Left Behind – Episode 14

Left Behind – Episode 14
© Happy William
Harriet’s POV
In that moment, I could have died of fright.
Me, face to face with the Master, whom the wh0le of Amazon was terrified of. Their said he was ruthless, evil, dangerous, thoughtless, and bloodthirsty.
I shuddered, I didn’t want to think about those.
But what did he want from me? What connection did Rex have with the Masterhood, that he had to stage my capture?
The Master peered at me intently, his dark eyes boring into mine. I couldn’t even blink. The room went quiet, and no one was in apart from us.
My heart rate increased.
Then the corner of his eyes tilted, and I guessed he was smiling. I didn’t see he mouth, because from his nose to his chin was covered with a dark….something.
He walked backwards and stood er-ct, with his hands crossed behind his back.
“Well well well. So finally, I get to meet the other half of Ewan. A beauty, but dumber than I expected. Still, it’ll work for me just fine.”
Because of the covering over his mouth, his speech was somewhat muffled, but loud and threatening. It reverberated all over the dimly lit hall we were in. And I was more scared. The gag across my mouth didn’t allow me to speak.
“What a creation,” he continued, walking around me now, “that Amazon Spirits had made. I wonder if it was a dispute between them, or if it was designed.”
My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I didn’t understand what he was getting at. I suddenly forgot my fear and got more interested in what he was saying.
He noticed my interest because he laughed an evil laughter.
“I am not saying no more.”
I took the chance to study him. He was clothed in all black from his head to his toes, and the only visible skin was his wrists, which were so pale and sporting long nails at the tip of his fingers. His skin reminded me of two other similar ones: mine, surprisingly, and someone else’s…..Rex. Could it be that they were related? Worse, could it be that I was related to them in a way? Impossible!
I began another fit of struggles in my chair, while mumbling, trying to force speech. I wanted out of this place!
The Master stopped in front of me and said, “Want to say something?”
I nodded hurriedly.
He snapped his fingers, and at once the gag disappeared. I gasped.
I didn’t know magic existed, it terrified me the more.
“What do you want from me!?” I spat out.
“That’s a stupid question, considering you already belonged to us.”
“I don’t understand.”
“What I said earlier about the Spirits. There are the good ones. And there are the bad. You know, the urge an individual has to try doing something bad for the fun of it when he’s actually a good person, what do you call it? Temptation.” he took two steps forward. “But in this case, they managed an exotic combination in you, both the good, and the bad. The good, being just a speck in you evident in the connection you have with the Hornbearer, and the bad, which is actually your true nature.”
Bad, my true nature? No wonder I was always inclined to do something nasty. Like yelling and pranking teachers, which I resolved to put an end to during the excursion. And disobeying my parents, until I turned eighteen and decided to be a bit more matured. Or being mean to boys, which explained why I never had a boyfriend until Luke…, and why Kathy always seemed intimidated by me, and even Zoe’s and Ewan’s initial dislike for me.
It’s as if I always give off this ‘Bad girl coming through so step off my path or you’re dead’ aura wherever I went. I could remember when I was fourteen, in Junior high. I had threatened Martha, a classmate, with a knife just because she called me a show off. I always had that knife in my bag, and that was the first I’d ever exposed it. And the worse thing is that I actually meant to stab her. My parents were called, once mom discarded the knife, she’d always checked my bag everyday to make sure I didn’t house such things.
And on countless occasions, I’d hear her and dad wondering aloud about the kind of girl I was, and planning to send me to boot camp after Senior high.
I could feel the tears pricking as I sat in that dejected chair, listening to the most dangerous man in the city telling me that I was as dangerous as him, and with enough proofs.
“So now you know you’re not Little Red Riding Hood anymore, pretending to be who you’re not.”
He snapped his fingers again, and the ropes that bound me fell off. I was free now, but I felt too dejected to think of moving. I wiped my eyes and looked up at him.
“Good, now you’re familiar with all these. We have people here, who are or aren’t like you, depending on if they’re behind bars. The Evillings are always around, and they stay out of sight, but they are always alerted when anybody tries to do anything good. I’ll leave you in the hand of Rex, he’ll take yes on whatever you should know.”
As if on cue, Rex came into the room, dressed completely in black too. Now, he didn’t look like the Rex I knew, but like an evil assistant, the one’s I see on movies. His eyes were cold and hard.
“Come,” he said plainly.
I stood up immediately and followed him. He led me through a corridor, as dark as most places, and to a room.
“That will be yours, and be expecting a girl called Tamina anytime soon. She’ll be your companion. When you’re well settled, meet me in the hall.”
Before I could say a thing, he vanished in a puff of black smoke, leaving me as confused and as  scared as I’ve never been.
I fell face down on the bed, and cried.
To be continued
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