Left behind final episode

Left Behind – Episode 25
© Happy William
(Love for Everyone)
Harriet’s POV
The clock on my dresser beside my bed read nine o’clock.
That’s bedtime.
I was already in my nightdress, and sitting on my bed with the blanket pulled up to my wa-ist.
It might come as a surprise that I actually forgave Luke and Kathy, but the reason I did was because I didn’t want to be the one dishing out their rebuke. They’ll get it.
One way or another.
And now, back to the reason I couldn’t sleep.
I kept thinking of Ewan.
Funny how the idiom ‘Out of sight is out of mind’ worked differently in my case.
I took a deep breath, and focused my thoughts on him, blanking out every other thing.
«Missing me already? It’s been only a day.»
I couldn’t help but laugh at his c*cky attitude.
«Well, I’m thinking otherwise. You were practically waiting up for me. I didn’t even get to say anything.»
I could hear his mild chuckle, that still had the warming effect on me, even though I couldn’t see him. It was as if he was right in front of me.
“You’re damn right about that though. It’s driving me crazy.»
A small blush crept to my cheeks, and I allowed it to remain, savouring the feeling of being loved, that you’re missed by someone a minute after you left.
«Try not to go too crazy, OK? Despite being a bit off myself, I don’t hangout with crazy guys.»
«Well you could make an exception. Besides we’re both crazy.»
«We are?»
«Yep. Crazy about each other.»
I giggled. «Remind me where I found you again, and why I fell in love with you?»
«There’s no need love. We’ve always been there. Guess I was stupid not to realize earlier. Days wasted.»
«Yeah,» was all I could respond, because I regretted too.
«You’re gonna wait for me, right?»
He sounded unsure, and it kinda hurt to think that he doubted me. But still I assured him,
«No matter how long. We’re stuck together, remember?»
Ewan’s POV
“I keep wondering when you’ll get tired of staring at that picture. She’s not dead you know.”
That was Zoe, breaking me out of my reverie.
And you guessed right; I was looking at Harriet’s picture in the corridor.
After she’d left, I had Juliante make an enlargement of her portrait, which by some miracle I happened to spot among the clothing she and Jean left.
Not that I snooped, mind you.
The portrait was directly across my room, such that when I opened the door, it was the first thing I saw.
I turned to Zoe with a smug grin.
“Who said she is?” I asked turning to face her. “I’m just…. reacquainting.”
“Yeah, every single day. I know.” I could hear the pure sarcasm in her tone, with a playful glint in her eyes.
I gro-ned.
“Aren’t we a little old to play love games?”
She laughed and shook her head, standing beside me to look at the picture.
Then we heard footfalls, and we both turned around to see Rex walking in towards us through the corridor.
“Hey man,” he said and gave me a bump on the fist.
“Hey babe,” he said to Zoe, planting a soft k-ss on her lips and lingering a bit longer than necessary.
I rolled my eyes playfully at them.
Rex and Zoe had been dating for a few months now, and initially they acted quite awkward around each other, especially when Rex came to live with us.
I don’t know how their story went, but Zoe told me one day that they were dating, and blah blah. They didn’t seem like they were going to break up anytime soon.
Leaving an arm draping across Zoe’s shoulder, Rex asked me, “Why don’t you just go get her?”
I rubbed the back of my neck.
To be honest, I was planning just that.
Harriet’s POV
“And here’s cheers to graduating, finally, and to a new life ahead,” Fred announced, and we all lifted our glasses and let it clink in the center.
“Cheers!!!” we all chorused, and proceeded to drink the champagne.
We were on a triple date that afternoon, to celebrate our successes together, and perhaps our last moments before college or whatever.
But mostly, we were there for fun.
Jack and Jean were the first couple, and each time you saw them, it always seemed that they were newly dating. Their eyes were always filled with love when ever they looked at each other that I sometimes felt a twinge of you-know-what.
Luke and Kathy…. well, I don’t know what to say. It was obvious that Kathy was head over heels in love with Luke, but day by day, months by months, his interest in her seem to wane. I guess some people never change. There was a day that Kathy and I had a sleepover, and she complained that she thinks Luke was cheating on her.
I resisted the urge to laugh at her and say ‘I told you so.’ That was what I had in mind when I decided to hold no grudge against them. Luke was never gonna change. And I wanted Kathy to experience just what I experienced when they both cheated on me.
I didn’t tell her that though.
And the third couple; you guessed right: Fred and I.
Since Fred was a player without a steady girlfriend, and I was without a boyfriend, and we were friends, we decided to pair our selves up, an impromptu couple.
“Hey girlfriend, open up…ahhh,” that was Fred, holding a piece of cookie to my mouth. I ate it.
“That’s good, a k-ss for your bf,” he said leaning in and pouting his lips to me like a baby.
I smacked his head.
“You’re welcome,” I replied getting up to fetch more drinks from the bar. We were at my house. Dad was in his study, while mom was in the kitchen.
“See why I wanted to bring Abby along!” Fred yelled. “She wouldn’t have denied my request for a k-ss!”
