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A beautiful thorn episode 1

Adindu Presh
As I bounced that beautiful morning trekking along Maraba/Nyanya road with full confidence flaunting my new army comoflauge cap that Willy my friend gifted me last week, I didn’t know I’d be in serious soup soon enough
My attention was drawn to my ringing phone in my pocket which I brought out.. Echo my guy was on the line
“how far guy.. E don tey o” I said
“u just abandon me nah.. No be so life be o” Echo said at the other end of the line
I was about explaining to him that things had really been hard for me these past few months and I was deeply sorry but the hot slap that landed at the back of my neck.. My phone dropped from my hand
With fierce anger, I raised my hand up and turned sharply to descend mightily on the idiot that gave me that slap but my hand dropped slowly as I turned around and behold! A fully dressed soldier man stood er-ct before me
Huge and tall with a fierce angry face holding a 2-mouth “koboko”..behind him was the army truck hosting 5 other well dressed army officers
“I Don die today” I told myself
“so you’re an impersonator abi?” his hoarse voice brought me back to reality
“noo..no sir” I shivered
“and u raise hand to slap me ko?” he said sending shivers down my spine
“u Don die today… Who give u cap??..u be soldier?? oya identify yourself!!!”
Biko what was there to identify?
I convinced myself again that am dead
Who send me go wear cap?
Why Willy go give me army cap wear?
Why me sef go collect am wear??
God please forgive me for all my sins and accept me into your Kingdom.. I slowly confessed my sins to God and begged for forgiveness
Another slap landed on my right cheek..i fell down and tasted blood in my mouth
A kick followed
“bagger!! Idiot!!!” the hoarse army officer scre-med
The remaining 5 in the truck has by now come down and 2 of them roughly carried me into their truck heading to God-knows-where…
*Episode 1*
I was taken to Mararaba Police station and detained for impersonation.
I pleaded to at least call my people at home and let them know where I was but Lailai..the more I begged, the more I was beaten
I was put behind counter after being handcuffed.. My phone, wristwatch, the comoflauge cap, my t-shirt and my jean were taken.
I was left alone with just my boxer like a common criminal
“Oga police, make una allow me call my people for house na.. Which kind wahala be this one? I thief?? Habaaa” I shouted when I couldn’t take it no more
“so u get mouth to talk abii? U carry soldier property wear, u be soldier?? U dey form army when u never ever hold gun.. God don punish u today.. Luck wey u get be say those army people no carry u go barracks.. Na ur dead body dem for carry go give ur mama!!! Stupid boy” the police man retorted angrily
“Oga I no be thief! I no be criminal!! I know my rights..make I call my people.. U don’t have right to detain me!! “I shouted
“shuuuu.. Is like u chop craze abi”another officer shouted and landed me a heavy blow
I silently cursed them nursing my pain and anger
Written by Adindu Presh
There was only 2 officers in the counter with me and soon, they went inside to do what I don’t know
Few minutes later, a guy came in which I quickly recognized as Isa..
Isa was my classmate then in secondary school and we lived in the same vicinity
“Isa! Isa!!! Na ur face be this?” I whispered in amusement
Isa turned abruptly towards me obviously not recognizing me soon enough but reality hit him
“Johnny wakaaaaa!! Jesus… Na u be this? Wetin carry u come here?? ”
“my guy no time abeg.. See help me call my maale.. Let her know say na here I dey abeg”
“how I wan take reach her?”
“u get phone there? Make I call her number sharp sharp for u before this people come”
“oya oya” he urged bringing out his phone
I quickly called my mother’s number for him..
Just then, that devilish officer came in and starred at both of us suspiciously
“Mr Man wetin u find come here??” he asked Isa
“Oga I come bail my brother.. Na 2 fighting bring am come here yesterday”
The officer looked him over and asked him to follow him
Isa gave me a signal that he’d call my mom as promise
I heaved a sigh of relieve
I was bundled up and put in the Police trunk and taken to Berger/Kwali police station
there, I was accused of impersonation.. they said I terrorise people in the area claiming to be an army personnel
I was told to write statement which I grudgingly did and thereafter, I was thrown into the cell which housed 5 inmates plus me, making 6
I wondered how my parents would locate me now since I’ve been taken away from the place Isa saw me.
how did I manage to get here?
My village people really got me this time
God please save my soul
I prayed silently. written by Adindu Presh
I was called out of my cell and bundled up back into the police van and I found myself in Masaka magistrate court
That was when a police officer brought out a phone and gave me to call my people
I quickly dialed my mom’s number and told her where I was at the moment.. I ended the call before she started asking too much questions
I was still in cuffs sitting outside the court in company of one police officer while the other two were inside the court building
Soon, my mom landed in a bike with my dad and Isa
I could see panick in their faces.. Isa saw me and pointed towards my direction for my parents and they hurried towards me
My mom was looking pale
“John ogini? What happened?? How did u get here?? We’ve been searching all the police stations but couldn’t find u.. It was this guy here (pointing to Isa) that gave us the news… Ogini mere?? ” my mom asked
I couldn’t utter a word
I just busted into tears
My dad went over to the police officer there and questioned him
“Oga this guy na serious criminal.. Na cultist him be.. E don tey wey we dey find am.. Na so him dey terrorise people up and down”
I jumped up in anger having heard what that stupid police man was telling my Dad
I wanted to give him a blow but the handcuffs prevented me
Isa ran to my side and held me
“God go punish all of unaaaaa!!! Liars! Criminals!!” I scre-med
Few people from inside the court ran out with the other 2 police men to know what was happening..
My parents were just confused
The police men bundled me into the court building while I cursed and shouted at them…..

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