Yemisi episode 8

Episode 8
(Olakunle hut)
Yemisi: so who’s rokanmi then?
Gbenga: am afraid rokanmi is my son
Yemisi: what? So all these years has just been lies all along ?I can’t believe this
Gbenga: this royal chain proves a lot of things my dear, the queen bamike couldn’t bear a child with the king and was forced to sleep with me and she however pinned the blame on kabiyesi, she wanted to get rid of kunle so she sent me to kill him which I couldn’t
Olakunle: ok that’s enough now !I will never go back to a kingdom that dosent need me ,am not going to a place they abandon me ok?
Gbenga: it all happened so quick ,they never abandoned you ,it was all my fault ,I and Bamike ruined your lives
Olakunle: (hissed as he exits)
Yemisi: I ll go talk to him!(exits following kunle)lakunle, lakunle wait !
Olakunle: what is it ?if you are here to talk about what that crazy man just said then please leave !
Yemisi: to where? this is where I belong! (Points to olakunle heart)that’s my home ,and you need to go back to your once lost family ,am sure they ll understand, this can even prevent us from running away ,because I ll get married to you
Olakunle: shh! Lets just get married ,lets run away together ,lets do it early tomorrow morning!
Yemisi: but tomorrow is my engagement!
Olakunle: me or your engagement?
Yemisi: you but ,kunle don’t you think there won’t be violence if we should just go to the palace and reveal your secrets ,it’s more than running
Olakunle: remember this was your advice and now you are changing it all because of that lunatic
Yemisi: that lunatic saved your life a long time ago ,you should be grateful, I can’t believe you are getting angry for no good reason ,and if you don’t go apologise to gbenga I will get married to rokan!
Olakunle: it hasn’t gotten to that extent my love
Yemisi: yes it has kunle !I promise to run away from this nightmare with you tomorrow as soon as possible if only you can go apologize and appreciate that man!
(Olakunle hut)
(Baba and gbenga discussing as yemisi and kunle walked in)
Yemisi: kunle wants to tell you something gbenga!
Gbenga: you can go on my son
Olakunle: am very sorry for being so rude to you am so sorry !please forgive me !(kneels down)
Gbenga: my son get up now there’s nothing to be sorry about my dear! (stands up as he helps kunle to stand up as they hugged eachother)
Olakunle: thank you for saving my life back then I will forever be grateful!
Gbenga: hmm it was nothing my dear ,thank God you are still alive !(let go kunle slowly)
Yemisi: hm my love the day is getting old I need to go home now
Olakunle: lets go
Yemisi: no don’t worry ,you need to rest my love ,I ll go home myself!
Olakunle: (k-ss yemisi on her fore head)take care ,tomorrow is the day ,get ready and have a wonderful night ,all will be over soon and we will finally be together
Yemisi: I can’t wait, I love you, bye gbenga, baba take care !(exits)
The following morning)
(In the bakre compound)
(Well arranged canopies, traditional yoruba music playing with loud speakers, chairs well arranged as palace guards surrounds every where ,some servants cooking while some arranging)
(Yemisi room)
(Yemisi packing few of her clothes as inside a small bag as mama yemisi enters with a bridal outfit)
Mama yemisi: my beautiful daughter is awake!
Yemisi: (tries to hide the bag)mummy
Mama yemisi: beauty without makeup, today is your day ,go take your bath and come dress in your beautiful attire (shows yemisi the expensive yoruba attire buba and asoke)the queen bought it for you ,she really likes you ,you are so lucky
Yemisi: hmm (drags the clothes as she puts it on the bed)ok mom ,let me go and bath
Mama yemisi: ok darling(exits)
Yemisi: (hissed as she backed her back and exits through her room back door)
What happens next ? will this plan of yemisi and kunle end up well?

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