Left Behind – Episode 16

© Happy William
Ewan’s POV
I woke up this morning in a daze, confused as to where I was. Then I remembered; in my room, on my bed, still damn sleepy because I didn’t get enough last night.
Last night, when I’d been up, waiting for Harriet to return. Zoe had hung around too, trying to make small talk and provide a distraction, but when she noticed that I wasn’t listening, or even looking at her, she grew fed up, and walked out after wishing me good night.
I’d stayed up for a while, waiting. Then I called myself a jackass. While she was probably enjoying herself at her new boyfriend’s place, I was here worrying my ass over nothing.
Angry with myself, I had stomped to my room, had a shower, and flung myself on the bed, still unable to sleep.
I had this weird feeling… that she shouldn’t be out this late. Worse, with that guy. But I’d quickly subdued it, deciding not to look into that, afraid of what it would result in.
By some miracle, I’d slept off.
I threw my legs over the bed, got up and walked to the window. I opened it, letting the cool morning air hit my face. I wasn’t one for admiring or enjoying trivial stuff, but I found myself inexplicably drawn to it this morning.
Maybe it was the lingering thought that this was the calm before the storm.
Silly thinking.
I walked away from the window.
Maybe I should try mind talking with Harriet.
I couldn’t risk the Master tracking my thoughts, for the safety of Amazon.
Zoe’s POV
I don’t know what else to do.
Harriet is now out of the way, but still Ewan refuses to pay any attention to me.
I searched my wardrobe for the nicest clothes I had, and underwear too. I took a shower and took extra care with the way I smelled. Then I wore the clothes.
I noticed that Ewan was really lady friendly.
If I tried honest means of waiting patiently for him, but it didn’t work; and dubious method of getting the new focus of his attention aka Harriet out of the way and he still didn’t notice me, I have no choice than to tempt him.
I took a huge coat and wrapped around myself.
i took a deep breath to retain my nerves, and went towards his room, checking if Juliante was around as I went.
Harriet’s POV
Haven’t seen the Master in a while, and I was happy.
Tamina had become a friend, always looking out for me, keeping me from dangers. But still, I missed Jean. I wonder how she is.
Rex….he’s just being pestering. Although I couldn’t say I hated any of them.
I just wanted to get out of here.
No matter what they said, I wasn’t a bad person.
I don’t believe it.
I was sitting alone in my room when Tamina came it.
She had a solemn look on her face.
“What?” I asked her.
“The Master wants to see you.”
I gaped.
I became scared.
“What for?”
“That’s the message I was told to deliver.”
I got up shakily, and made for the door.
Tamina held my hand as I walked out.
“Be really careful,” she whispered, looking around for any sign of the Evillings.
I nodded.
Rex’s POV
If someone told me that Harriet was a witch, I’d gladly believe because I don’t know how she got me to have her on my mind all the time.
Even right now.
I feel this need to be close to her. I want her for myself, and I’m grateful that she’s closer now. I’ll just have to play my cards well, get her to fall for me.
I smiled to myself as I leaned forward to buckle my black boots.
I felt a presence.
I looked up to see father.
“What are you doing!?” he demanded harshly.
“Rex I’ve heard rumors. Don’t tell me you’re cozying up to the girl.”
“Which girl?” I asked, trying to play ignorance.
If he knew that I’d began to have feelings for a girl, he’d destroy them, and torture me.
He didn’t believe in good feelings, and as his son, I didn’t either.
Until Harriet.
But somehow, I knew he couldn’t destroy Harriet. He wanted her for a mission, which I didn’t know of. He never disclosed anything to me. My job was to carry out his commands and learn his ruthless ways.
He let out a loud evil laugh.
“Don’t go all smart on me, boy. You know what I can do.”
Before I could object, I began to writhe.
I fell to the floor, clutching my head, trying to prevent the screeching sounds in my head.
The sounds of cries, tortures, people wailing. You’d think I’d be used to these by now.
Then he stopped, and I breathed hard.
“Don’t try any crazy thing boy,” he said in a hard tone. “Remember who you are.”
“Yes sir,” I mumbled, regretting who I am.
