Left Behind – Episode 10

Left Behind – Episode 10
© Happy William
Because I slept early, I woke up past midnight. But deep down, I knew that that wasn’t the reason. I had another nightmare, and the frequency of these dreams were beginning to scare me, not to talk of the details. And worse, I was always present in each one, either undergoing some treacherous punishment for something I had no idea of, or I was like an observant to something really bad. They always said that the Bogey Man caused nightmares, and he was usually under the bed, or on the headboard of the bed, spinning what could be your greatest desire into your worst fears, turning sources of joy into sources of despair. What then, was my source of joy, from which my nightmare stemmed out of?
I have no idea.
I got out of bed gently so as not to wake Jean up, and I hoped that I didn’t sleep talk to prevent her from sleeping. Planting my feet on the cold floor, I pulled down the little pinafore I wore for the night to cover my stomach, and walked out of the room, scratching my butt cheek as I went.
I got to the kitchen and took out a bottle of cold water, which I poured into a glass at the counter. A sip of it ran straight to my head, cooling and relaxing me. I leaned on the counter.
I was thinking about my outing with Rex. The guy was cool, handsome and attractive. But somehow I was starting to get a weird vibe from him.
I shook my head. Vibe, seriously? This Amazonian mystic was really taking a toll on me.
I sighed and took a big gulp of water so quickly that I ended up choking hard, and tears came out of my eyes. Then I felt someone patting my back gently. The hand also took the glass away from me and kept it on the counter.
“You really shouldn’t underestimate the power of cold water,” he said. There was no doubt that that was Ewan. Strangely I’ve become adapted to his voice, and the feel of his hand on my skin, and even the way he smelled. Wood spice with a tinge of outdoor. So ñíçê.
“Thanks,” I said still coughing. “I would have died weren’t it for you.” I wiped the tears out of my eyes so I could look at him without blurry effect.
Bad idea.
Now that I had a clear view of him, with the help of moonlighting, I could see that he was bare bodied, and a nights trouser hung low on his wa-ist. His hair was disheveled, and might I add s€×ily?
Not to talk of the pecs and abs. This guy is dish!
“Yeah, I know. So you wanna take a bite?” he interrupted my thought, and was that a smirk I spied?
” A bite of what?” I asked, utterly confused.
“What else? This.” he pointed to his body.
I was still confused, what was he talki— I gasped.
He heard my thoughts!
Arrgh, this is so embarrassing.
“Ewan it’s unethical to invade peoples privacy,” I ranted, trying hard to stop the colour from rising to my cheeks.
“The same way it’s unethical to zone off when someone’s talking to you. I was wondering what could distract you, and to my pride, I just discovered that I’m a wonderful distraction.” he ended with a wide grin.
I covered my face with a gro-n. “You shouldn’t let that get to your head,” I said.
“Are you for real?” he asked with raised eyebrows, “a girl thinks a guy is s€×y, and you except me to forget about it?” He shook his head as if that was the worst advice he’d ever receive.
I couldn’t help but laugh. This was another step forward, Ewan was frien— hold that thought. He might be listening. I laughed even harder.
He smiled too and drank from my glass.
When I could finally stop laughing, I noticed his expression return back to normal, unapproachable Ewan.
I huffed.
“I really need to talk to you.”
I nodded. “Yes?”
“Harriet listen–”
“Hey, let’s do the mind reading thingamajig,” I volunteered. “That way no one would hear what you’re about to say.”
He shook his head. “That’s what I want to talk to you about. It appears this mind reading is peculiar to both of us. I’ve tried it with others, but it doesn’t work.”
“And I don’t know why that is. But Harriet it’s dangerous for me.”
Looking into his eye, I could see how serious he was, and a little…. scared?
He inhaled. “I don’t wanna talk about it, but please?”
If Ewan of all people could plead for something of me, that means it has to be really important. I suspect it has something to do with why he reacted the way he did the first time we did the mind reading thingy. Juliante had said Ewan would tell me when he’s ready. I needed to know.
I nodded. “Okay.”
“Thank you.”
I smiled. “It’s okay. But if you’re ever ready to tell me, you can trust me, okay?”
