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You needs mental evaluation, Akupem Poloo

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has slammed Ghanaian actress, Akupem Poloo for going completely unclad in front of her son to wish him a happy 7th birthday.
On Tuesday, June 30, the controversial Ghanaian actress and video vixen shared a unclad photo of herself with her son and explained that she decided to go unclad in front of her son because she gave birth to him unclad.
She wrote: ‘I’m unclad in front of you because this is how unclad I was giving birth to you, so in case you find me unclad lying somewhere don’t pass by me but rather see me as your mom who brought you to life.’
While some of her Instagram followers found the photo offensive, Anita Joseph has also expressed her displeasure over Akupem’s decision to go completely nude in a photoshoot with her son to celebrate him on his 7th birthday.
Reacting on her Instagram page, the actress wrote: “This is all shades of Wrong
So you actually went to the studio
Removed your Clothes and got unclad
How did you even hold your Son
Watching him see you unclad
I also watched the Video you made and also said
You bath with your Son at this Age?
Aunty you really Delusional and you need urgent Mental Evaluation
You wanted to break the Internet but you Broke yourself Alu melu
There are other decent and creative ways to get the Attention you needed!!
You just messed up this Child’s Head it’s a Shame.”
Akupem Poloo and her son

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