A beautiful thorn episode 8

Episode 8
I slept over at Precious’ place that day and of course we had great s€×.. Trust Akwa Ibom girls na
It was so nice and I must confess, mind blowing.
The next morning, I rushed to take my bath and since I didn’t bring extra clothes as I didn’t know I was spending the night, I concluded I was going to repeat my clothes but behold as I stepped into the room, I saw a new jean and polo lying neatly on the bed.. Wondering who have them, Precious came in with a tray of food
“Hi darling, I made noodles and tea” she said smiling as she lay them on a small stool
“and I figured out u had no change of clothes so I quickly got u these from the nearby boutique”she said
“thanks dear.. U are a darling” I said as I k-ssed her while I quickly devoured the noodles and dressed up for work
She told me she’d catch up with me later as she had to drop Alex her son in school.
I got to the Office few minutes past 8am and surprisingly met Oga Jude
I greeted him but he didn’t respond. I made my way to my Office but his voice stopped me
“Where do u think u are going to Mr Man??”
I turned around to make sure he was referring to me
He stood up
“I said where the hell do u think you’re going to?? Do u think u can just come to work whenever you like and bounce into the office like u own it? Are u stupid or something?? Did ur Father contribute any money for me to start up this business that u have to act like its your own?!!”he scre-med
I stood confused. My normal time of coming to work was 9am and this was just few minutes past 8am. How was I late?
“but Oga..” I tried to explain
“Will u shut up that gutter u call mouth? See this ungrateful boy. I picked u up and gave u a post in my Office that u didn’t deserve but how would u pay me back? U ungrateful bastard”
I was still confused and getting angry now
“Oga I don’t understand o.. What did I do to deserve all these insults na”
“Look, u are fired!!”
Just then, Precious walked in and stood looking at us in confusion coz she perceived the tensed air in the office
Oga Jude faced her “and u too!!”
“me too what??” she asked confused
“I guess you’ve learnt whatever it is you came here to learn.. Now I want both of u to leave this place and never come back!!”
“as per what? For what??” Precious asked dropping her bag on the table in anger advancing towards Oga Jude
Other staffs watched in awe
“I said for what Mister?! It’s like u are mad o.. See, I have one more month to stay here and nobody..not even you can chase me out.. U dey hear me so? U wasted my early 4months here and u must pay back..so this one wey u dey talk eh.. Na noise u dey make!!”She said fearlessly
I stood watching the unfolding drama.written by Adindu Presh
“U dare talk to me anyhow?”
“I’ve not even started o.. Man ashawo.. Oh! Because I no gree give u toto f-ck after buying all those tasteless shawarma and nkwobi for me.. U are angry abii?? U don’t deserve it o because I no dey f-ck men with body odour and pin mouth charged d*ckkkk”
Everybody shrinked hiding their laughter.
Oga Jude was embarrassed and moved forward, landed her a heavy slap.. Precious too, retaliated by landing him another slap and tearing his clothes.. There was an uproar in the Office.. Staffs trying to restrain Precious from continuing any damage.. This also attracted people from other shops around as they tropped in to see what was going on
“ah u dare lay ur dirty hands on me? I go show u.. U no know me o”Precious scre-med as I held her back.. Suddenly, when we thought everywhere was calm, she ran, using her shoe to smash the TV in the reception hall..
“You wouldn’t have done that.. It’s too rash”
She hissed “See John, what I did was just small o.. It was his head I targetted so this one u are saying sef dey annoy me”
“abeg abeg.. Hold am.. E don do.. Am hungry like this and I need to eat.. After eating, you’ll help m-ssage my body.. E dey pain me”
She stood up and went into the Kitchen while I looked lost
After the fight, I had taken her back to her house hoping to talk some sense to her but see the way I was replied.
I shook my head in disappointment. is this supposed to be my girlfriend?
I found myself living with Precious and her Son at her place. Since I lost my Job for obvious reasons because I know Oga Jude was angry because I and Precious were dating..I started Job hunting around, Precious was the one feeding me.
Luckingly, I got a Job as Area 11 and resumed immediately.. At least, I’d be able to assist in the housekeep.
I and Precious had been living together for a month now and I’ve been working for a week.
She complains and nags and gets jealous. She scre-ms at the slightest provocation and was ready for a fight at every moment and I just started realizing she had no regard for me except my d*ck! Yes.. My d*ck o!!
She was practically drains my energy on s€× anywhere, anytime.. not minding of am tired or not..
Soon, wahala started
“John who’s Evelyn?”
“Evelyn from where??” I asked
“The one that has been calling u for 3days now”
“OH! Thats my customer o.. I use to do home service for her”
“uhm uhm.. Home Service abi Home s€×?!”she shouted
“Precious what are u talking about? plz I don’t have enough strength for this ur wahala” I said and continued pressing my phone
She collected my phone and smashed it on the ground
“Cheat! Cheat!! After all I’ve done for u.. U still f-ck around abi”she shouted hands akimbo shaking
I was so angry and it took the grace of God for me to restrain myself from hitting her
I looked at her and my damaged phone and shook my head as I made my way to the door.
“go.. Cheating fool.. Go.. Ungrateful soul”she shouted
I walked down the street to Mama Maggi’s shop where I bought provisions from
Margaret who we fondly called Maggi is my friend who I gist with and due to the fact that I always get things from her mother’s shop where she always stayed, we became close.
I went there to chill and clear my head a bit. I and Maggi started gisting and I was soon forgetting about Precious and her troubles
“eh ehn.. So this is the new catch abi?!”that was Precious’voice
Oh God.. I was in trouble
“so u are the pr-stitute fuxking my boyfriend abi?”
“I.. “before Maggi could talk, Precious pounced on her and started beating her.. I tried to separate and she smashed an empty bottle on my head.. Passersby gathered and helped separate us.
I was taken to the Pharmacy to treat my injured head..
Written by Adindu Presh
I got my pieces together and even with my injured head, I still went to work. I didn’t want to stay at home with Precious who still hadn’t gotten a Job. Her troubles were increasing by the day. She didn’t want me to greet any neighbour, or pick any call from any girl or even smile at anyone.
The latest problem was that she wanted me to quit my Job because she says I only have female clients
“Na male clients I go get before? Do guys fix nails or lashes??” I asked in surprise
“see, I don’t care.. u just have to quit that job.. the women there are too much.. I know them.. they’re husband snatchers!!”
I looked at her in awe not knowing what to say to her
“Just quit that Job and I’ll get a Job that’ll sustain both of us before u get another one with less women as workers” she said touching my chest sed-ctively
I swallowed hard
“baby u know I love u and I can do anything for u.. Plz just grant my request” she said pleadingly
And so.. the next day, I resigned…

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