Yemisi episode 2

Episode 2
The following Day
(The stream)
Yemisi:(fetching water from the stream as Lara and labake interrupts)
Lara: yemisi
Yemisi:ore mi what’s up? So labake how was the party yesterday, I forgot to come check you at your place
Labake: hmmm!!you decided not to come anyways it was still fun
Yemisi: labake you of all people should know that am a party pauper
Labake:hmm that’s what you say all the time
(Just then prince rokanmi with guards beside him where just passing by as rokanmi sighted yemisi)
Prince Rokanmi:guard call that fair skinned girl for me immediately
Guard 1:yes my prince(walked straight to yemisi)hey you ,the prince wants to talk to you
Yemisi: why?
Labake: just go first
Yemisi: where is he then?
Labake: maybe the guard is confused, guard is it me?
Prince rokanmi:(walked straight to them as he drags yemisi hands)it’s you am calling
Yemisi: let go my hands ,argh! (Removed her hands as she slaps rokanmi)
Labake: ahhh you slapped the prince
Lara: ah!
Guard 1:(points an arrow)
Prince rokanmi:(gives the guard signal to stop) am the prince of this land ,my name is rokanmi
Yemisi: well am not interested in your name ,lets go girl’s
Prince rokanmi: what’s your name?
Yemisi:(hissed as she exits with labake and lara at her back)
Prince rokanmi: what are you waiting for ,findout everything about that damsel already
Guard 1:yes my prince !!!!
(The Bakre compound)
(Back yard)
(Labake, Yemisi and Lara eating mango fruits)
Labake: but to be sincere you shouldn’t have slapped the prince ,he is the prince of this land and you can be banished for it
Yemisi: he dragged me against my will ,not even my beloved does that to me
Lara: lets forget about that matter jare
Yemisi: you are so right ,about the jamb form, are they out?
Labake: always boring (refers to Lara and yemisi)
Lara: that’s why you always fail because you don’t read your books labake
Labake:e pele miss book reader
(Awele’ s palace)
(Rokanmi room)
(A well furnished designed room rokanmi murmuring as Olori 2 walks in)
Olori 2:oko mi you are back from the stream ,hope you had a great time there
Prince rokanmi:yes mom ,I did
Olori 2:now that’s not my rokanmi, what’s the matter my child?
Prince rokanmi:if I tell you will you able to do my request?
Olori2:you are my only son ,the one and only heir to the throne ,there’s nothing I would not do for you so go on and tell me
Prince rokanmi: I saw a beautiful girl
Olori 2:hmm I knew it
Prince rokanmi: and I want to marry her
Olori 2:oh my son is in love ,gbenga!!!!(calling out one of the guards name)
Gbenga: (rushed in) my queen
Olori 2:I need your help, my son so what is her name then ?have you talked to her
Prince rokanmi: no mom ,and the worse part is that I don’t know her name
Olori 2:don’t you worry son we will find her ok?
Prince rokanmi: I hope so
(Just then Olori 1 was passing)
Olori 1:is something wrong
Olori 2:and if something was wrong you are no body to ask that
Olori 1:but it’s just a question
Prince rokanmi: yes mom
Olori 2:shh (stands up) I am the special wiFe of the Oba ,I gave him a son ,a son ok ?you maybe the first wife but you couldn’t even bare him a son
Olori 1:hmmmm that doesn’t mean you should insult me
Olori 2:well you haven’t seen anything yet,and please leave my son room don’t come and rub your bad luck in my son’s good luck
Olori 1:I have a daughter and I don’t really care if I don’t give birth to a male only God knows the reason I lost my first male child and only God will judge you (exits)
Prince rokanmi:mom you were so rude to her,what did she do to you?
Olori 2:don’t mind that woman ,she’s a witch and a big disgrace to woman hood
Prince rokanmi: I ll go shower now! (exits)
Gbenga: I ll take my leave
Olori 2:where do you think you are going to? (Drags gbenga hands to her wa-ists)
Gbenga: my queen what are you doing ?
