clean clothes in the bathroom, you can shower and change and come down for breakfast.”
“Hold on, who owns this house, parents?”
“No, it’s juliantes’s. Ewan is his grandson I think. I’m just around, but I live with my mother.”
I nodded and waved her out.
The bathroom was super!
I almost acted like someone who hasn’t lived in a big house before.
That’s because this house was twice the size of ours back at home.
I sighed as I soaked in the lovely jacuzzi that relaxed my muscles which was stressed out from yesterday.
I let out a content sigh.
My mind went back to the argument I had with Ewan earlier. And I was convinced that he’s the guy from my crazy dream. But how did he get into my head when I haven’t even met him before?
That wasn’t the way I’d planned our first meeting to go, but I guess he hates me already.
And I’m not gonna be bothered about that!
I got out of the tub and spotted a towel on the rail, which I used to mop my hair dry, and my skin too.
I found the clothes Zoe talked about. It was a medieval dress, with cotton flare skirt and ropes to adjust the blouse.
It reminded me of the dresses that girls in Prince Arthur or other olden movies used to put on.
Gosh, what kind of place was this???
I slipped on the dress, it was my size. I wore my slipper, and walked out while shaking my hair to dry it.
Okay… I don’t know the way to the dinning.
I stared in awe at the big and long hallway with doors on each side. I’m guessing those were rooms.
So I walked towards the left, and came to a dead end.
Gr-aning in frustration, I turned sharply on my heels and went off in the opposite direction.
All the doors I passed were firmly shut, maybe these people are crazy about privacy? There was another narrower corridor branching off the main one, but I decided to go straight.
Finally, I met with a huge double door.
I’d’ve thought that that was the dinning hall, but if it was, it wouldn’t have been closed, right?
I turned around again towards the narrower corridor. Arrgh….I look like some lost princess walking around her tower and waiting for her Prince Charming to come rescue her.
In a way, I was in a similar dilemma. I was a lost guest in a big house roaming the corridor and waiting for somebody to come lead me to the dinning.
As I walked, I admired the well carved walls which were painted in dark brown. The carvings look so ancient…. like hieroglyphs or something.
They seemed to have a special meaning.
As I moved along, I ran my fingers along them.
I saw pictures of different people, strange animals and different seasons.
They were beautiful.
But then I felt a shock running through my hand and into my chest. I quickly took my hand off to place on my chest, and stared at what made that happen.
It was the carving of a huge figure, shaded in black, with giant horns on it’s head….
And red eyes.
The eyes from my nightmare.
They shinned.
I backed away frightfully, and quickened my steps to put as much distance as possible between me and that monster.
I never wanted to think about it, that’s why I never dwelled on that dream. I put it at the back of my mind, and it’ll stay there until I forget it.
Finally I saw a light at the end, and to me it felt like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, because I was relieved to come out of that damned corridor that suddenly seemed to be choking me to death.
The fresh air hitting my face was a blessing.
I took deep, calming breaths to calm my shaky hands and beating heart.
I looked around. This wasn’t the dinning, it was outside!
I stomped my feet repeatedly and made to go back inside, when I sighted someone sitting on the foot of a pillar.
I sighed.
I wondered if I should ask him the way to the dinning hall.
Okay…. how will I do it?
‹Um…excuse me please, but I kinda got lost on my way to breakfast. Could you take me there?›
Before I knew it he was gro-ning and shouting loudly, clutching his head as if he wanted to break his skull.
“Get out of my head!!!” he yelled.
I was flabbergasted.
He seemed to be in so much torture….and what did he mean by ‘Get out of my head?’ Could he hear me or something?
Whatever, but I couldn’t just stand by and watch him like that.
Without thinking, I raced over to where he sat at the base of the pillar and knelt in front of him.
“Ewan— Ewan, what’s wrong? Ewan?” I tapped him repeatedly on his lap. But he didn’t seem to know I was there. He continued to hold his head and writhe in pains with his eyes scrunched shut.
“Just get out!” he yelled.
I froze.
He couldn’t be talking to me, no. Because he hasn’t even seen me yet.
“Ewan come on, what is wrong?”
“Get away from him!” Zoe yelled as she ran out of the main door towards us.
Juliantes and Jean followed behind her.
She pushed me aside and held Ewan in her arms, rocking him gently.
