Yemisi episode 3

Episode 3
(Awele palace)
Olori 2:go inside rokanmi, I said go in !!!
Prince rokanmi:ok mother (exits)
Olori 2:how many times have I warned your to stay away from my son ,why can’t you just leave him alone for good Ness sake ,am his mother ,am the only one who has right over him
Olori 1:but rokanmi is like a so…
Olori 2:don’t you dare say such ,rokanmi is my son and the only heir to the throne
Bisi: (olori 1 daughter)my father isn’t dead yet, until he dies before rokan can be the heir to the throne and I hope he doesn’t die now because you can’t stop causing trouble each time you get the opportunity to
Olori2:oh just shut up ,you and your useless mother are the trouble in this palace
Bisi: the only useless and desperate one here is you bamike, my mother is a very innocent and decent woman trying to make peace ,even though you always look for reasons to bring her down and make her look bad,well all ends today because I won’t allow you insult my mother again
Olori 2:who are you to that you shameless helpless excuse of a girl
Olori 1:(slaps Olori 2)that’s enough ,enough ,you can insult me any time you want but not my daughter, have had enough of your disrespect ,bisi lets leave am done wasting my time with this woman (drags bisi as they leaves)
Olori 1:she she she slapped me ,she’s going to pay ,she will pay !!(exits)
(The stream)
(Olakunle laying on a long tree as yemisi rests her heads on his chests)
Olakunle:my beautiful one and only princess
Yemisi: my prince ,the rainbow in my cloud ,I missed you so much
Olakunle:me too ,very much
Yemisi:yes ,so anything for me ?
Olakunle: all I have is my strong love for you
Yemisi: I appreciate it my love !(sits right as tears rolls down her cheeks)
Olakunle: hey what’s the matter? Why did sudden mood swing?
Yemisi: my father tried to get me married to someone else again
Olakunle: what???
(The stream)
Yemisi: well I be getting married in a week
Olakunle: you don’t mean it
Yemisi: yes I do ,am sorry I didn’t tell you earlier
Olakunle: (stands up) but why why you can’t get married ,you can’t I love you and you know that ,why did you accept to marry a total stranger ?you can’t do this to me yemisi
Yemisi: (laughs out loud)
Olakunle: what? what’s funny am serious
Yemisi:I was only joking silly, I wanted to see your reaction my love
Olakunle: I don’t like those kind of jokes
Yemisi: really but it was fun tho ,anyways my dad did tried to get me married but I pursued the old suitor and I never accepted the marriage
Olakunle: (k-ssed yemisi)for a moment I thought I was gonna loose you
Yemisi: you are mine kunle ,no one can ever tear us apart even though they try to they can’t ,I love you ,I want to be yours alone
Olakunle: I love you but don’t play such pranks ever again unless ..
Yemisi: unless what ?
Olakunle: unless I will wrap you tight in my arms and never let you go
Yemisi: (smiles)
Olakunle: (holds her tight)
(The following morning)
(Bakre compund)
(Yemisi room)
Yemisi: (still asleep as labake and lara rushed in)
Labake: wake up sleepy sleepy
Lara: waky waky!
Yemisi: (yawns and stretches)hmmmm
Labake: get up and go shower this afternoon is going to be massive
Yemisi: is today the jamb registration
Labake: book warm no jare I meant ,didn’t you hear the news?
Yemisi: about what?
Labake: seems you don’t know anything in the village you live in what do you think about sef?
Yemisi: my kunle!!!(smiling)
Lara: alright the news is the town crier informed every eligible girls that is not married to come to the palace ground this afternoon because the prince needs a bride
Yemisi: you are single ,both of you are single so you should go am not going anywhere !
Labake: I knew it ,yemisi please just come now ,what will you gain in staying in door and going to meet that strange lover of yours ,please nah
Yemisi: ok you guys can go I will come join you
Labake :are you sure ?
Yemisi: trust me a bit na I will come I mean it but I might take long o but I will come
Lara: we are leaving to go get dressed, I hope you come !(exits)
Labake: come oo!
Yemisi: I said I will
Labake:ok (exits)
Yemisi: c-mcola, abeg !!(lays back to sleep)
(The bakre compound)
(Living room)
Baba yemisi: (reading a newspaper as mama yemisi serves him hot tea) hmm thank you ,where’s yemisi?
Mama yemisi: she went to the stream to fetch some water
Baba yemisi: why is she always going to the stream everytime dosent she knows that the prince invited all maidens like her to the palace?
Mama yemisi: hmm you know our daughter very well ,you know she isn’t a kind that loves those kinds of gathering
Baba yemisi: but at least she might be the prince choice
Mama yemisi: ehh drink your tea ah
(Just then yemisi enters)
Yemisi: (carrying a pot of water on her head)
Baba yemisi :ehm yemisi, go drop the water and go get dressed
Yemisi: why ?
Baba: don’t ask me why ,go and dress that’s what I told you and make sure you look very beautiful
Yemisi: ok (murmurs as she left)
What is Baba Yemisi up to?
(The bakre compound)
Baba yemisi: (dressed in a well typical agbada as yemisi steps out of the house)hmmm,you look beautiful
Yemisi: yes baami ese,so where is so important we are going to?
Baba yemisi: (walks out of the compound)follow me first
Yemisi: but baami,at least tell me the occasion and why you are dressed so formally
Baba yemisi: we are going to the palace my daughter
Yemisi: wait what!!!!!(shocked)
Baba yemisi: shhh!!!! I knew you never wanted to go to the show the Prince planned for all the eligible maidens ,but you have to go ,what if you get a chance in marrying the prince of this lands
Yemisi: but I don’t want to be forced to get married to some one I don’t love
Baba yemisi: must you love someone you want to marry ?let love wait first ,besides why is it that you don’t want to marry in this life that you come sef? Young girls of your ages are willing to marry whomever their father chooses for them ,I won’t blame you ,it’s your mother I will blame ,am not sure she teaches you on how early marriage has a better future .
Yemisi: bu….t (stammer)
Baba yemisi: you better move front and lets go !(drags yemisi hands as they exits for the palace)
(Awele palace)
(Prince rokanmi seated in his throne as the last maiden which was labake moved forward ready to dance,the palace was surrounded with twenty maidens and labake was the last to perform)
Prince rokanmi: (looks forward,and still tensed)hmm
Olori 2:my son ,relax ,besides must you marry that girl? What if she doesn’t like you
Prince rokanmi: no one rejects a prince mother
Olori 2:am sure you are going to like the last contestant ,she’s also beautiful
Prince rokanmi: ugh!!! No one can be compared to the beauty I saw that day and I hope she comes !
(Just then yemisi and her father joins the rest of them )
Baba yemisi: enjoy yourself ,I ll be right back !(exits)
Yemisi: (hissed) hmm
Lara: (sees yemisi as she taps her friendly)yemisi, I knew you would come !

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