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A beautiful thorn episode 3

*Episode 3*
N.B: Like before u read (ur likes and comments encourages me to do more)
Fortunately for me, as we arrived Nnamdi’s house, we met his dad m-ssaging his right foot with aboniki balm.
The Vigilantes asked what happened and he explained everything that happened concuring to my story including how Oga Bello has hit him down without even apologising.
We all left Nnamdi’s house back to the vigilante office excluding Nnamdi though because he couldn’t walk properly..
Oga Bello was asked to foot Nnamdi’s bills and take him to a hospital for proper treatment.
I was asked to also apologize to Oga Bello for fighting him since he was my elder
Lastly, we bailed ourselves out of the vigilante office with 5,000 each.
I left for home with my mother who was sober all through.
The next day was Sunday.
My mother said we’ll be doing Thanksgiving in Church to God for delivering me from all my troubles throughout the weeK
Ngwanu, we carried tubers of yam and a matured chicken and off we went to Church.
During Thanksgiving time, I danced with my parents to the alter with yams and hen.written by Adindu Presh
My mom collected the microphone and the testimony journey started.. Trust Igbo women and narrative essay.. She narrated from the police palava to vigilante issue and summarised with a lengthy worship song.. Odimma! At last, it was over
Pastor prayed for us and service continued.
Meanwhile, we had a special program that day and a Reverend Minister was invited from Auchi
He mounted the podium and started preaching.. in the course of his ministration, He paused and asked
“who is John Amanna here??”
I moved uncomfortably in my seat
Eyes turned towards my direction
My mom who was sitting close to me nudged me to acknowledge my name
“onye bu John Amanna??” came the voice of the Minister again
I slowly stood up and walked gingerly to the front of the Church
“Thank u Jesus” the Minister murmured
“where is ur mother?”
Without waiting for a second invitation, my mom jumped out
Mothers sef
“There are evil forces around your son.. Evil mechanisms..evil powers.. All in the bid to kill him”
My mother knelt of the floor crying
I stood watching in amazement
Truly ba, I think something is wrong with me.. Yes na! Because I don’t understand how I’ll be getting into trouble every week
one week! One trouble!!
So this Minister must be right.. I need deliverance sef
“He should be taken away from ur house for a year… But before then, prayers and fasting would be conducted for him” Minister continued
At the end, I was prayed for
Service ended and I went home
That evening, my parents called me to the sitting room and I guessed it’s because of the prophecy
My Dad cleared his throat
“John, I know u know the reason why I and ur mother called u here..”
I nodded
“ThankGod for the prophecy of the man of God.. ekene diri Chukwu okike.. well, you’d be leaving this town tomorrow morning to Aba.. I’ve called Chukwudi your elder brother and I’ve explained everything to him. He says u can come over.. the earlier the better”
“ehh Chukwudi?? Mpa mbaa o.. me I can’t go and stay with Chukwudi biko…i rather go and stay with Lucifer than Chukwudi” I exclaimed
Chukwudi is my immediate older brother.. We are just 2 children of my parents..Chukwudi and I.. But we have never gotten along
while he was still with us, he was my biggest nightmare and worse bully.. we fight and quarrel alot
infact most of the scars of my body was inflicted by him
The last one was when he threw a pressing iron to me and it landed on my head and gave me a deep injury that made me almost bleed to death if not for the timely intervention of my neighbours who took me to the hospital.
Chukwudi ran away from home for 2days..when he finally came back, he was sent to Aba to learn a trade from one of our relatives.
That was 5years ago.. He now lives alone according to what I heard and is preparing to be settled by his master..
I don’t consider him a brother.. his 28 and I, 25
“You must go there! Because I don’t know where else you would go to!!!” My mom shouted
“I’ll go and stay with mama nnukwu in the village then” I growled angrily..Mama nnukwu is my maternal grandmother
“You must be a fool.. mama nnukwu has been with Nkiru my younger sister in Enugu for 6months now due to her health challenges!!!”my mother scre-med in frustration
“Then I’ll stay here and die.. I can never and will never go to Aba to stay with Chukwudi..GODFORBID!!”
written by Adindu Presh
My Father who has kept mute all these while spoke up
“John am ashamed to call u my son.. just look at u.. at 25, no Job… No house.. No handwork.. No wife.. No Children.. Nothing nothing.. U contribute nothing to this family!! All u do is eat and get into trouble everyday bringing the expenses to Me..how much have I spent on ur head in just two weeks?? Are u not ashamed of yourself?? U graduated from secondary school.. Oya go to the University, MBAA.. go and learn work, MBAA.. go and get a Job, MBAA.. look, am sick ND tired of housing a matured man who doesn’t think of the future. You heard what the Minister said okwaya? If u don’t leave this house by tomorrow, please look for somewhere else to go and die.. I and my wife don’t have any money to buy coffin now” he stood up and went into the bedroom
“am still not going to Aba”i murmured
my mother looked at me and shook her head.. stood up and headed towards my direction where she gave me a mighty knock on my head
“big for nothing fool.. agadi ekwe nkaa”she hissed and went in
I rubbed my head in pains and left the house
it was around 7pm now as I strolled towards an area called “River side”..let me clear my head small..
I was already at the junction before Ivory Tower school at that new “gidan drama” when group of boys rounded me up..

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