“He’s not gonna get in anymore,” she was saying.
He still kept at it, making no sign of stopping anytime soon.
Zoe shot me a dangerous glare.
“What did you do to him?” she demanded in a hard tone.
Due to the fear I had for his safety, I was unable to from a corrigible sentence, “I—-I didn’t d-do anything,” I stuttered.
“Shut the hell up and tell me what you did to him!”
I was taken aback by the way she talked. What was so serious about this? What was wrong with Ewan?
“Stop talking like that, Zoe and let’s take him inside,” Juliantes scolded.
“We’re not finished,” she said to me as they carried Ewan between them indoor.
I slumped on the floor and leaned on the pillar.
Jean squatted beside me and held my shoulder.
“What happened?” she asked softly.
I shook my head and inhaled deeply, to steady my breath.
“I just… I didn’t even go near him. I was standing at the door over there,” I pointed it to her, “because I missed my way to the dinning. And I saw him sitting quietly here. I was trying to form a conversation, you know, the way girls usually mentally rehearse what they’re gonna say to a cute guy before actually saying it out loud, and suddenly he began ranting about how someone should leave his head. Seriously Jean, what kind of crazy stuff is that? And Zoe, she didn’t have to react that way.” I blew a breath. “I hate this place. I wanna go home. What did Juliantes say?”
“He said that there’s no way back from here,” she replied slowly.
“What!? What do you mean by that?”
” We’re stuck in this place, ” she clarified sadly.
I hit my head on the pillar. “And my day can’t get any worse, can it? First an impolite encounter with Ewan—”
“You talked with him?” she cut in wide eyed.
What’s so special about that?
“Yeah, why?”
“Harry you should be over the moon! That guy is the handsomest guy ever, even more than your boyfriend Luke!”
I flinched at the mention of the name I’d deliberately avoided thinking of since I ran from camp. But it all came rushing back: the hurt, the betrayal….
I felt the tears threatening to fall and I blinked it rapidly back, standing up to my feet.
“I’m gonna go see how Ewan is,” I said changing the topic.
“Harry is something wrong?” Jean asked and stood up as well.
I shook my head.
She sighed, took my hand and we walked inside.
Ewan’s POV
That girl was definitely out of my comfort zone. A typical tourist, spoiled pampered dame.
And she had a mouth, another big no no in the girls I hang out with.
But there was this strange thing about all these: I’ve met her before.
Not face to face.
Once or twice I’d seen her in my dreams. Featuring in almost all of them.
Slender, tall and very beautiful. And by beautiful I mean ethereal.
Long black hair that cascaded down her back and glowed with bright sheens….
Indigo eyes that appeared black at a distance but one you could drown in on a closer look.
Bright red full k-ssable lips.
But I’d affiliated it to products of my imaginations.
I was a charmer, I knew that. And combine the looks with the wealth and no girl could resist. So maybe it was a sign I should stop messing with random girls and try something more permanent.
But I didn’t expect that I’d meet HER so soon. And under crazy circ-mstances at that. I didn’t expect she’ll be a bloody tourist.
I hated tourists for the pains and destruction they brought to Amazon.
I was sitting at the pillar, when I heard it again.
The voice in my head.
It wasn’t His voice, but whoever it was must have possessed powerful magic to have paved way for Him to take over and torture me.
Whenever that happened I was always exposed and unable to control myself.
He was always in charge of me.
Now, with my eyes closed, I wasn’t seeing him anymore.
I was seeing her.
Katherine’s POV
“Luke you have to stop that,” I mouthed to him over the table.
“No way,” he mouthed back with yet another wink.
I sent glances to Fred and Jack, and they had ‘Not Happy’ looks all over their faces.
I cringed inside me, angry with myself because in truth I melted like jelly with each wink and smile.
I mean, what girl wouldn’t go crazy over a guy like Luke?
But no, I couldn’t do that.
I smiled at the boys.
“Thanks for the treat guys but I gotta go.”
“Hey Kat, so soon,” Luke said getting up as well.
“Yeah, stuff to do.”
“Lemme walk you,” he offered.
“No, no. I’m perfectly fine. You should stay with Fred and Jack,” I said with a pointed look at Luke.
Then I walked out.
Harriet, I’m not going to betray you any more.
Please come back.
To be continued
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