“Maybe.” Then his expression turned playful. “I’m tempted right now to spill everything out. A girl dressed in just a revealing pinafore, and shorter than short knicker, and going about all barefoot could do something to a guys judgement.”
I gasped again and folded my arms. I was really surprised that Ewan… is he seriously flirting with me? Must be the moonlight.
“Bad idea,” he said with a look to my chest and back to my face.
I looked down. My folding of arms did a wonderful job of pushing up my br-asts.
I’m going to die of embarrassment soon.
He shrugged. “Not bad anyway. G’night.”
He walked out of the kitchen.
I also walked to my room with a dopey grin on my face.
That guy…….
Rex’s POV
Laying on my bed to sulk was so not my thing. I’m usually energized, jovial and always busy. You don’t need to know what I do, but I’m proud of it.
I was the expert at breaking women’s heart, both young and old. Unlike Ewan, I used my good looks to a benefit. And He knows I need all the help I can get.
But strangely, this night, I found myself on my bed, unable to go hunting. I wasn’t sick, in fact I could never get sick as long as my heart is as cold as ice, but I just couldn’t summon the inspiration.
I was thinking, something I rarely do.
I was thinking about a girl, something I rarely do.
I was thinking about a girl in a way that included anything but s€×, something I rarely do.
I covered my face with both palms and dragged it down. What’s wrong with me? Ever since I bumped into Harriet, something that was purely coincidental but helped me greatly, I haven’t been myself. She was just too innocent, too….pure.
I shut my eyes tightly and opened them again. I shouldn’t be thinking about that.
And there was only one thing to do.
“Bring me number 52,” I ordered, to no one in particular. Servants were everywhere that they’ll always hear and carry out an order.
Soon enough, number 52 came in. If you’re wondering, it’s a girl.
“Start stripping,” I ordered. As she took off her clothes, I sighted the slight tears that fell from her cheeks. I ignored it, as I’ve always done without stress.
She was here for my purpose, they all were.
Pulling her on the bed, under me, I used her.
And finally…..
Let’s just say I could taste the blood on my fangs.
Luke’s POV
Life has been pretty great for me ever since Harriet went missing. At least I think that life had been pretty great for me ever since Harriet went missing.
For one thing, I didn’t have a girlfriend who kept on embarrassing me in public by rejecting k-sses, or by postponing s€× dates.
I didn’t feel bad about her lost. At least that’s what I wanted to think.
When we returned back to Creole, I had dumped Lillian. She didn’t except that I was going to replace my girlfriend with a slut like her.
I started hitting on Katherine. Just for fun.
I could remember the first time we had s€×, and it shocked me to discover that she was a V-rgin. But it didn’t bother me. Taking girls V-rginitity is what I do.
I smiled to myself. It was too late for Katherine to play the loyal best friend, when she’d betrayed Harry already. Soon, I’ll have her in my bed again.
She was too sweet, too feisty, too catlike.
I chuckled to myself as I styled my hair, preparing for school that morning.
She was my Kat.
The first person that walked up to me when I arrived school was Lillian. She tiptoed to k-ss me, but I held her away.
“Luke what’s this about? I’ve been trying to reach you for days now.”
I scoffed. “Then you must be too dumb to notice the implication. We’re through, OK?”
I didn’t give her a chance to answer, I walked away, leaving a stunned Lillian behind.
Oh Kat…. where are you…..?
Zoe’s POV
As I stood in front of my mirror, I couldn’t help but wonder what Ewan could probably see in that girl!
For gossakes, she was going out with Rex! What more does she want!?
Ewan had never openly shown that he feels anything for Harriet, but I see the way he looks at her, the way he gets lost just looking at her. That girl is dangerous, and I’m not gonna allow her to hurt Ewan again.
But first, I’ll have to make sure Ewan doesn’t feel a thing for her.
I guess I’ve got my body for that. He’s gonna hate me, but I was willing to take the risks.
Juliante’s POV
The records weren’t making sense to me at all.
But if what I saw was true, that means Harriet and Ewan were in terrible danger.
To be continued
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