A beautiful thorn episode 2

*Episode 2*
I was taken into the court compound and into the waiting room while my parents and Isa followed suit begging the police men to take it easy on me
They entered into the room while my father started another conversation with the Officer that was inside the court room before (not the one I attacked)
“please, what is the case now? Like what is the situation on ground now?” my father asked
“Sir, we’ve brought the case here now but the judge is presently not on seat and the case would be scheduled as soon as the judge resumes office.. I’d advice u go get a good Lawyer because your son’s display here now is another strong evidence against him” The police man said
My mom sat down on the bench and started crying
My dad shook his head painfully and Isa looked at me in pity. written by Adindu Presh
“can we have a word with him in private place??” My dad begged the officers
They looked at each other and the senior one spoke
“we don’t do this o.. But based on say u be elderly man, we will give u that respect but it mustn’t exceed 5mins please”
They said and left at once
My Father looked at me
“John?” my father called
“Mpaa”i answered
“Johnny”he called again
I raised my head up “Mpa”
“John Chibuike Amanna”my father called stressing the names
“Mpa I can hear u” I replied
“how many times did I call u?”
“3 times”
He cleared his throat “odimma…now, u are going to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth.. What is ur offence? How did u land here?? Ngwa kwube (start talking)”
I slowly explained everything to my parents and they listened with absolute attention.
“just that? Nna are u sure that’s all u did? U did not slap those army men? U did not steal?? Just wearing army cap?? Ogwugu???” my mother asked in shock
“nma, thats all o”
“this is serious.. But am not surprised.. This is Nigeria” Isa spoke in pity
“odimma.. If that is ur only offence, then there’s nothing to worry about.. We are poor doesn’t mean we don’t know our rights.. These people just want to use ishi anyi (our head) to make money but anyi ga ahu (we shall see)” my dad said stamping his foot in anger
The police men later came in and took me to Masaka police station
My case was reviewed and I was fixed to be in court in the next 2 days but pending my hearing in court, I would be detained in Masaka police station.
My dad spent alot of money tipping the officers and getting a good Lawyer
I was confined in the cell till my hearing day when I was taken to the court..
God being so kind, I was discharged for lack of concrete evidence and that was how I regained my freedom
it wasnt an easy route but ekene diri Chukwu
I remained indoors for a week, not going anywhere coz I wanted the smoke of my detainment to fade away
Exactly a week after the saga, I prepared myself to go to my mom’s shop to at least help out and take fresh air
I was very very conscious of my dress code.. I no want army or police wahala again for this life abeg
I proceeded to “Angwan Tiv” where my mom’s shop was located but just as I came out of our house, I met Nnamdi my friend and we were exchanging pleasantries since he too heard what befell me the past week..
just then, a car drove towards us with heavy speed and I jumped to the other side
Nnamdi was not fast enough and was hit on the leg and he fell down
the car stopped abruptly..
“Who be this animal wey no dey see road? Shebi name because u manage buy this cartoon u wan take am kill person?? Which kind life be this??” I shouted in anger as I moved to the car
The driver came out and I immediately recognized him as my Neighbor That lives at the flat just behind my house..we call him “Oga Bello”
Oga Bello owns a big mechanic workshop in Asokoro and was quite a well-to-do man.. Although yet to be married, his younger brother Abubakar who’s same age with me lives with him.
Written by Adindu Presh
Oga Bello came down from his car
“John, na me u dey follow talk like that abi?”
I hissed and moved to my friend Nnamdi who was writhing in pains on the ground
i quickly stopped a bike and helped him up to go home.. As the bike left, I faced Oga Bello
“So wetin u dey talk now? Dem send u make u kill us ba? Everytime u go dey denge pose with borrow borrow car…very reckless human being.. Common sorry u no fit talk..”I shouted at him
by this time, people had gathered
“yes, na u I wan hit and na die u for die straight up.. Ur face dey make me vex”
“Oga Bello, u go die before me.. Ur family members go die before me”i shouted
He rushed down to hit me.. I dodged and gave him a kick which landed on his stomach
People started holding the both of us and begging us to stop
His younger brother Abubakar surfaced and asked what happened
Oga bello spoke in Hausa to him and that one quickly rushed me landing me severe blows
we started fighting and rolling on the floor.. people tried separating us but the fight was too intense
soon, vigilante in charge of my area arrived and bundled I and Abubakar to their Office in Angwan Tiv which was luckingly close to my mom’s shop
Some matured people that was around during the scene of the argument and fight were present at the office too
My mom arrived also.. my dad wasn’t in town presently
The meeting kicked off.. I wasn’t even allowed to talk
Oga bello cooked up different lies about me.. Saying I attacked him first and I even used plank to scratch his car.. Worse of all, he said he didn’t hit my friend with his car
“JESUS CHRIST OF AMAGEDDON…this man can lie ehh..i thought older people don’t lie but u just proved me wrong..even fools grow old” I shouted in disbelief
“will u shut up there? “one vigilante shouted at me..
I kept quiet
Last Last, it was agreed that we should go to Nnamdi’s house to ascertain if truly he was hit by Oga Bello or not..
we all agreed and I led the way..

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