A beautiful thorn episode 6

*Episode 6*
I arrived Nigeria January that year with nothing after toiling 6 months in Benin Republic.
I regretted going there in the first place. I prayed silently to God to punish whoever stole that phone and made me suffer.
Prior to this time, I had contacted some of my old friends in Nigeria pre-informing them of my arrival.
The owner of the place where I learnt Pedicure (Sir Jude) had promised to help me with accommodation and a Job as soon as I arrive Nigeria. I was overwhelmed.
I quickly moved in with an old friend who stays around Nyanya. There was 5guys staying in the jam-packed one room apartment plus me, making it 6. I didnt bother much because soon, I’d be leaving there due to the promise Sir Jude made to me.
I settled in and quickly acquainted with the guys.
I woke up as early as 3am to take my bath before the long lines of neighbors in the face-me-i-slap-you compound will commence.
Even as early as it was, I was still number 6 on the queue.
I waited patiently till it was my turn then I moved in and bath hurriedly before the other waiters would start scre-ming at me.
I dressed in my finest chinox trouser and polo with sneakers to match, put on my dark sunglasses and off I went to Wuse II.
I took a bike to Mopol Junction Nyanya where I stood waiting with other people waiting for the white bus that scre-med “Berger/Wuse”
Soon, it arrived and we all dashed forward as it was survival of the fittest.
“hold ur change o!! I no get change!!”the conductor shouted as we were struggling to get in.
I was lucky to get in and I sat close to the window..
Soon, the bus was full and moved.
I arrived “Goodluck Jonathan Plaza” at around 8:15am that morning.
I traced suit 17 and marched in…
This was the place I had learnt all my skills..i knocked and opened the glass door simultaneously.
Nothing has changed much..
All the people I worked with formerly where not there but I recognized Sammy and we exchanged pleasantries.
I was ushered in to see Sir Jude
We greeted and he appointed me the Manager of the office and promised to get me accommodation by the coming week.
My Joy knew no bounds. I thanked him profusely and went home preparing to resume the next day.
Written by Adindu Presh
Things was going on smoothly in my work place but Sir Jude hadn’t fulfilled his promise of getting me an accommodation.
I still stayed in Nyanya which was far to my work place but I still managed to come to work by 9am.
In my third month of working, on one faithful Friday afternoon, I was chatting with Sammy as we were less busy when a young beautiful lady walked in and greeted us
I was lost in her beauty
Fair complexion, massive hips, full load of well rounded ass and a moderate br-ast. She has a beautiful round face with a long dark hair which she made in a pony tail
She wore a pair of tight fitted blue jean trouser and a half cut pink top that showed her navel and very flat tummy, she hung a blue cross bag across her br-ast and a blue sneakers.. All to match!
I was lost in ecstasy that I didnt know they were talking to me
“Johnny!!” Sammy tapped me and I startled back to reality
They looked at me in confusion.
“sorry.. U were talking to me?” I asked. Written by Adindu Presh.
“yes na..she wants to learn our work for 6months and I told her you’re the manager” Sammy said
I stood up “follow me”
I headed to my Office and she followed me.. just then, Oga Jude came out from his office
“ah John.. is she ur girlfriend?”he asked looking lustfully at the girl
“no.. she wants to register for a 6months course” I said walking towards my office but his voice stopped me
“Just leave her to me.. I’ll handle it eh.. go back to ur work” He said ushering the girl into his office as she looked at me innocently.
I stood there transfixed as Oga Jude shut the door.
I didn’t know if I should be angry or not
This Man is an enemy of progress.. e don take style corner this girl
I hissed and went into my office.
The next day, the girl resumed and I learnt her name is Precious..

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