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A beautiful thorn episode 7

Episode 7
“Pre Pre, u sure u don’t want it? Abi u don’t like it so I’ll get something else for u?”
“No sir, am not hungry.. Thank u”
“OK if u are not hungry now, u can keep it for later”
“Sir, I have money.. I’d buy something for myself if am hungry”
“Pre, have I done anything wrong to u? Why are u rejecting my gifts?”
“please am sorry.. I need to leave”
I heard footsteps and I quickly ran into my office
That was the conversation between Precious and Mr Jude. I had been eavedropping
It was very clear to all the staffs in this Office that Sir Jude had eyes for Precious-the new girl.
He bought things ranging from Shawarma, to white soup, to Pizza to agidi jollof, the earrings and many more stuffs for her but she never seemed interested.
He had told us he’d be her personal tutor and that none of us should interfere in her training but never for once have I seen Sir Jude training her on anything.
The poor girl just sits in the office looking at each worker and sometimes, chatting away with her phone.
2months has passed, Precious couldn’t tell the difference between plastic nails and glass nails.. She couldn’t fix ordinary already-made eyelashes for a customer neither could she perform a feet m-ssage. Ikegwuru. Written by Adindu Presh
Sir Jude would take her out in the morning in his car, Buy different things for her which she’d bring back to the Office to sometimes share with fellow staffs. Then 6pm, boom! She’d pack her stuffs and go home.
These routine continued for 4months.. She was now like the madam of the office.. Not participating in anything, what does she know how to do sef?
She was still as beautiful as ever but I considered her the most foolish.
Her 6-months course was drawing to an end yet Madam was busy eating pizza and cold stone with reckless abandon.
One faithful day, I found myself alone with her as other staffs hadn’t resumed. I was early because I intend leaving early to catch up an appointment with someone.
Written by Adindu Presh
She was chatting on her phone as usual chewing plantain chips and laughing
I shook my head in pity
“Precious” I called softly
she raised her head up and looked at me “sir?”
“Can I talk to u?”
“Sure” she said sitting up and dropping her phone on the side stool
“Your 6-months course would elapse in 2 months time.. What have u learnt so far?” I asked fixing my gaze on her
She shifted uncomfortably and said nothing
“I’d take ur reaction to mean you’ve learnt nothing! Am very sure your parents spent their hard earned money so you could come here and learn something to earn a living. Don’t u think you’re disappointing them? Even if u are the one that sponsored yourself here.. Are u happy with yourself? Everyday, u go out with Sir Jude, eat all the eatables but is that your main aim for coming here? Are u really proud of your actions??”
Just then, a staff came in and I had to end my speech
I believe I’ve told her what’s on my mind.. If she like, make she hear.
Throughout that day, I noticed she was sober and withdrawn..didn’t even go out with Sir Jude as usual and later that day, a hot argument ensued between the both of them that got all the staffs up on their toes
“I have learnt nothing at all since I came here! You’ve ordered everybody not to teach me, yet you’ve not taught me anything!! If u know u won’t teach me, please give me back the money I paid let me go somewhere else and Learn!!” Precious scre-med
“u have the nerves to scre-m at me? Eh??” Sir Jude asked
“Look, I’ll scre-m at u a million times.. It’s like u don’t know me o.. Teach me what I came to learn or refund my money mbok.. Case closed.. Else, I’d arrest u!!”
“Arrest who? U must be very stupid.. How come it’s now you’re so interested in learning?? after eating my pizza, shawarma and nkwobi?? see this little girl.. u are extremely stupid”
“Ehehn.. Am stupid abi? We will soon know who is stupid because I never begged u to buy anything for me.. Just wait.. U don’t even know who I am.. Ask about Akwa Ibom girls.. Just ask.. Senseless old goat”she hissed loud and matched out of the office fuming in anger.
Soon, Sir Jude left the plaza without saying a word to her as she sat down cross legged in the reception hall.
I was happy in my mind that the girl has come back to her senses.
I left the Office by 3pm because i needed to meet up with someone.
I was at the gate of the plaza about to cross to the other side where I’d board a bus to Nyanya when I heard someone calling me
“Mr John! Please wait”
It was Precious.. I halted
“I want to really thank you for what u told me this morning. I really have been acting foolish but your words sent a signal to my brain and it started functioning properly”
I laughed and she smiled.. only then did her notice the dimple on her left cheek
“So that was why u were blasting our Oga abi” I joked
“Don’t mind that one jor.. he doesn’t know me”
I smiled
“so where are u headed?” she asked
“I have a meeting with someone jare so am going home to freshen up” I replied
“Where do u stay?” she inquired
“With friends at Nyanya”
“ahh Nyanya is far o.. From Nyanya to Wuse II everyday na big stress o” she exclaimed
“no choice my dear” I replied
“me I stay around Area 10 but I’d soon relocate sha” she said
After our short gist, she bade me farewell as I boarded a bus to my location
I took it upon myself to start teaching Precious by myself regardless of the Instruction Sir Jude gave.
They’ve become cat and dog. The girl isn’t even scared of him
She made it known to him that she won’t leave the Office till after another 6months when she had successfully learnt what brought her there.
OK o
I continued tutoring her and like play, we became very close
She was a very fast learner and within those 2months, she had learnt everything about nail fixing and we were moving over to feet and body m-ssage therapy.
One evening, I was hurrying home from work when my phone rang. I stopped to pick it up. it was her
“hello dear” I smiled
“where are u now?” she asked over the phone
“still around the office o”
“OK just take drop to Area 10 express junction. I’ll come and pick u up from there.. Be fast plz”
Before I could even protest, she is d ended the call
She no even give me option to reject or accept the offer
I slowly took a drop to area 10 express junction and called her.
Few minutes later, she arrived in a jean bum short and b-ra top looking very s€×y.
She paid the taxi man and we boarded another drop to Line light street where she lived and went inside
Her house is a one room self contain.
She doesn’t work to earn salary so I wondered how she got money to furnish such a place.
“welcome to my humble abode o”she said slumping into her mini sofa
I sat down admiring her house
“ur place is really nice o” I complimented
“thank u jare..what should I offer u?”
Just then, a young boy of over 9 years came in wearing school uniform and holding a lunch box. This one is what we call “oyinbo pepe”, he looks so foreign..every inch of a white man with blue adorable eyes and curly brown hairs
He went over to Precious while looking at me with mean eyes
“Mummy who is this?”
Mummy? I was confused
“shuuu go inside and change before I slap u”
The young boy went inside after giving me a mean look
I looked at Precious for explanation and as if reading my thoughts, she said “That’s Alexander my son”
I wondered in amazement
“are u married?”
She gave a short hearty laugh “of course not..i was impregnated 9 years ago by a white man who came to my village then for community construction work.. When I became pregnant, viammm oyinbo disappeared” she laughed..but it wasn’t funny to me.
“that’s by the way, what do I get for u?” she asked discarding the topic not even asking about how I feel knowing she has a child.
I didn’t reply
she stood up “I’ll get u cake and juice make u take hold belle before I make dinner.. And know that u are not going home tonight” she smirked and went in
I just sat transfixed
Which. kind girl be this?
she doesn’t care about my opinion
She just dishes out orders to me..
oh Chim o

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