Yemisi episode 1

Episode One:
(Awele village)
(The stream)
(Young men and women of awele fetching water from the streams,young boys and girls washing clothes by the side of the stream, some washing plates while were bathing inside the stream water)
Yemisi: (A slender beautiful fair skinned lady dressed in a typical yoruba attire with her hair styled beautifully adorned with beads and ileke’ in yoruba style beads round her wa-ists, drags her bucket of water ,dips her clothes and picks up a local soap squeezed the clothes washing faster as someone from behind tickled her on her wa-ist as she turns to see) eyi timofe (smiles with her set of white teeths)
Olakunle: (a tall handsome dark skinned man also dressed in simple yoruba attire sokoto and fila)adunni mi, ife mi, my heart beat ,the only woman that brings joy to my soul ,my one and only beautiful yemisi, let me wash your clothes for you
Yemisi: lakunle stop pulling my legs
Olakunle: don’t you miss me
Yemisi: I do miss you eyi ti mo fe, you know I love you too much
Olakunle: I love you more
(Both hugged eachother as omolara and omolabake two friends of yemisi clears throats
Labake: yemisi, no wonder you never wanted to her married so this is what you do behind your father’s back ,aye le o
Yemisi: ore mi ma so be’ ,am so sorry for not telling you guys any of this
Labake: you kept us in the dark for so long
Lara: and you call us your friends .
Yemisi: please dont be angry with me ,please
Labake: ok oo ,so who is this handsome bobo
Yemisi: ore mi ,meet Olakunle, kunle they are my friends Lara and labake (points at them one after the other as they exchanged pleasantries)
Olakunle: nice to meet you
Labake: it’s a pleasure
Olakunle: I ll be on my way my love ,I love you
Yemisi: eyi ti mo fe take care
Olakunle: (exits)
Lara: at last you have fallen in love am so happy for you
Labake: hmmm well I will tell you the truth your boyfriend is not as wealthy as the suitors you get in a day ,I don’t think he is the right person for you
Lara: labake money is not everything
Labake: it is you that know supporter club
Yemisi :two of you stop acting like kids ,I love kunle and as you both have seen the both of us together no one must know about I and kunle relationship, most especially my father, please keep that secret, please
Lara :well I have no problem with that
Labake: well I will learn to control my mouth
Lara: you better do
Yemisi: the day is getting dark I think we should get going .
(They all packed their clothes as they left for their various homes)
(Bakre compound)
In a very muddy land ,well built bungalow unpainted)
Yemisi: (reading her books as Mama yemisi interrupts)
Mama yemisi: my daughter,doctor of the year ,always reading (smiling and hailing)
Yemisi: maami (smiling)mummy mummy(hails back)
Mama yemisi:yemisi go get ready ,our guests has arrived and you are not dressed
Yemisi: what guest maami?
Mama yemisi:didn’t your father tell you ?
Yemisi:(stands up seriously)tell me what maami?
Mama yemisi:hmmm, the Oba of Alake’s village asked for your hand in marriage
Yemisi: not again maami, did baami accept the proposal?
Mama yemisi:yes of course
Yemisi: Whaaaat???
Yemisi: Whaaat???(walked out angrily to the sitting room as she sees the oba of Alake’s village seated majestically on their olden days couch with her father a short thin dark old man with bald white hairs)kaaro sir! (In yoruba style)
Baba yemisi:ehh se dada, greet your husband very well
Yemisi:which husband?
Oba:(a well dressed matured man in yoruba attire agbada)my wife!
Yemisi: which wife?(chuckles) look at me well am not your wife and I will never be (hissed)
Baba yemisi:(stands up as he slaps yemisi hard on her face)how dare you talk rubbish from that tiny mouth of yours,ohh! You want to remain in this house forever ,kolewerk (shakes his head)
Mama yemisi: (interrupts ,pleading)okomi ma bi ni
Baba yemisi:dont you tell me to calm down ,this stupid girl needs to be taught on how to respect her elders
Yemisi: (folds her hands in disagreement)baami me am not getting married now o ,besides am registering for JAMB exams this year ,I want to go to school o,I don’t want to get married now .
Oba:(stands up) my wife I can pay all the money you need for your school ,you will study wherever you want ,London, anywhere, I ll take care of you
Yemisi: take care of who ,with the four wives you have ,they are not ok abi? me am not getting married to you have said my own !(exits still murmuring)
Oba:hmm I thought you said she agreed already
Baba yemisi:we are sorry sir ,don’t worry I will make sure that she gets married to you
Oba: you said that the last time and the same thing happened, Guards lets go
Baba yemisi: please sir
Oba: (exits without turning back with the guards at his back)
Mama yemisi: Baba yemisi, dont beg him ,yemisi don’t want to get married now
Baba yemisi: ohh so you are the one spoiling yemisi, come on get out of my front ,use less mother !
Mama yemisi: okomi what have I done again?
Baba yemisi:ask your stupid daughter, my own is yemisi is getting married to the man of my choice soon (exits)
(Bakre compound)
(Yemisi room)
Yemisi:(still fast asleep as labake barged in with lara)hmmm
Labake: wake up sleepy head
Lara:you know this was your idea ok?
Labake: waky, waky!!!(taps yemisi playfully)
Yemisi: ohhhh labake ,why are you disturbing my sleep so early in the morning
Labake: come on get up and change ,dont you know what is going on in this village
Lara: hmm!
Yemisi: ki lo tun sele?
Labake:the Prince of awele is back and he invited all of the villagers in awele to attend his welcome party
Yemisi:hmm and so what should I do then
Lara: oh oh !!
Labake: get showered and get dressed for the welcome party ,maybe you might even have the opportunity to get to know the prince
Yemisi:well remember that I have someone else so I don’t need any prince, kunle is my one and only prince so I think you should both get going because am not going to the party ,I have a lot of things to do
Labake:things or to go see that wretched guy you call a man
Yemisi: why so much hate for my man and anyways you can go am not going (exits for the bathroom)
Labake: hmmm! (leaves angrily)
Lara: (follows)
The palace ground)
Young and old dancing to the solid talking drum beats ,The king and his two wives by his side as the Prince rokanmi arrives all beats went down,everyone silent)
Prince Rokanmi: my people
Villagers:ka bi e si ooo
Prince Rokanmi: I thank you all for attending this welcome party thanks very much my great people, there are a lot of food and drinks ,eat and enjoy !
(The drummers plays the beat as the villagers danced to the beats)
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