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Handwriting of a witch episode 2

Episode 2
💋By Author Joy 💋
(Dinah’s Pov)
It was a Friday, I was so happy cause after school I’ll have to go and visit my elder sister…. I took my make up kits with me and few clothes with the intention of not coming back home until Monday cause home with just momma is boring….. She would always go to farm while I stay at home and have fun with my books…..
My phone rang immediately, I checked the caller, it was Darihma my bestie…. I wonder why she’s calling cause she hardly calls…. She’s as greedy as no one could describe and very stubborn girl….
“Hey babe ” I began
“hello cutie, how was your night ” she demanded
“pretty good and yours ”
“same. Hope you are coming to school cause I have a gift for you ” she asked
“sure yeah, I’m on my way ” I said
“alright, see you later ” she said and hung the call.
I stood wondering, Darihma of all people wants to give me a gift… “angel go blow trumpet 🎺 pa ra ra ra ra ra ” I said playfully and danced while my well flay skirt fly above my kneels revealing the beautiful skin thigh my mum bought for me…..
On my way to school I met Kingsley the class captain…. My mood changed immediately, Kingsley has been stalking me for long but I’m not attracted to him…. Sometimes I’ll embarrass him in the class but he refused to give up on me…. I dislike him cause he hates Darihma….
“my Angel” he said but I refused to answer, I walked fast instead… He ran after me and tickled me, I jumped up immediately cause I hate it…. “stop” I shouted but he smiled and move his tongue around his lips.
“babe you too get current, one day I’ll catch you in an uncompleted building and bang on you ” he said jokingly but it sounded strange to me rather than funny.
I turned in disgust “please hold your peace, I don’t want any problem this morning ” I said
“if you don’t want problem then whisper those three great words that makes a guy’s day” he said
That’s slangs mostly used by all students in my school, three words that makes a guy’s day is 👉 I love you 👈 but I was dumb founded not knowing what to say to excuse myself from him….
“won’t you say it? ” he asked
An idea stroke me then I smiled mischievously and move towards him as if I wanted to k-ss him, I gently whisper my own three great words to him “go to hell” I said and run away, I knew he was expecting a k-ss or I love you but he never knew he was in for disgrace…..
As I’d it was not enough when I was a bit distanced from him I turned to see him still standing at thesame position I left him, I felt bad… I knew he never had any bad thoughts towards me but stalking me seems to be like bullying me… “sorry but that’s the only three great words I know, maybe you should teach me some other day ” I said and ran to school…..
Darihma was the first person I saw…. She seems to be so happy that morning…. She quickly opened her bag and brought out two rings, she gave me the beautiful golden one…. Another one was on her hand then I realized the third one was for Natasha another friend of ours that is a bit close to us…..
“wow it looks good, how much did you bought it? ” I asked looking at the ring, I’m very good at asking questions…. I was just watching the ring without putting it on my finger…. I like beautiful things but I don’t put on rings….
“mum brought it from the village” she said….
I giggled at her, how could her mum go to the village and buy rings while coming back, I ignored what she said and put the ring inside my bag….
“you did not even test it to see if the ring is your size ” she said
“don’t worry it’s my size” I said and fake a smile…..
Few minutes later Natasha joined us…. She didn’t bother about giving Natasha the ring, she always have misunderstanding with Natasha but I’d always settle them…… I quickly reminded her to give Natasha the ring…. She sluggishly brought out the ring from her bag and gave it to Natasha but Natasha refused to collect it saying her mum will be mad at her if she sees her with ring…… She tried to persuade Natasha but she insisted so she gave up and put the ring in her bag….
After assembly during the first period the class teacher entered, our literature teacher…. She annnouced that whoever doesn’t have the novel she asked us to buy should quietly leave the class. I and Natasha have the novel but Darihma doesn’t have so she was sent out of the class…..
I decided to ask Natasha why she had refused to collect the ring Darihma gave her “even though your mom will complain you would have just collected it and throw it. Now she’s feeling bad and she might not give you gifts another day ” I said
She smiled and looked at me “who cares? That selfish girl give me gift then I will collect it politely…. There is mystery behind that ring, I need no one to tell me beside putting ring on my hands might make guys to think I’m engaged ” she said playfully and I almost boasted into laughter but I controlled myself and bend my head….
“so you are looking for husband at ss2 abi, you ain’t thinking about university and you are talking about mystery behind the ring…. Darihma can’t be a witch and if she happens to be my blood is hotter in short I’m going to put on the ring because of what you just said… But that will be when I get…..”
“Dinah and Co come and kneel down here, I’m teaching you guys are busy making noise” the literature teacher Mrs Julius said, the wh0le class began to laugh…. I wonder what was funny…
Natasha and I walk to the front of the class and knelt down….
(Darihma’s pov)
I went straight to the school cafeteria to take lunch even though it was still morning, I can’t stand buying food for my friends…. I always fake not to have money during lunch, Dinah who always feels sympathetic for me always pay for my lunch.
I couldn’t believe that b—h that calls herself daughter of a pastor politely said no to my ring, I’ll report her to the king if he couldn’t work on her then she’ll have to face our headmaster cause she’s such a stubborn girl…..
Sometimes she’ll be tormenting me whenever I want to operate on stubborn people… I wonder what is her mission in that class….
And for Dinah I just hope she put on the ring cause it seems she’s suspicious of me but I wonder where she got such spirits from….. I can’t wait to see her at our meeting today…
“My sister that was how everything happened o, the pastor said I should leave him for God that I shouldn’t say any word to him ” Maureen said to Lucy her friend
“My dear, forget about this pastor of a thing o, there’s this new young prophet that sees things…. This thing that happened between you and Ken is not ordinary at all, we have to go and see the prophet o” Lucy said
Lucy is her good friend who she confide in, she’d always tell her how life was miserable to her….. Things were really done on Lucy that was why she brought the idea of prophet…. Truly the prophet is famous….. He always tells people their problems…
“Dear, let me be on my way….. I’ll inform the pastor about our coming, special deliverance service is Friday by 5pm so I’ll tell him about our coming tomorrow… ” she said
“Alright dear, thank you so much for caring, I’ll not be able to accompain you cause my younger sister will be coming for weekend today ” says Maureen
“Okay no problem”
“just put on the ring let me see if it your size so that I’ll know what to do ” Darihma persudade after school hour
“Don’t worry, you’ve given me already no collecting again so don’t worry about it ” says Dinah
“okay if you say so, see you in the next world ” she said
“meaning? ” Dinah asked confusedly
“dream world na or won’t you dream of me? ” she asked
Dinah laughed and wave goodbye at  her….
To Be Continued

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