Left behind episode 24

Left Behind – Episode 24
© Happy William
Harriet’s POV
The sound of the alarm frightened me, causing me to fall out of bed with a loud THUD!
I’ll never get used to the damned thing.
With a gro-n and mutter, I reached out to snooze it, and climbed back on to my bed, sitting cross legged.
I placed my hand on my cheek as I thought about the crazy dream I had.
It was really strange; war, anger, bad people, magic, telepathy.
I even fell in love! Isn’t that funny and strange?
I shook my head at myself and got out of bed, scratching one side of my butt cheek as I always did every morning.
I went towards the window and pulled the curtain, opening it so that the breeze with invade my room.
Soft and flower scented.
I paused at the window as I tried to gather my wits end.
I strode leisurely to the bathroom and took off my clothes. Then I turned to the mirror, and a gasp escaped my lips as I took in the soft pink scars allover my body.
Then it hit me: IT WAS REAL!
Oh my God!
I recalled it all now.
The camp trip.
The campfire story.
Luke and Lillian.
Bunch of betrayers!
But then if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have run off into Amazon. I wouldn’t have known how fun Jean was.
I wouldn’t have met Ewan.
Just the very thought of him made me smile as I ran a bubble bath and snuggled into it, letting the smooth fragrance seep into my skin, and relishing how it felt like to be…. loved.
I was gonna be late for school, but duh!
I opened my wardrobe as I was at loss of what to wear.
I didn’t have much stress over picking clothes in Amazon because I didn’t have them. I totally forgot my lifestyle.
After contemplating for a while, I settled for a white cropped top, with jean trouser and denim jacket. I combed my hair, and decided to leave it to fall at my back. Then I slipped on a white canvas and headed downstairs.
As I neared the table, mom and dad got out of their rooms, and I gave into the urge to run and throw my arms around them both, knocking them momentarily off balance.
Last night I’d been too tired and exhausted to notice how much I missed them.
“Mom, Dad! I really missed you! I thought I wouldn’t see you again,” I said and choked on tears.
“Oh honey, don’t say that. No matter what happened, we’d never give up looking for you,” dad replied as he stroked my hair.
I smiled. “Thank you.”
Together we walked to the dining for breakfast, and I could see the dark circles under their eyes, as if they didn’t get enough sleep all the while I was away. They never gave up looking for me.
And to prove how tired they were, none of them spoke about work or anything.
We just kept exchanging looks and smiles.
After breakfast, I got up.
“Are you really going to school? We were hoping to take you to a doctor, you know for checkups. And then you’d rest and tell us all that happened.”
That was mom.
I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.
Here we go again. Over protectiveness.
“I’m fine mom. And I wanna see how Jean’s doing too.”
“You miss your friends and you can’t wait to see them?” dad asked with a smile.
“Oh, I wouldn’t exactly phrase it like that,_ I said as I walked out, grabbing my car keys along. ” I’m thinking more like I can’t wait to see those backstabbers and the look on their faces when I tell them they’re the losers.”
Dad and mom exchanged confused looks and I laughed.
“It’s teens stuff, and yes. I miss them.”
As I got in my car, I took a deep steadying breath as I tried not to think about them, because if I did, then I might end up breaking their necks.
Well, it was easy not to think about them because I just discovered that I’ve forgotten how to drive.
Harriet’s POV
After several tries and a little help from James, the driver, I got my car started and drove to school, with the loud music, “Get the **** Out by Maria Carey”.
I didn’t know most of the lyrics, I just sang along the chorus,
Why don’t you get the **** out…..
You should get the **** out…
That’s all I knew.
The song kind of reminded me of what I was gonna say to Luke and Kathy.
But on second thoughts, I wasn’t gonna rue them.
I’ll pass.
Katherine’s POV
“Katherine! Sweetie come on and see the news!”
That was mom calling on me.
“Mom, I’m getting ready for school!” I yelled back. “I’ll be down in a minute!”
“You’ll be excited! Harriet and Jean are back! They said they found them at the campsite. But haven’t they been searching there for the past week???”
I froze midway through brushing my hair.
Harriet and Jean are back.
That was all I heard.
I hurried downstairs to watch what mom was saying.
I saw it on TV.
Seeing her again brought back the memories.
We weren’t cool yet.
“What’s wrong honey? Aren’t you happy?”
“Uhh….yeah,” I said in a pretty high voice. “Yeah. I am.”
Then I sighed and deflated like a balloon.
“Sweetie is something wrong?” mom asked with concern.
“Yes mom. I’m glad Harry’s found. But I’m not in a hurry to face her.”
And I narrated the reason why to my mom, ending by covering my face with my palm.
“The truth is I’m so ashamed. I…” I trailed off and sniffed.
Mom drew me in a side hug.
“Come on. People make mistakes all the time. Just go to her, and try explaining things. OK?”
