Left Behind – Episode 19

Left Behind – Episode 19
© Happy William
Harriet’s POV
Just as the scre-m made it’s way out of my throat, I muffled it, but it was too late.
I’m sure it was loud enough for everyone to hear.
My legs loosened it’s grip around Ewan’s wa-ist, and I leaned weakly against the wall.
He looked at me with inquisitive eyes, which I refused to meet. Then slowly, he pulled his hand from behind my back and stared at his fingers.
Even in the darkness of the room I could make out the dark stains of blood on his fingertips and his palm with the help of a three quarter moon.
He stared disbelievingly at his fingers too.
“Har…..what’s this?” he asked slowly.
I shook my head.
He frowned.
“Ewan it’s nothing, jeez, where did you get those stuff on your finger from?”
It was stupid of me to act the ignorant part, but I didn’t know what else tou do. I remember Ewan telling me that he’d undergone torture from the Master a year back. If he saw the marks on my body, he’d know for sure where it came from.
And then…. he’ll know that I tricked, no, used him.
I couldn’t bear that.
“Stop kidding around and—” his tone was so serious, like he booked no room for argument. But he cut himself off, reached out, and pulled my pullover up just below my br-asts.
“Ewan!” I accused, but it was too late.
Instinctively, he reached behind me and switched on the light, and I saw his eyes widen, the only reaction.
My heart was beating loudly in my chest as he looked me over for seconds of unbearable silence that were the worst of my life.
“Where did you get this?” he finally asked in a lethal voice that told me he already knew, but was clueless as to the ‘whys’.
“Ewan you—”
He pulled me from my position at the door and turned me around to inspect my back.
“These are the Master’s torture marks,” he said more to himself. “And they’re fresh. Still bleeding. Obtained recently.”
He turned me back to face him as he waited for me to say something, to deny it, to offer an explanation.
When I didn’t, his eyes hardened;
“What the hell did that guy do to you!? I swear I’m gonna kill him with my bare hands!”
“Ewan he didn’t…at least he didn’t lay a finger on me.”
“Then who did, and why didn’t you tell me?”
I swallowed as I thought of what to say.
Then I felt him stiffened, and I looked up into hard eyes I haven’t looked into since the first day I arrived here. He stood rigidly, gazing down at me with eyes that were so different from earlier on when he’d k-ssed me.
“The Horn,” he said in a barely audible voice. “Please tell me you didn’t.”
He’d already put two and two together.
“Ewan I–”
“Tell me you didn’t.” he repeated again, and this time, it sounded more like a warning.
I’ll have to tell him the truth. I was risking him either way.
“Ewan he was going to kill you and everyone else if I didn’t! I just had to do it to keep you safe Ewan, believe m–”
“Damn it all to hell!” he raised his voice, and ran a hand roughly through his thick black hair.
“I can’t believe this!”
“Just listen to me, please. He promised to take the Horn and leave Amazon. He swore.”
“And you believed him! I can’t believe you were so gullible, Harriet. The Master doesn’t swear to anything, neither does he keep promises,” he spat out. “And I was so foolish to have trusted you!”
That was like a dart piercing my chest.
“Ewan don’t say that pl–”
“This!” he snapped, pulling up his tee-shirt to show me barely healing scars on his skin, “I got this just to protect that Horn. My parents died, just to protect that Horn. And what do you do? You obtain wounds, to give it away!”
I heard creaking noise and the door opened and Juliante entered, followed by Jean and Zoe.
“What in the Spirits name is going on here?” he asked with obvious displeasure at being disturbed that late at night.
Jean had a sly smile on her face, probably thinking that the ‘date’ had led somewhere.
While Zoe had pure malice splayed across hers.
But I didn’t care about their faces, I cared that Ewan was close to despising me.
“Ewan you gotta believe me!” I yelled.
“I don’t,” he said to me.
I was close to tears now.
“Juliante was right about you all along.”
“What was I right about? Can you two stop this drama and tell me what’s going on?” he seemed wide awake now.
“She pried the Horn’s location out of me, under the Master’s commands. He’s going for the Horn as we speak. I have to stop him.”
Ewan made for the door.
“No, he’ll kill you!” I tried to stop him with a hand on his shoulder.
He shrugged it off.
“There are worse things,” he replied and ran out.
I slumped to the floor, and I cried. Louder and louder.
Jean squatted beside me with a sympathetic face.
“Harry what happened?”
“Tell me,” Juliante added.
And so I narrated everything to them, leaving no details out.
“And now he hates me, he doesn’t even want to listen to me,” I cried.
Jean hugged me, careful not to hurt my wounds, and she cried with me too.
Juliante looked thoughtful.
“If Ewan can blow the Horn before the Master gets it, the spirits will be released, and the Master conquered. But if the Master gets it first…. all will be lost. I have to go. And Harriet, I believe you.”
I gave him an appreciative smile.
Then Zoe said, “It’s all my fault Harriet.”
Jean and I looked at her. She had remorse on her face now.
“What do you mean?” Jean asked, and I sniffed.
“I–I helped Rex that–that night. But I swear I didn’t know they were going to hurt you. I just wanted you out of the way for Ewan to notice me. I didn’t know he was the young master, I’m so sorry I let my jealousy get the best of me. Please forgive me.”
Jean and I had surprised looks on her face.
“Zoe you…” I trailed off, not knowing what to say.
“That was bad,” Jean added.
“I know, and I’m regretting it, especially after Harriet got hurt in the process. Please—”
“Harriet!” Juliante’s voice boomed, interrupting Zoe. “I have to go and cast a protection spell on Ewan. He’s vulnerable, and the Master is closing in on the Horn. And he might need your help too.”
I immediately jumped to my feet. “I’m coming.”
He nodded and walked ahead.
I turned to Zoe. “You and Jean please be safe. And pray for us too. I’ve forgiven you.”
Zoe smiled a little, and I nodded, before scrambling off to Juliante.
Praying that we’d get there in time.
And that Ewan should be safe.
Because it wasn’t just the bond that connected us now.
I’d fallen in love with him. I loved him, and even if it meant he wouldn’t forgive me for betraying him, his safety alone will be enough for me.
I swallowed back tears.
My heart ached. Because he will never love me back.
I chocked a little, shook my head, and ran alongside Juliante.
Hope we aren’t too late.
Hope that somehow…. he’ll be safe. For my piece of mind.
To be continued
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