Left Behind – Episode 17

Left Behind – Episode 17
© Happy William
Zoe’s POV
Can’t believe that my plan didn’t work, I thought to myself as I sat on side stool beside Ewan’s bed, clutching his hand in mine tightly. A repetition of what happened when Harriet got to Amazon earlier. I wondered if she was behind this as well.
Jean sat on the bed, while Juliante stood over him, monitoring his breathing and the pounding of his head.
After I heard Ewan shout, I’d hurriedly threw on covering clothes and rushed to find Jean and Juliante struggling to heft him up to the bed, his body limp like a corpse. I’d felt my heart tear as I joined them to make him comfortable while Juliante attended to him, conjuring a protection that always failed to work.
Then he seemed to be in an internal struggle, his head making jerky movements as he turned and twisted on the bed.
Juliante, Jean and I had to apply physical pressure to restrain him, and then, all of a sudden he became calm with regulated breaths, but still unconscious.
That was four hours ago, and he didn’t stir.
“He’ll be OK,” Jean said.
“He has to be,” I replied.
Juliante muttered something under his breath, then said, “I really don’t know…. how could this have happened?” He shook his head. “The Master is closer than I thought. But the access to his head, only Harriet can do that. And where is she?”
Before I could supply an answer, the door knob clicked, turned and the door opened.
We were all wondering who it was, when Harriet stepped in, shutting the door behind her.
Her eyes widened when she saw us around Ewan, and she took careful steps towards the bed.
In that moment, I disliked her greatly. She was the one who showed up and stole the spotlight from me.
Jean squealed in excitement and jumped up to hug her.
“Hey, no hugging,” she quickly said, stepping back a bit.
Jean looked confused, but she still smiled.
“So glad you’re back.”
“And where have you been?” Juliante asked.
Harriet shot me a hateful glare, and I didn’t understand.
Harriet’s POV
< #Hours_Earlier >
Tamina quickly assisted Rex as he helped a limping me towards my room.
“Oh my…what happened?” she whispered as she looked at me as I lowered my sore covered body on the bed.
“Tamina you have to help her, get her cleaned up as quickly as you can. She has to be out of here before Father notices she’s still here.”
The Master had ordered me out straight away, with two evillings to ensure my departure, but somehow Rex had slayed the monsters, and he brought me here.
He gave me a long look, then leaned in to k-ss my sweat stained cheek.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered.
Then he was gone.
Tamina helped to clean me up and apply healing ointments to my injuries.
I winced from the stinging pain.
“What happened?”
I narrated everything to her.
I also requested for a few long sleeves and all covering dresses.
Then she squeezed my hand and hurriedly took me to the side of Juliante mansion.
I appreciated her, and heeded her warning to be careful.
It pained me to see Ewan laying helplessly on the bed, especially as somehow, it was my fault.
I bit my lower lip to prevent the tears from falling.
And Zoe…I’ll have to find out if she knew about Rex’s plan
If she did, I’ll never forgive her.
Harriet’s POV
Jean’s smile and excitement to see me quenched any doubt I might have had about returning.
“Don’t ever do that again,” she said in a stern tone, but burst out laughing.
I smiled.
Then Juliante asked, “Where are you coming from?”
I swallowed a bit.
“From a friend’s,” I replied.
He scrutinized me for a moment, then made a gruff sound and said, “Be very careful,” and walked out.
I exhaled and sat on the bed beside Zoe.
“How is he, and what happened?”
Zoe was quiet. I turned to her, and she turned away.
“Juliante says he’s gonna be OK.He had an attack.”
I nodded and reached out to stroke his hair. On impulse. I don’t know why I did that. His hair was soft and silky, and it remained me of that k-ss we shared.
Lately, almost everything kept reminding me of him and his.
I smiled.
Then his hand reached up to hold mine, weakly.
I was surprised.
His eyes were still closed, but his grip was still on my arm.
I looked at Jean, who had a bright smile on her face.
I looked at Zoe, who just stared at Ewan’s hand on mine. She dropped his other hand which she held, stood up and walked out.
Jean touched my shoulder too, and walked out.
I returned my gaze back to Ewan’s hand on mine.
I couldn’t help the tons of emotions choking my throat. I gently loosened his grip, walked out too.
Ewan’s POV
I stirred in bed, and finally opened my eyes.
There was no one in my room, I was alone.
I held my head for a moment, taking deep breaths. Thanks to the Spirits I blocked out my thoughts before the Master could have access.
But who gave him that access.
I shrugged, maybe he was getting stronger and stronger each day. I didn’t want to think about that.
I took of my sweaty shirt, about to wear a new one. On second thoughts, I decided to take a refreshing shower.
After that, I felt hungry.
Running my hands through my hair, I stopped when I remembered another hand stroking through it. Probably a dream, but it felt so real.
I shook my head, and headed to the kitchen for some food. The things waking up from sleep–or unconsciousness in my case– could do to you.
Walking through the corridor, I replied to Jean’s wave with a smile, and stopped short of the kitchen entrance.
That long black hair…that white pale skin.
Only one person had those.
She turned around, quite slowly, until she faced me.
That indigo eyes…narrow nose….and perfectly shaped lips…
Definitely her.
I resisted the urge to hurry over and give her a big hug, while at the same time yelling on her for leaving and spending a night away.
Those two emotions; one which might be
#Happiness , and the other anger and a touch of jealousy.
I didn’t like feeling neither towards somebody. Didn’t want to be helpless.
So instead I took indifferent steps inside and sat on a stool beside her.
She was cutting a slice of bread into super tiny pieces and putting them in her mouth. She looked different today. Well, apart from the black long sleeve pullover. She looked quieter, tired, stressed and sad.
I wondered what he did to her.
I took a slice of bread from the pack, and evenly spread jam on it, while studying her from the corner of my eyes.
“Are you OK?” I finally asked.
She looked up and smiled a small smile.
An awkward silence.
“What did he do to you?” I asked again.
“He…?” she looked confused, as if trying to know who I was referring to.
“Oh, Rex? Nothing. I’m just… tired.”
I could see she was.
There were dark circles around her eyes, and she kept tugging at the sleeve of her pullover.
I decided to drop it. Maybe she’ll tell me later.
“So, you OK?” she asked.
I nodded.
“Yeah. One of those,” I said referring to the mind thing.
“Yeah,” she said.
Awkward, strained conversation.
“Were you in my room earlier?”
Her eyes widened, and she paused midway in putting another crumb into her mouth.
“Err…..me? No! Pfft, your room? That’s crazy. Isn’t it crazy?”
I couldn’t help the smile that crept to my lips.
She was loud and defensive all of a sudden. Conclusion; she WAS in my room.
And the old Harriet was back too.
“Why are you smiling?” she asked with furrowed with confusion. “I got crumbs on my face?”
“Well, you’re practically eating crumbs, so…” my smile got wider.
“Hey…don’t judge me!” she pouted.
“I mean, who eats crumbs! Someone with birdbrain that’s for sure.”
I couldn’t help teasing her, it was fun.
“Birdbrain!? Urrrggghhh! Have the bread all to yourself, Mr Guy who doesn’t eat crumbs. I’m outta here.”
She got up and walked, or marched, out.
I laughed.
“Hey, Harriet?”
“What is it!?” she snapped.
I smiled.
” Missed you.”
She smiled a little, and walked out.
To be continued
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