I nodded and swiped my eyes.
“OK. Bye mom. And thanks.”
She k-ssed my cheeks.
When I got to school, I spotted Luke at the parking lot, just coming out of his car.
If I was going to talk things through with Harriet then I wanted to do it with a clean conscience.
Luke and I had been going out, once or twice. And it was during one of these dates that he’d asked me to be his girlfriend.
That moment was tense for me, but I turned him down. No matter what, the fact that it was somehow my fault Harry got lost was weighed heavily on my shoulder.
“Hi,” I said to him when I reached him.
“Hey,” he said and smiled, then leaned in to k-ss my cheek.
“Have you heard the news?” I asked.
“That Harry’s back? Sure. She in school? I’d like to see her.”
“I haven’t seen her either. But I want to say something.”
“Wanna give me an answer?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Not really. I think we should… lay off. I’m thinking of patching things up with her.”
He looked thoughtful for a while.
“Okay. But my proposal still stands.”
Was he really serious? Because I doubt it. Luke was a player. He played Harriet, and other girls.
But I wanted to say yes.
Fred joined us a bit later.
“So…the missing princess returns,” he began with a grin as he shook Luke’s hand and gave me a wave.
“Yeah, we’re waiting for her,” I said.
Fred raised his brows up in question, then nodded when understanding dawned on him.
“Where’s Jack?” I asked.
“Don’t know. He saw Jean in the hallway, and stood transfixed in a spot like he’d seen a ghost. And then he’d asked me to go along. Without even taking his eyes off her! Can you believe it!? Me! His best friend!”
Luke gave him a punch on the shoulder.
“Sometimes best friends have to pave way for mmmm….” he trailed off as he looked for a suitable word.
We all knew that ‘Luke’ and ‘Love’ never were compatible.
But we didn’t find a word because just then, Harriet’s black convertible pulled in the parking lot.
Harriet’s POV
Such a long while. I’ve missed school.
As I got out from the car, I smiled and waved at a few girls who called out to me.
I was about going to them, when Fred called out my attention. I made a later sign to the girls and turned to him, but I froze when I saw him standing with Kathy and Luke.
I began to walk again, and I plastered and smile on my face.
“Guys!” I said and walked to them with outstretched hands.
I hugged Fred, Kathy, and Luke.
“I really missed you guys,” I said with a smile, more real and brighter.
“You did?” Kathy asked unsure.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t I? But you don’t even look happy to see me,” I said with a mock frown.
None of them reacted, just stared at me like I’ve grown two heads or something.
Then Fred muttered, ”Awk….ward…” and made to move.
I rolled my eyes, pulling him back.
“OK, I know you guys expected me to blow off some steam for what happened before I swooshed. But for the record, I’m not mad.”
“You’re not?” Kathy asked, doubting.
“I was… but then I’ve had time to think. I realized that I was a pain in the neck for you guys–”
“Typical,” Fred cut in, but with a smile.
I smacked his arm playfully.
“Yeah, whatever. So I also discovered that I wasn’t treating you, Kathy, well enough. And Luke, I’ve been pretty unfair to you. To be honest, I actually wondered how you managed to put up with me. I’ve been such a pain in the ass.”
“You’re a great girl, Harriet,” he said. But I heard a silent, ‘For some other guy.’
“I know,” I said with a smile, and gave him a hug.
“This is the worse breakup ever,” Fred huffed. “And it’s boring.”
Luke looked at me, as if to ask if we’re breaking up, and I gave him a nod in reply.
“Oh Harriet,” Kathy said and threw her arms around me. “I’m really really sorry.”
“I am too.”
When we broke away, I saw her and Luke exchange a look that I happened to understand all to clearly.
Then I glanced around.
“Hey, where’s Jack?”
Luke pointed with his chin behind me, and I followed the direction to see Jack and Jean coming towards us.
“Hey Harriet, good to see you,” he said.
I threw him a light punch. “Good to be back. So, how’s it going?” I asked looking between him and Jean, who couldn’t stop the blush from creeping to her cheeks when Jack brushed a feather k-ss on her lips.
“Swell,” he said with a grin.
“Uh Harry, I’m thinking we’re the only ones here that aren’t paired up. I’m gonna make a hit for you. Try my luck.”
I elbowed his chest.
“I’ve already got a partner,” I said, and apart from Jean, they all had confused looks on their faces.
I laughed loudly. “Come on friends, let’s head to class.”
As they walked ahead of me, I pulled out the piece of jewel I’d taken from Ewan’s pocket that night we had our first date.
I held it in my hand and squeezed.
My partner.
Then I looked towards the sky.
We’ll meet again.
That much was certain.
«We’re stuck together.»
I gave a light k-ss to the gem, put it in my pocket and headed to class, all smiles, waving to other students.
We sure are.
To be continued

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