“Shut up Fred,” Jack said as he twirled his drink in his glass.
“You know Abby isn’t exactly classified as your girlfriend,” Jean added with an amused smile.
From the bar, I saw Kathy look at Luke longingly. He hardly spoke since we arrived. And I could tell that it wasn’t fun for her.
Luke was staring at me.
I ignored him.
“So what are your plans for college?” Jean asked generally.
“I’m not going to college.” Fred announced proudly.
“We knew,” I called from the bar. “You’re probably going to end up working as a player.”
Fred’s parents were quite rich; his dad owned a distribution company, and his mom was modelling for a popular fashion company.
“Anything for the ladies,” he said.
“I’m going to study history,” Jean said.
“Boring!” Fred intoned, earning a glare from Jack.
“I think it’ll suit you baby,” he said and k-ssed her.
“Kathy?” Fred asked.
“Oh, well. I’m gonna….” she trailed off when Luke got up and walked to me, and I could see the hurt in her eyes.
“Luke, you’re making Kathy uncomfortable!’ I whispered harshly.
” Harriet come on. You forgave me. What stops us from getting back together?”
“Everything, Luke, including the fact that I don’t love you!” I snapped, getting irritated.
“But Harry I–”
“Don’t, Luke. You’re gonna ruin our date,” I said. “Kathy loves you. Why can’t you accept love for once in your life!?”
“Because it’s you I want! Harriet I wasn’t thinking, I–”
The doorbell interrupted him from saying anymore, and Jean went to get it.
“Look at Kathy. See how hurt you’ve made her!”
“I don’t care!”
“You’re a monster!”
We were yelling a bit, so I toned down my voice.
“It had been over between us before it even begun, OK?”
“Uh, Harriet, there’s a handsome guy at the door,” Jean said.
“So?” Luke asked.
“Well, Harriet hangs out with handsome guys. But he said your name.”
“Then usher him in,” I said.
To Luke, I said, “It’s over.”
I slammed the bottle on the counter and headed to our seat.
But I froze when I caught sight of the guy behind Jean.
He froze, too. And as we stared at each other, it seemed that time had stopped, and only us both were the only ones in the room.
“Ewan?” I called softly, as if if I said it louder, he would vanish.
His smile told me he wasn’t, and I ran at once, threw my arms around his neck and brought his lips to mine.
I missed k-ssing those lips.
He k-ssed me back, matching my passion and longing too, as if there was going to be no tomorrow. Just here and now.
Seeing him reminded me of how much I’ve missed him, and I didn’t want to let go again.
“I’ve missed you,” I whispered breathlessly against the crook of his neck.
“You’ve finally admitted it,” he said.
Clearing of throat behind us brought us back to reality as we broke apart to see everyone standing with dazed expressions on their faces.
Including Jean, she’s probably forgotten.
“Umm, guys this is Ewan that I told you about,” I began, because I told them our story a day after my return. Jean grinned, suddenly remembering, and came to hug him.
“Ewan, it’s been ages!” she said.
“A year, actually, but yeah,” Ewan replied.
“And Zoe, Rex, Juliante?”
“All OK. They’re hoping to see you again.”
She squealed in delight.
“This is Jack, my boyfriend,” she introduced, pointing to him.
They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.
“And Kathy, Harriet’s best friend,” Kathy offered a smile,
“And Fred–”
“Harriet’s impromptu boyfriend, pleased to meet you,” Fred cut in, stretching out his hand. I could see him gauging Ewan’s reaction.
“Well, it’s good that the only thing I picked out was impromptu,” they all laughed.
“And why are you all making more noise than you usually do?” mom asked, coming in from the kitchen. She stopped at the sight of Ewan.
“Mom, Ewan. Ewan, my mom, Lana,” I said, making a short introduction.
Mom knew every detail there was to know about Ewan.
She gave him a fierce hug.
“My daughter’s secret lover. It’s good to know you’re not so secret anymore!
I giggled at Ewan’s discomfort.
Mom called dad, and they exchanged pleasantries and small talk about how Amazon was.
” I really miss Zoe and the rest,” I said to Ewan after mom left.
“You can see them. We can go there now.”
“Let’s please,” Jean squealed.
We got into my car, Jack’s car, and Fred’s car and drove to the campsite.
It was fun to watch my friends making friends with my friends.
Even Fred began the latest flirting with Denyse, who seemed to be enjoying his company.
I discovered that Zoe and Rex were together, and they made a nice couple.
We had fun, and chatted, and it was like the best date ever.
Strangely, admits all these, I didn’t even notice that Luke wasn’t with us.
Ewan led me to the garden at Juliante’s yard, and we stood in silence for a while, admiring the blossoms.
“Harriet,” he began.
I cut him off with a k-ss.
“Shh, don’t say anything. Let’s just enjoy the moment.”
I knew that he was going to talk about working out ways for us to be together, but he didn’t need to worry.
Because I already knew what I was going to do after college, and where I’ll be.
Right here with him.
It’s destined.
We’re stuck together.
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