Left Behind - prologue

Left Behind

Destiny has a way of playing out itself in everyone’s life. Well for Harriet it’s magical!
Harriet was lucky to have been born with a silver spoon. She’s brilliant and beautiful, but she’s never really interested in class activities, especially some “dumb” excursions as she had called it..
To her utmost disappointment, her father signed her permission slip and she had to go …
Never did she know that she was about to meet destiny in a strange land, out of site, out of time.
It was becoming a fun filled excursion, before an heart breaking interruption and then an earthquake and then darkness…..
She missed the excursion bus back home! She has been left behind! In the middle of no where!
Harriet is not going to give up now, but her reason to live awaits her in AMAZON… There’s more reason to why she has been LEFT BEHIND…
This rom-nce/Myth will make your imaginations grow wild, so don’t be left behind on this!
Happy William

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