Harriet’s POV
I took ginger steps to the hall, trying to calm my jittery nerves.
What could he possibly want from me?
He was standing in the middle of the hall, as usual, with his hands at his back, and his back towards me.
“Good you decided to com,” he said.
“What do you want? From me?” I asked.
He chuckled. “Nothing really, it’s just a teensy weensy stuff,” he made a small sign with his index and thumb which I could have found funny if he weren’t bad, “that will help me complete my master plan of taking over the city and ruling everything and blah blah blah. Whatever. Anyway i want is the Harmony Horn.”
I folded my arms.
“I don’t have it,” I said defiantly.
“I know. But your boyfriend does.”
I laughed. This… he didn’t even know that I had no boyfriend.
Unless he meant….
The laugh got stuck in my throat.
Oh no.
Ewan had the Harmony Horn, that I knew for sure.
And now, the Master knew it as well.
I looked in fear as he grinned evilly showing two sharp canines on his lower and upper jaws.
“I…I don’t know what you are talking about,” I stuttered.
“You do, and you know that I know it too. I know everything about you, Harriet. And I also know that you and Ewan are close, close enough for him to tell you where he stashed the Horn.”
I took a deep breath.
“Fine, he told me, yes. But he didn’t say where to get it from.”
“You’re lying,” he said, without anymore humor, walking, no, stalking towards me.
I instinctively took certain steps back, until I couldn’t move anymore.
“And I will enjoy torturing the information out of you.”
Jean’s POV
Deeply missing Harriet.
I’m still angry that she’d be dumb enough to go along with that guy whom everyone suspects. But Ewan said that I shouldn’t be bothered, that she’s was probably enjoying a date night somewhere. I’d giggled a little at that, because he sound like a typical jealous guy. Those two are really funny, trying to act all tough and hide their likes, or more, for each other.
I walked in from the backdoor to go to Ewan and ask him if it was really necessary that Harry should stay off till now.
As I almost got there, I saw Zoe at his door. She just placed a knock. She was dressed in crazy clothes. A really big blanket.
“Hey, Zoe,” I called when I got to her.
She jumped a bit.
“Jean, what are you doing here?” she asked rather hurriedly. Was she hiding something?
“I wanna see Ewan. And why are you dressed like that?” I asked with laughter as I made to pull the blanket off her.
“Hey, stop it,” she said.
“Ha, who on earth covers an ugly thick blanket when the morning sun shines bright? Get this ugly off!!”
“Jane seriously stop it!” she yelled again.
I’d just managed to take it off her shoulder when the door opened. I’m sure mine and Ewan’s reactions were the same. What on earth was she wearing!?
“Zoe, Jean, wha–?” he cut himself off, probably in bafflement.
I slowly dropped my hand holding it down.
With Zoe’s head lowered, she tugged on the cover, mumbled something as ran off.
I exchanged puzzled looks with Ewan.
“OK, what was that about?” I asked, walking in by ducking under his arm.
“I don’t know,” he replied.
But I knew.
Zoe liked Ewan, I mean like like Ewan, that’s double like Ewan. He didn’t notice her, so she was definitely planning to come and lure him by……eww, gross!
I couldn’t believe that she of all people could do that. I decided not to tell Ewan because he might react in a way hurtful to her.
Instead, I said, “Never mind. I’m still worried about Harriet. Aren’t you guys supposed to have some kind of bond voodoo, so, contact her.”
“I can’t,” he said shaking his head.
“Why, so you mean you won’t. You know you shouldn’t let jealousy cloud your sense of judgement, OK? What if something terrible happened to her, and maybe if you’d tried to reach her on time, we’d be able to stop it instead of living the rest of our lives in regr— Ewan?” I paused in my ramblings as I noticed him go still, staring into space.
Then suddenly, he let out a loud cry and slumped to the floor.
“Help, Juliante!” I called out at his office.
“It’s Ewan… he–”
Juliante rushed out pass me, without allowing me complete my sentence.
Harriet’s POV
I was numb already from the pains I’ve been subdued to for the past three hours or so.
My limbs were hurting from being suspended by chains, both my hands and legs were chained with chains that emaciated from the walls.
I was hung like an animal.
