Handwriting of a witch episode 6 - finale

Episode 6
💋By Author Joy 💋
Dinah held the pastor’s (Natasha’s father) tie, she want to held his neck but he increase in speaking in tongues so she couldn’t but fell on the floor and began to roll. Meanwhile Natasha couldn’t pray again cause of fear, she began to cry for Dinah that was happily discussing with her an hour ago had become a terrible monster even ready to kill her own father……
“What do you want from us and why are you disturbing our kingdom? ” the spirit of Darihma in Dinah asked
“I need nothing from you, this body those not belong to you…. Go back to your kingdom and live peacefully with your king… Leave this body” says the pastor….
Dinah stood up and cat walk, she looked at the pastor and laughed “check her very well, trace her to the past…. Her forefathers have sold her and her family to our master, she belongs to us and I’m going to tell you that your prayer cannot be heard because of the great covenant of long time ago between mortal and immortal ” she said
“The devil may give you assurance but that assurance will fail because this body knows nothing about the evil covenant, what she does not know will never know her” he said boldly
“Hahahaha you dare not temper with us, have you forgotten what the word say? Give what belongs to Ceasar to Ceasar and what belongs to God to God….. She is child of the kingdom” she sputtered
“And that is why you have to leave the body cause the creator needs it, the master want to use the body. In the name that is above every other name I command you to leave this body in Jesus name ” he said and engaged in speaking in tongues……
Dinah fell on the floor, she was on the floor for long before the pastor stop praying….. She was so exhausted…..
The pastor had to discussed with her personally “my dear, the great problem before you is not just on you, it involves all your family and the prayer is not just one man prayer although you need personal deliverance from the king you got married to cause if you are not delivered you’ll end up not getting married in life or if you marry you’ll become untimely widow…. I’ll like you to announce a fasting section in your family and pray against evil covenant…. ” he said
He wrote down the prayers and narrated everything that happened to her, she thanked him and left…. Natasha who accompanied her was scared of her….
They couldn’t go to school for that day cause it was almost time for them to close….
After seeing Dinah off her father called after her, “you see the reason why I always tell you to be careful with your friends and things you collect from them? Dinah was initiated into that marine world by a friend of which I get to know was not natural human….. No matter how strong you are, mind your mouth, be satisfied with what you have cause is not all humans that you see that are really humans….. I just pray that God will help Dinah and her family ” he said
“Amen daddy. Thank you sir” she said and left
Dinah called her brothers and sisters, she explained everything to them and they believed her cause she knows how to speak in a pleasant way…..
They all decided to meet during the week end at the pastors house to end the fasting and prayer…..
The priest who saw the family and how they were fasting laughed at them ” you’ll all come back to serve your gods and don’t get him angry… All he wants is for you to come and serve him sincerely” says the priest…..
Before the weekend the king appeared to Dinah, he revealed himself to her, she was surprised when she saw him “what do you want? ” she asked
“I need you of course, why would you have to take the wrong step… Don’t you know that you belong to us? ” he asked
“I don’t know you and I don’t care to know you please leave my way and if you claim to be my husband then appear in reality and do the lawful things ” she said and walk out of him angrily…
The king who doesn’t need legs to walk, appeared to her immediately this time with Darihma “why do you have to be stubborn? You are even starving yourself saying you’re doing fasting… ” Darihma said
“Darihma I promise you, I’ll report you to the principal and spoil your image at school cause you aint a good friend ” she said childishly at Darihma
Darihma laughed “human world are poor for my kind, haven’t you heard the latest news that I’m dead? ” she asked sternly
“oh really? That’s good of you then but stay away from me ” she said and walk away without listening to them….
“Naturally she has a stubborn spirit ” the king said
“yes I sense it” Darihma replied and they disappeared immediately….
Mama T who saw her daughter speaking to nobody but was talking seriously became scared thinking Dinah might have lost her sanity….
During the weekend, the family of Adams followed Dinah to Natasha’s house, Natasha and her parents were waiting already…. Immediately they got there they exchanged pleasantries and get to know about one another….
Natasha’s father suggested they go to church for the prayer… They all agreed and went to the church….. They engaged in a prayer disturbing the marine kingdom…
The king got angry…. He appeared at human world and entered into Dinah… When the pastor saw the king in Dinah he understood immediately and rebuked him to leave the body….
“She’s my wife, she had promised to love me forever and nobody born of man will part us…. We will rule our kingdom together and live forever ” she said
The pastor began to speak in tongue calling fire to send the king away, the king was also speaking in strange language through Dinah, others fired in prayer with the pastor…..
The king saw that he couldn’t wrestle with them, he left the body immediately…. Why they continued in prayer against the evil covenant..
The priest was watching seriously to see what will happened, he was laughing uncontrollably and mocking at them when his shrine began to burn….. He survived narrow escape else he would have been burned also….
The pastor saw it in a vision how the Shrine was burnt to ash, he asked them to give thanks to God…..
Maureen asked forgiveness from her mum, her mum forgave her and bless her…
Days later Natasha helped Dinah to apologize to Israel, he accepted the apology and they became friends of friends probably lover ☺
Ken also apologized to Maureen, he never knew what came over him…
They got married and that was how the family was able to break bound the old covenant….
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