Left Behind – Episode 15

Left Behind – Episode 15
© Happy William
Harriet’s POV
And knock sounded on my door, making me look up from my tearstained pillow. Wait, why on earth am I classifying it as ‘MY?’, when I really hate this place?
A knock sounded on the door, making me look up from the tearstained pillow I laid on. I ignored it the first time, but it came again. Using the hem of my cloth, I wiped my face and rubbed it repeatedly to take away the teary look. No matter what, I won’t show weakness to this people. I won’t let them see that they got the best of me.
At the door knob, I hesitated. What if it was a monster?
“Who are you?” I called out.
“It’s Tamina,” came the reply in a kind, sweet voice. I hurriedly opened it to see who could own such a voice. It was a girl, about my age if not a year or two older. She was average height, in contrast to my tallness, and her skin was pale too. Her blonde hair was done in ringlets and made to fall just below her neck. She had dark eyes, pointy nose, and small lips that was now curled into a smile.
“I was sent to you. Can I come in?”
I stepped aside to grant her entry, and shut the door.
“You’re Harriet, right?”
I nodded.
“The Young Master sent me here. I’m to–”
“Young Master?” I interrupted with a puzzled expression.
“Yes, Rex. He’s the Master’s heir.”
What a fool I’ve been!
“So, he sent me to teach you all you need to know about the Masterhood.”
I nodded.
I wasn’t sure I wanted to know anything about this dreadful place where all was gloomy and the sun didn’t shine, and monstrous creatures prowled all over.
But if what the Master said was true, which I know it is, sadly, then I’m one of them, and I have to do this.
We both sat on the bed. She began, and I listened…..
“The Master started out as a normal young Amazonian, with an unquenchable thirst for adventures, and power. He spent all his life studying about the Amazonian Spirits, how they came to be the Guardians.
Day by dar, his quest for power increased. He wanted to be like them, and more. So he began to plot. He journeyed all over, into the darkest most dangerous forests, caves, and dwellings. Gathering up pieces of information as he went.
Back then, all the people of Amazon was blessed with a little form of magic, called Chi. It was like their life force, and was really helpful.
So, the Master, he stumbled upon a hidden cave during one of his travels. He went in, and discovered that it was a form of Ancient archive. All the histories of the spirits, of Amazon, was buried there. And that was where he discovered the secret to capturing them. He had help of course, from a tourist, who brought information from the modern world too. Together, they captured the Spirits, used their magic for evil, and turned people evil as well.
Once the Spirits were captured, darkness reigned. Destruction occurred, because he had the power now. He ended up killing the tourist who assisted him, because he wanted everything to himself.
He captured people, and turned them into Evillings, the monsters you see all around, and they are sent occasionally to wreck havoc on the people.
The son came. By accident. One of the captive maiden he slept with got pregnant. He wanted to kill the child and mother, but the sound of an heir thrilled him, someone he could have by his side in all his massacre. So he kept the child, Rex, and killed the mother…..”
“….He began teaching Rex his evil ways, and before long, he was as bad as his father.
Now there is only one thing keeping The Master from completely destroying Amazon and taking over.”
She paused for effect, and I had to ask, “What’s that?”
“The Harmony Horn.”
I gulped.
Juliante mentioned something about that. It’ll be so terrible if the Master gets it.
“That can’t happen!” I exclaimed.
She laughed a witchy laugh, and I was forced to be reminded that she was also one of them, which made her unconcerned about anything good. She just looked so innocent and cute.
“So, how’d you get here?” I asked.
“Captured, forced to join the Hood. Like the monsters you saw. But they aren’t that way. They morph when ever they detect a good thing about to happen, which is why you have to be very careful, Harriet. You’re one of us, so you act like us.”
She stood up, walked to the wardrobe that I didn’t notice was there, and brought out a black long dress and threw it to me.
“Wear that. Rex asked that I take you to the hall to meet him.”
Against my wish, I wore the dress, and followed her.
#Happy: Ok guys, all the history stuff that made the story boring is over, we are now returning back to the real story. And hey, buckle your seatbelt and grab unto your popcorn like its your last, because we’re going on an exciting ride!!!
I met Rex in the hall.
Tamina had already left.
He was looking through some really huge books that were on an old but polished oak table.
At the sound of my footfall, he looked up and turned to me.
“How are you?” he asked.
Instantly I frowned. He has the nerve to ask me that, after he set me up to be captured, and kept stringing me along with his oh-so-charming act. I should have listened to Ewan when he said I shouldn’t trust Rex.
How I’ve missed him.
I wonder what he’s doing, is he waiting up for me to return, or is he angry that I walked out on him after that k-ss we shared? That lovely k-ss that had my insides go watery. At the moment it caught me by surprise but then—
“Harriet?” Rex called, breaking into my thought.
My frown deepened as I stared at him with so much hatred I didn’t know I had. I kept silent.
He walked over to me and stopped in front of me, a few inches away.
“What’s wrong? You mad at me?”
“Mad doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m furious, angry and full of hate for you right now. How could you!”
“Stop raving. There’s no way you would have come with me if I’d told you to,” he replied. “This is where you belong.”
I scoffed, rolled my eyes, and folded my arms across my chest. The action reminded me of that night when Ewan and I were awake in the kitchen, when I’d gone to take a drink of water and ended up choking, and he came—
“You don’t get to try that. You belong here, learn to accept it,” Rex said, interrupting my thought. Again.
“Look here Rex, I’m stuck here because of some stupid theory that Mr master–”
“The Master,” he corrected, sporting a small smirk and a small frown at the same time.
“Whatever. But I’m not gonna involve myself in your evil–”
“Shh,” he said and placed a finger on my lip. “Didn’t Tamina tell you about the Evillings? Your defying attitude can be amounted to something good, so stop being so dramatic.”
Just then I looked around me, and spotted a wolf of a man staring at me intently. I gulped, and slowly took his finger away from my lip.
“Whatever,” I said again.
He shook his head.
“So you’re bent on hating me, eh?”
I huffed. “Nope, already do.”
He chuckled. “We’re stuck here. Together. It’s just a matter of time before I make you reverse that decision.”
He walked closer to me, and planted a soft, lingering k-ss on my cheek, before winking and walking out.
I stood there and held my cheek, in a daze.
And yes, I’m super confused now.
What was that for?
To be continued
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