Handwriting of a witch episode 5

Episode 5
💋By Author Joy 💋
Very early in the morning Maureen decided to go and see her mother before going to work, she need no proof or prophesy about her mum….
She arrived at the house, Dinah was dressed for school and was about to leave but when she saw Maureen, she knew at once that Maureen was ready to upset their mum so she decided to stay until Maureen leaves…. Promising herself that she’ll not allow Maureen to upset her mother….
Maureen asked after her mum who appeared almost immediately, she was happy when she saw Maureen but her countenance changed immediately when she saw Maureen frowning at her…..
“I’m here for you, the night was all for you while the day is for me… I came here to give you a warning that if you don’t stop oppressing me at night, I’ll report you to my God and your life will be cut short cause I’ve been trying for you as a daughter but you seem not to appreciate with your witch” says Maureen
Dinah was so angry at her words, she stood up angrily and spoke to her elder sister in a rude manner ” Excuse me, did you just spoke with mama in this way? I can see, the nut in your head has worn out and you need new one…. How can you wake up overnight and call the woman who gave life to you a witch? Is anything wrong with you” she asked
Maureen who was madly angry gave Dinah a sound slap, mama T began to cry as Dinah bend down holding her face….
The king who was not happy that his beautiful wife was slapped by one of their enemies who is under confusion decided to think on what to do…..
An idea stroke him…. He ran swiftly to human world and appear at the scene, he wanted to slap Maureen but he couldn’t cause he’s immortal….. He entered into Dinah’s body…
Dinah stood up immediately, she moved straight to her elder sister and slap her under manipulation of her husband…..
Maureen was confused, her vision became blur until she fell…. Mama T placed her hand on her head crying “what the hell is wrong with you ? ” She asked Dinah who was not still herself
“mama forget about her let her die” she said and walk inside to drink water….
Mama T couldn’t call neighbors cause it will have to implicate Dinah…. She ran inside and brought her hand fan, while she fan Maureen, she messaged her chest gently….
The priest at the village who saw what was going on through his spiritual mirror gave the sea king kudos….
He laughed heartily “this is just the beginning…. I’ll set more confusion in the family that will cause hatred among the children…. They must come back to worship Avoka the greatest….” he said
Dinah drank water and walk to the living room ….. She sank on the coach and watch the clock….. It was 7:30am already….
The king left her immediately, she heared the cry of her mum and ran outside “mum what’s going on? ” she asked confusedly, then Maureen has recovered…. She picked her bag and looked at Dinah and her mother “mama you have even possessed Dinah ” she said
“Possesed me? I can see you are totally mad…. I just came to ask what happened to you and you are saying I’m possessed…. Without doubt you are mad, you don’t need to be unclad before I’ll know ” Dinah fired angrily
Maureen who was scared of receiving another slap ran away, Dinah and her mother stare at her confusedly…. Mama T was more confused over Dinah’s sudden change….. She began to suspect Dinah but she did not accuse her…..
During break Darihma was not at school, it was only Natasha and Dinah, they engaged in a discussion…..
“I always dream strange nowadays and forget the dream…. The only thing I always remember is that I am getting married… Is it that my real husband will come on time ?” Dinah asked Natasha joking
“I don’t think it’s good at all for you to dream and forget the dream. For husband stuff it really bad getting married in a dream but I’m not that sure… You have to pray cause your dreams are powerful dear ” she said
“Hmmm Christian mother, you’ve say your own” she said and yawn
“Are you hungry? ” Natasha asked
“No but I want to drink water ”
“let’s go and buy outside the gate”
They took their bags from their locker and hung it at their side. They left the class to go and buy water…. On their way they met Israel… Dinah remembered he once asked her for friendship although she couldn’t remember what happened immediately she said yes to him. She smiled at him, he smiled back and advanced towards them seeing she had changed from her funny attitude…. He had forgotten about the slap she gave him the other day…..
“Hello beauties how are you doing today” he said smiling at the two friends… Natasha knows how Dinah so much love Israel but was trying hide her feelings for him…..
“We are good and you ” Natasha asked while Dinah was smiling, she was happy deep down her….
The jealous king sighted Israel talking to his wife, he got angry “how could she do this to me, after all I’ve done by even dealing with her sister for her sake? ”
He Moved swiftly to human world and entered into Dinah who was smiling…
She frowned immediately and turned to Natasha “let’s go Natasha, I said I want to drink water and you are wasting my time talkung to this good for nothing ” she said angrily
“hmmmm? ” Natasha peered at her unbelievably…
“she hates me I think ” Israel said to Natasha
“she’s just shy, don’t worry you’ll understand soon ” Natasha said but Dinah drag her immediately…
“I don’t like guys please take note ” Dinah said while walking fast..
“common stop pulling my hand so hard, we have passed the place and you are still moving further or do you want to go to my house? ” Natasha asked
Her house is very close to the school. Out of ignorance Dinah accepted to go to Natasha’s house…. Unreaching there, Natasha’s father was at home, when the king saw him, he left Dinah swiftly and she fell on the floor…..
Natasha run to call her dad, he had a call from God that his mission would start that very day and that was the day he ended his fasting…..
When he saw Dinah on the floor…. He knew everything that was going on already…..
Meanwhile after she fell she was summoned to the other world “Dinah you are hurting me, why would you be smiling at guys when you know your husband is jealous? ” the angry king asked
“I don’t want to marry you, I love Israel just the way his soul loves me…. You are not human so why should I marry you? ”
Dinah asked
The king was so angry to the extent he sommuned Darihma immediately, Dinah was surprised when she saw Darihma…. Immediately she realized she was initiated by Darihma…..
Darihma was seriously sick at home, got was time for her to go cause she had been exposed…. Her mum who was crying had taken her to divert hospital but all the test prove nothing was wrong with her……
Darihma is not a human, her mum was barren for eight years until her friend helped her out to visit a native doctor…
The native doctor decided to seek child from the sea world, the queen of the sea had compassion on the Darihma’s mother, so she gave her one of the sea children…..
After giving her the child, she conceived and gave birth to a baby girl which she named Darihma….. That was how Darihma came to feel among humans…. The day she missed school that was the day her mother had failed to sacrifice to the sea family cause she agreed to be sacrificing things to the sea family on a particular day of every year….. Failing to do made them to take the life of the child they gave to her…..
After several test to no avail Darihma passed out, unknown to Natasha and Dinah that Darihma was dead…. The sea king want to use Dinah for his mission since Darihma would be no more…..
Dinah got angry when she saw Darihma, she forcefully removed the ring other finger and throw it at the king ….
She appeared to the other world where Natasha and her father were praying for her, when she other eyes Natasha was happy “daddy she has woken up” Natasha said
“continue praying” he said
The king was seriously angry, he sent Darihma’s spirit to go into Dinah…. It obeyed immediately….
When Dinah stood up immediately she made advance towards Natasha’s father that she wants to kill him for disturbing their kingdom…..
“Daddy!!!!!! ” Natasha shouted while her dad freeze seeing Dinah eyes red and emerging towards him……
He switched his prayer to speaking in tongues
To Be Continued

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