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A beautiful thorn epilogue

“Do you John Chibuike Amanna take thee Tabitha Motunrayo Ajao as your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, till death do you part??”
“Yes I do”
I smiled broadly.. This is a moment in my life that I’d consider the happiest. The joy and fulfillment in my heart is indescribable.
Having Tabitha in my life is the best thing one could ever ask for.
Opxxx!! I think we missed some parts of the story!!
I walked slowly and calculatively to the kitchen with a long iron frame I saw in the room. How could a thief invade Ajao Estate of all places with such tight security and why my apartment of barely 24hours?
What sort of badluck is following me for heaven’s sake??
I murmured as I made my way to the kitchen slowly but Lo and behold, it was sister Tabitha packing some beverages into the lower kitchen cabinet. I heaved a sigh of relief. She sensed my presence and turned sharply towards me.
“Am sorry brother John.. Did I scare u??”She was looking from my face to the iron frame I held tentatively.
I started laughing and she joined me
“I thought it was a thief!”I said amidst laughter.
Sister Tabitha had bought foodstuffs and beverages that would last approximately 4months for me.. She showered me with advice and immense care. She urged me to drop my past and be closer to God..
I held unto God firmly this time not wanting to let go. I attended bible studies and Sunday service with her and we were seen almost everywhere together.
I was shocked when I found out that Tabitha’s Dad is the famous Millionaire Ajao Makinde and she’s the only surviving child of her dad.. Her mom and 2 elder brothers died in a plane crash years ago and as wealthy as her father was, he refused to re-marry as he showered Tabitha with care and love and made her the sole beneficiary to all his wealth.written by Adindu Presh.
I heard all that from Mama Amara my next flat mate.
Tabitha had helped Amara’s mom with the money needed for her baby’s surgery and had given her and her husband a flat in the estate free of charge.. She cried as she narrated all these to me.. I never knew Tabitha was that rich and she never disclosed it to me or even behave in a way to suggest that. What a humble personality!!!
Written by Adindu Presh
“I’ve been thinking..dont u want to be independent? Like, own a beauty salon of your own?” Tabitha asked me one rainy Saturday afternoon as we sat in the veranda eating meat pie and drinking orange juice.
I smiled
“it’s been on my mind for a while now honestly but am trying to save up money to pay at least half of my rent.. it’s 4months now and am beginning to feel uncomfortable”
“What rent?”She asked looking at my face
I stared at her in confusion
“Rent of this place of course”
She busted into laughter which got me even more confused
“What’s funny?”I asked dropping my cup of juice
“am sorry plz”she said trying to control her laughter
“I gave u this place free of charge na.. stay here till u are able to get something better to do, u don’t have to bother about rent payment abi has any of my agent or caretaker come to disturb you?”
I shook my head in the negative. Truly, the caretaker or agent has never come to bug me for rent or something and I kept wondering why.
“So.. Relax jor”She said eating her meatpie
I didn’t know where to start thanking her
“Tabitha, honestly.. thank.. ”
“shhhhhhh”she interrupted with her finger on my lips
“How much have u saved so far?”She was still chewing her meatpie
“250,000 naira but I plan on sending 50k to my parents in the village for my dad’s treatment”I replied
“OK o.. but 50k won’t be enough for his treatment na”
I scratched my head not knowing what to say
She looked at me and smiled
“Send the wh0le 250k to them”
I looked at her.. “ahhh.. If I do that, I’d be broke in and out”
“God doesn’t let his children go broke.. Transfer the 250k to them now plz..”
I looked at her as she handed over my phone to me urging me to make the transfer..
I sluggishly took the phone n called my mother to send her acc number to me immediately. She did almost immediately and I transferred the 250k to her.
She called back
“John I saw two hundredddd and fifty taasand naira ooo.. Is it u that sent it??”
I couldn’t control my laughter
“Yes nma, use it to take care of Papa’s health and yourself”
My mother started showering me with blessings and prayers while I smiled as I looked at Tabitha who was smiling heartily. My father collected the phone and showered another round of prayers and blessings on me..
The call ended.
“Now how do u feel?”She asked eyeing me
“I can’t explain this feeling but am overjoyed that my parents are happy”I said
“and believe me, God is happier” she said
We smiled and moved on to other topic.
The next day, I woke up to see an alert on my phone 5million naira!!
I rubbed my eyes to be sure I wasn’t dreaming but it was reality!
A text message popped in “Morning darling! Use the 5M to start up your own business.. spend wisely, will come over later to see u” From Tabitha!!!!!!!
It’s been 3 years knowing Tabitha and standing in the alter for exchange of marital vows with her.
She changed my life truly.
She financed my business and was there to advice me everytime and shortly, my business bloomed and I had over 8 staffs I pay monthly.
I started a building in the village as she advised and completed it within 3months and my parents moved in.
I started another building in Lagos and finished it within 6months.
Built another branch for my business in Abuja and also planning to build another one in Aba.
And above all, I became a massive vessel for Christ.
All these I achieved by knowing Tabitha for a year and half!! While I wasted my life with Precious for 4years and achieved nothing.
I don’t know Precious’ whereabouts anymore but the last time, I heard she moved back to Akwa Ibom to stay with her mom as she wasn’t excelling in anything in Lagos. I wish her Luck!!
“You may k-ss your bride” The Pastor said
I smiled at Tabitha as I held her face and munched her lips with so much pride and savour…

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