I couldn’t even cry anymore.
The monsters, four of them around me. They kept scratching me, clawing at me all over. My clothes were soaked with blood and sweat, and they were torn, revealing the inner clothes I wore inside.
“For the last time,” the Master growled from the corner he stood, with Rex beside him and a sympathetic look on his face, “Where is the harmony horn!?”
I p-nted, my gasps coming out in short, continuous gasps.
“I—I—don’t___know, and even if I___I___did, I won’t___tell__you because I___aaaaaaaarrr
rrrrrhhhhhhhhhh!” I scre-med as I was whipped with a flexible cane across my back by one of the monsters.
” Nooooo…..ahhhh!” another whip, and more scratches. I bit my lower lip to stop the scre-ms as their sharp claws pierced my back, slowly, quickly, but equally painful.
“Father you mustn’t–” Rex began, but the Master cut him off,
“SILENCE! If you keep having second thoughts, I’ll send to the hellh0le to which I sent your godforsaken mother!”
“Harriet just tell him and save yourself!” Rex said to me.
I shook my head slowly, unable to talk anymore.
I wasn’t going to put Ewan’s, and millions of lives in danger. If I died now ….
I knew Rex was talking about the ability for me and Ewan to mind talk. I told him about it back then when I hung out with him. Carelessly.
But if I told the Master, then he could invade Ewan’s mind, and that would kill Ewan. And Amazon as well.
I shook my head again, with saliva pouring out of my mouth which was hanging open. I was unable to close it.
“Blast it all Harriet,” he cursed and turned to the Master.
“Release her father. Her mind is connected to Ewan’s, you can get him through that method but please stop torturing her!”
“No,” I whispered in an attempt to stop Rex from talking. He didn’t listen, or didn’t hear me.
The Master said, “You, my boy, have a huge problem with this thing called feelings.” he grinned evilly, “but you’ve done well revealing it to me.”
He patted Rex on the head like a pup.
“Release her.”
“Soon, boy. Now I want to pay our little hornbearer a visit.”
He stalked towards me.
I gulped.
I hurriedly focused on Ewan.
«Ewan block your thoughts please! »
I could feel Ewan tense.
But before I could reply, the icy hands of the Master was placed on either side of my head. He held on fast, and looked into my eyes.
My head began to hurt as millions of thoughts flowed through, causing a jumble.
I scre-med from the pains it caused, and I felt Ewan scre-m as well.
“He shut his thoughts! You b****, what did you do!?” the Master demanded and slapped me hardly with a backhand, making my head twist to the opposite direction. By a miracle, my head didn’t snap.
He paced for a while.
Then he returned to me with a sinister smile.
“I have a proposition for you. You’ll get him to tell you where the Horn is. Or else…” he snapped his finger, and a puff of black smoke appeared, then spread into a screen. In there, I saw my parents… how I miss them! And Jean… and even Kathy, everyone I was connected with.
Including Ewan.
“I won’t think twice about releasing my band of evil monsters to destroy everyone who had ever come in contact with Harriet Anderson. And worse, I’ll make them regret ever knowing you.”
I gasped.
No…I can’t let that happen, neither can I let him get hold of the Horn.
“W_what_ar_re you going_t_to do with the Horn?’ I managed to asked.
” Nothing. I’ll take it, and get myself out of this damned city. ”
Somehow I knew he was lying.
“But I’m_e_evil. I_I_belong here, to the Master hood.”
He laughed. “You aren’t evil, you dumb girl. You are the nicest girl anyone has ever known. Everyone has their bad sides, there’s nothing special about that.”
“You tricked me! And you’ll do it again.”
“Well, I might. But think about all the people that will suffer just because you refuse to get hirnbearer to tell me where it is. They’ll hate you, for causing their suffering.”
I didn’t want that.
I couldn’t even think anymore because of all the pains I went through.
I looked at the regretful expression on Rex’s face.
I looked at all the people I cared for in that smoky screen.
“I’ll do it,” I whispered.
He snapped his fingers, and the chains bounding me disappeared, making me fall from that height to the ground, breaking my arm in the process.
I winced.
“Excellent. And he mustn’t know about it. Or else…..”
To be continued
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