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A beautiful thorn episode 4

*Episode 4*
N.B: Like before u read(ur likes and comments encourages me)
I was rounded up by 6 fierce looking boys and cornered to the back of “gidan drama”. Pause.. Gidan Drama is a mini ghetto that constitutes and harbours various types of individuals.. It’s just like a mini market owned and inhabited by Hausas.. In that place, various atrocities are being committed. Most cultists are there.. Rapists, small small Hausa pr-stitutes.. Thieves and all manner of crime.. Worse still, the place is always noisy full of loud music and different smokers and food sellers..
If u live in Nasarawa, and u are familiar with masaka, u should know gidan drama near Ivory Tower and the deadliest at “filling balla”
So when I say I was cornered to gidan drama, please pity me coz am done for..
Those guys dragged me to the back of Gidan drama and small time, Abubakar surfaced.. Remember Oga Bello’s younger brother?
He arrived smoking and the guys gave way for him.. I realised that was his gang
He puffed smoke into my face and I hissed
“Abu wetin come be the meaning of this wh0le rubbish?” I asked in a fierce tone even though I was so scared inside
Abu laughed and puffed another smoke into my face and I started coughing
One of the boys gave me a slap at the back of my head
“walahi zan ci baban ka (walahi I go chop ur father)” he said
I turned to look at the guy with his red eyes noting that he has just finished smoking
“Johnny so u get mind fight me ND my brother abii??” Abubakar said as he threw the remnants of the cigarette on the floor and marched it
I kept mute
“John na u I dey ask”he shouted
another guy landed me a blow on my stomach
I held my stomach and gro-ned in pains
“U chop enough liver insult my brother. Untop that one, u fight me and my brother ko?? Dan Allah u are dead meat gaskiya.. I will roast u like zomo and we go use yaji eat u”
The other guys laughed
I was just looking at Abu and holding my stomach
“oya” he signalled the guys
They began to pull my clothes, wrist watch and took my phone.
“Abu except u kill me hide my dead body, if not..i swear Abu I go treat your f–k up for this area.. Except no be me be Johnny again” I scre-med as those guys began to beat me blue and black
This my mouth sef
“u say wetin?”he asked fiercely
“You hear me the first time o.. I go make sure say area hot for u”i shouted
“abeg make una help me break that him mouth” he commanded
These guys started landing me blows on my mouth and I started bleeding heavily
I saw a small escape route and ran for my life while these boys pursued me.
Even Usain Bolt couldn’t catch up with me
i ran like I had never run before and barged into my house.. Only then did I notice those boys had stopped chasing me.
My parents ran out to the parlour where I fell down p-nting heavily with blood all over my body. written by Adindu Presh
“What is it again? Who was chasing u?? “my mother asked in fear
I couldn’t talk.. I hadn’t caught my breath yet
My father just shook his head and went back into the room
My mother kept pestering me with questions but I didn’t answer
She brought a bowl of warm water and started cleaning my wound.
“Nma.. I want to leave here o”i said in pains
my mother paused
“it’s all up to u na.. Get ur things set and go to Aba tomorrow morning”
“Nma me I can’t go to Aba o.. U people should look for another alternative for me na”
My mother dropped the bowl of water on the ground and stood up in anger
“I can see u are prepared to die.. there’s no other place to go to.. if u don’t go to Aba, then drop enough money for ur burial before u die.. Anuofia!!!” she hissed loudly and went in
Written by Adindu Presh
I was just shattered
am tired of staying here.. these guys would definitely find me and kill me but I can’t go to Aba biko
I went in, took my bath and went to the kitchen to look for something to eat before proceeding to bed
The next morning, I woke up to the loud knock on my door
That must be my mother.. I gently stood up to open the door of my room
All my body ached.. I made a mental note to take pain relievers later
“Nma goodmorning” I greeted
she hissed “Ur father is waiting for u in the parlour” she said and left
I followed her and went to the parlour
Greeted my Dad and sat down
“A father cannot watch his child fall into a pit right before him no matter how stupid that child is. John, as sad as it may be, u are still my child and I can’t watch u die.. In this vein, I want to tell u that you’d be living in the Church house with the Pastor and his family pending when all these things are over. I called the pastor and spoke to him yesterday and he said u can come over since to you’ve vehemently refused going to Aba to stay with ur brother”
I smiled.. at least that was better
“Thank u Mpa.. thank u Nma” I smiled
My mother hissed “I trust u very well.. When u reach the Church house, please disgrace me very well.. Show them that u are a he-goat.. Show them the anu-efi that u truly are… This isn’t my idea.. Ur father is behind it but it’s all for the best”
“nma calm down, I won’t disappoint you..”I assured her
That morning, I packed all necessary stuffs and off I went to the Church house where I lived with the Pastor and his family
During this period, I learnt so much about God and his purpose in my life. I dropped all my bad characters and became a born-again
With the advice of the Pastor and his wife, I enrolled into an Institute in Wise II to learn Pedicure and Manicure (fixing of nails, lashes and general women beauty package)
Those guys kept coming around the house eyeing me but I kept my distance.
I stayed in the Church house for a year before I proceeded to Benin Republic where I was told I’d get better Job opportunity with my handiwork
I processed everything and left
But did I leave my troubles behind??

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