(Awele palace)
(Rokanmi room)
(Olori 2 holding Gbenga hands)
Olori 2:you know it’s been long we had s€× and you know kabiyesi is useless to me now that he is very ill
Gbenga: what if someone sees us ,I won’t ,the last time I did ,you know what happened
Olori 2:that was twenty five years ago and no one knows about it, please now ,just do it with me
Gbenga:well if you don’t leave me alone I will go out there and tell everyone what you did twenty five years ago
Olori 2:well no one will believe you ,I killed her son for a reason ,I sent you to take adewunmi son for a reason
Gbenga: you killed a baby that knows nothing ,ika ni ye ,come on leave me alone ,nonsense! (Wants to leave)
Olori 2:meet me at our usual place or you will be fired (exits)
Gbenga: ehhh (thinking out loud)what kind of woman is this ?ahhh am in trouble, what she finds out that I never harmed the little boy ,ehhhh I hope he is not alive till now o !hmmm (exits)
(The stream)
(In a small hut ,baba roasting the fishes as Olakunle drops a basket filled with lots of fishes)
Baba: you are a very good boy
Olakunle:baba you always tell me that day by day
Baba: I wonder where on earth or who on earth would abandon such a miraculous child like you
Olakunle: hmm baba this world is filled with wicked people
Baba:hmm ,don’t you want to know your parents
Olakunle: I see no reason in knowing them,maybe they saw me as a burden and decided to throw me away
Baba: (wears olakunle a traditional necklace)I saw this on your neck when they dropped you here ,it was a long time ago ,a young man dropped you inside the water I heard you scre-ming and I swimmed just to save your life ,and I thank God you are alive till now
Olakunle: Baba lets not talk about sad pasts jare it’s all in the pasts ,and am grateful for what you did
Baba: so won’t you introduce me to that beautiful girl I usually see you with
Olakunle: ahn ahn Baba !!!
Baba: ma pa iro, do you really love her?
(Bakre compound)
(Yemisi room )
Yemisi:(busy reading as mama yemisi enters)
Mama yemisi:my daughter ,your food is ready
Yemisi:I ll eat soon ,I must learn this maths first, its very important
Mama yemisi:that’s what you said in the morning and you are doing thesame again, you really need to eat something
Yemisi: I ll try !
(Just then a knock on their door )
Mama yemisi: (walks out) who’s that? (opens the door as she sees two body guards)how can I help you
Yemisi: (joins them) yes who are you looking for?
Body guard 1:am looking for a young beautiful lady ,fair skinned, someone told me she lives here
Yemisi: sorry wrong house ,maybe you should go somewhere else
Body guard 2:ok sorry for disturbing! Lets go (exits with the body guards)
Yemisi: ehhhh maami!!!(puts her hands on her head) am in trouble
Mama yemisi: what happened ?
Yemisi: I I I (stammered)i. .slapped the prince earlier this morning
Mama yemisi: ehh what did he do to you ?and why did you slap him?
Yemisi:he was curious to know me but he dragged me by force so I slapped him out of anger and am sure that’s why they are looking for me now
Mama yemisi: what kind of trouble is this, don’t worry my daughter everything will be alright ok?
Baba yemisi:(enters)I don’t think any thing can be alright in this house since you decided to stay at home and not get married like your fellow mates !(exits)
Yemisi: ehh (confused)
(Awele palace)
(Living room)
(Prince rokanmi yells out at the guards)
Prince rokanmi: you all are good for nothing in this palace ,just a simple task ,find me just a girl
Olori 1:Hmm (interrupts) rokan I think you should speak calmly to the guards, and what’s the matter ?where is gbenga?
Prince rokanmi:must Gbenga be in charge of everything?
Olori 1:Ok what’s the problem my son?
Prince rokanmi: am not your son and even though I tell you there’s simply nothing you could do about it so just leave me alone ,I can take care of my self I don’t need your help.
(Awele palace)
Olori 1:but I can be of help if you just tell me what the matter is ?
Prince rokanmi: (sighs) well there’s this girl and I really like her a lot I saw her this morning and have been looking for her but I can’t find her
Olori 1:whats her name ?
Prince rokanmi:umm I don’t know her name
Olori 1:hmm I have an idea ,you see eliot (faced on of the guards) call the town crier, deliver this message to him ,tell him that afternoon tomorrow all the eligible maids of awele should be present in the village square then anyone you like you will pick rokanmi
Prince rokanmi: but it’s only that girl I like
Olori 1:you might be lucky if she attends the festival
Prince rokanmi: yes yes you are so right! thanks you so much (hugs Olori 1 as Olori 2 sees them)
Olori 2:rokanmi!!!!!!(in anger drags rokanmi away from olori 1)

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