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A beautiful thorn episode 10

Episode 10
Sensing the tensed atmosphere, Sister Tabitha said to me “I’ll see u in fellowship on Tuesday brother”
I nodded and thanked her as she took her leave while I made my way to the door but Precious blocked my way
“plz leave the way” I said calmly
“and who is that ugly fellow u came here with?” she asked
“That’s Sister Tabitha from my new church”
“yen yen yen”she imitated me
“so u have the guts to bring in another Lady here abi? Ah John.. U have no atom of respect for me.. U hv started flirting with the church sisters just today that u started attending Church abii?? U are a fool”she clapped her hands
“See, I have no time for ur troubles.. Just plz leave the way let me enter”i said trying to shove her aside
She dragged me and pushed me off the corridor and I fell to the ground. I was shocked as I stood up advancing towards her but she ran in quickly and locked the door.
“bastardddddddd, fool” she scre-med from inside while I banged the door asking her to open
“Oga abeg take am easy, person dey sleep na” one of the neighbors came out and told me
I gently stopped banging the door and sat on the floor of the corridor.
I stayed there for close to 3hours but Precious didn’t open the door and already it was getting dark and gloomy outside about to rain.
I stood up and went to the window
“Precious plz open the door, it’s about to rain” I pleaded
“Shut up there o..go and meet your Church girlfriend” she shouted
“I don’t have anything to do with Sister Tabitha.. Just open the door let’s talk.. Am cold already”
All my pleas fell on deaf ears and soon, it started raining cats and dogs. I sat by the corner thinking about my life and how I met this Jezebel and I concluded I was going to do away with her and focus on the betterment of my life.
That night, I slept on the cold tiles at the corridor with rain water splashing me. I was damn cold but my Jezebel girlfriend didn’t open the door.
At about 6am the next morning, I heard the crack of the door. She had opened it. I shivered as I stood up to go in.
“Plz John am sorry”She said trying to touch me but I brushed off her hands and went straight to the kitchen, boiled water and use it to bath. Then I prepared for work even though I was already feeling sick.
On my way back from work, I bought roasted yam and bottle coke that I took home, ate, took my bath and slept off.
I didn’t respond to her greetings and even as she brought in food, I told her I wasn’t hungry.
I was just planning on how to move out of the house. Enough is Enough!!
Tuesday when I came back from work, I freshened up and off I went to Church for Bible studies. After Bible studies, sister Tabitha met with me and we sat down at a kiosk opposite the Church where I bought Gala and Fanta for both of us. We ate as we discussed. I told her my life story from the beginning till the present moment. Sister Tabitha felt pity for me.
“Brother John, first of all living with a woman you haven’t married is a sin because both of u are exposed to fornication so first things first, u have to move out of that house..”
I nodded in agreement “that has been my thought.. But you see, I don’t have enough money to rent an apartment.. Probably by the end of the month when am paid, I’d move out”
“No No No.. U have to move out as fast as possible.. OK here’s what we will do.. I own a house for rent close to Agboju. You can go and live there, then when u have money u can pay me” She said taking the last sip of her bottle of Fanta
I opened my mouth in shock
“are u serious? Like u own a house u rent out?”
“Yes..”she answered simply
“Give me ur contact.. when u are ready to move out, you let me know OK?”
I nodded as we exchanged contacts and parted ways.
I went back home feeling excited.
“John u will not go to that Church again!!!” Precious scre-med as I entered into the house
“says who?” I asked
“me of course! Am your Fiancee and I have a say over your life. This Church is taking u away from u.. U and that ur church sister!!!”She scre-med
“Fiancee ke please who proposed to you? You think with ur dirty character, any man would want to be with u? See Precious calm yourself down and change. No wonder your son’s Dad ran away from u.. You are a beautiful torn and no man can endure turns no matter how beautiful it might be.. I’d advise you give your life to Christ” I said and headed to the room
“Abasi oo see the way you’re talking to me because u now have a church girlfriend abii? OK o.. Keep it up sha”
I took permission from work for a day off to park
into my new apartment. I couldn’t tolerate Precious’ excesses anymore. So I was granted a day off on Thursday.
I called Sister Tabitha to tell her so she could give me directions.
“Just get your things ready. I’d be at ur place in 10minutes”She said on the phone.
I started packing my clothes into my box. I realised I didn’t even have much clothes. what have I been doing with all my salary..
buy foodstuffs, new clothes and jewelries for Precious and money to make her hair, nails and lashes. I never bought a single cloth for myself. I shook my head in pity.
“This one u are packing.. Are u traveling?”Precious voice brought me to reality
“No.. Am leaving, I got an apartment”
I could see shock written all over her face
“You got what?!”She asked
“Am tired of your maltreatment babe.. am tired of doing everything to please you while you don’t appreciate me.. Am tired of being your houseboy.. Am tired of your constant nagging.. And most of all, am tired of committing sin.. Am leaving for good.. Being with u all these years has taught me a big lesson.. You don’t motivate or encourage me, you don’t help me, you don’t care about the future and you don’t love God.. Precious am sorry for not telling u earlier but it’s over between us”
Poom Poom Poom..a car honked outside. I stood up to check who it was and was surprised to see Sister Tabitha behind the wheels of a black new looking Jeep.
“John stop looking at me that way.. Go on and bring out your stuffs or do u need my help?” She asked
I regained my composure and ran in.. I saw Precious on the floor crying profusely.. I ignored her and took out my box which contained all my properties and dragged it outside to the boot of the car where I dropped it and went to the front seat.
Precious stood at the corridor watching us as we drove off.
We arrived “Ajao Estate” 30minutes later and Tabitha drove in. When she told me about staying in one of her houses, I never ever thought it was this magnificent and well known Ajao Estate.. One of the biggest in Lagos.
“Is this the place I’d stay?” I asked in disbelief
“Yes of course.. Or u don’t like the place?” She asked concerned
“ehh? am I mad? How can I not like it?”
She smiled and we got down while I dragged my box following her like a village boy
“Afternoon madam” One woman who was holding a little baby and sitting at the corridor of her flat greeted Tabitha. She paused and went over collecting the baby from the woman
“Amara my love, see how weighty u are.. mummy must have fed u with amala and plenty ewedu” she laughed tossing the baby up who was also laughing.. The baby’s mother smiled.
She gave the baby back to the mother “hope she has been eating well?”
“Yes MA, I really thankGod and you.. As u can see, she is fine now and has been eating and eating and eating..i sincerely appreciate you ma”
“abeg don’t start” Tabitha laughed at started walking to my direction
“Am sorry plz”she apologized
“no.. no.. it’s nothing”
Written by Adindu Presh
We got into the one of the flats and Tabitha opened the door and we got in. It was a room and parlour with dinning, kitchen, bathroom and balcony.. Was already furnished.
We moved into the bedroom which was also furnished.
“So, brother John.. This is the place. I hope you like it and please make yourself comfortable”
“I can’t thank u enough Sister Tabitha but may God bless u in abundance”
She nodded and smiled.written by Adindu Presh.
“Okay.. let me leave u to settle down while I rush out to do one or two things”
I thanked her profusely until she left
Johnny na u be this? Leaving in Ajao Estate?? God is wonderful o
But another thought creeped into my mind
The rent for this house per year shouldn’t be less than a million naira
Please where am I going to get such money from??
This thought dampened the excitement in me and I sat down to think.
Soon, I slept off and was awoken by the sound from the kitchen..
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Anwuolam oo
Now Now thieves have invaded this house?
please what sort of bad luck is this??

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