A beautiful thorn episode 9A

Episode 9A
“where could this boy be eh Abasi!!” Precious shouted in frustration
“Calm down bae.. He’d be found, remember we’ve reported the case to the police already. He’d be found.. Just be calm” I consoled but she kept pacing up and down
Alex has been missing for 48hours now and it was just because of a little rift between him and his mother. He wanted to attend school party and asked for 1000# which his mom declined. He proved stubborn and started nagging but Precious beat him up and he ran away. No one has set eyes on him for 2 days now and we had to contact the Police and she further reported to her Lawyer friend who started working with the Police in search of the boy.
Her mother who stayed in Akwa Ibom arrived the very next day.
“mama u shouldn’t have bothered na.. It’s a small thing.. He’d soon be found” Precious said
“small thing indeed! My grand son has been missing for 3 days!!” She scre-med in agony
Alex was brought back home the very next day in company of Precious’ Lawyer friend (Miss Rachael) and a police Officer.
He was found at Mararaba Under bridge with some rough guys smoking..a 9-years-old boy!!!
Precious pounced on him beating him mercilessly but we all intervened
“just see the stupid life this tiny fool wants to live.. I train u in school with my hard earned money.. Just see how u chose to disgrace me” she scre-med.
Mama carried Alex who was crying inside to bath.
The Police left and Rachael began to talk to Precious and I.. At the end, she begged to take Alex to live with her for the main time and Precious accepted. Mama was informed and the prepared Alex and his luggages and that was how he went to live with Rachael.
True to her words, Precious got a new Job at Gwarimpa the next week. I stayed at home with Mama who wasn’t prepared to leave. I practically became the wife who does all house chores. Mama became my troubled even after her daughter introduced me to her as her Fiancé
“Why don’t u work? Ahahn don’t u know a man is supposed to work and not the other way round? U just sit here from morning till night like a woman while my daughter goes out to get food for u.. Haba! Is that how you people behave in ur family? You have not married her yet both of u are living together? As what?? You should be ashamed of yourself!!” She would always tell me.. But I’d just ignore as if my mouth was glued. I never mentioned a word to her daughter about her mother’s behaviour towards me.written by Adindu Presh.
After I finish my house chores, I’d just stroll out of the house till evening when Precious would be back.
This was my routine for 2 weeks till I came back one day and met Precious and her mother seriously quarrelling
I stepped in as Precious hissed and went in while her mother sat down fuming in anger
“I will show u that I carried u for nine months and br-astfed u for 1year, 4 months. Okpo” Mama was saying
I greeted her and headed inside to meet Precious
“babe what’s wrong between u and mama?”I asked
“mtcheeeeeew don’t mind that evil witch. I have told her to pack her things and go back to her husband’s house. she shouldn’t come here to steal my man and destroy my marriage”
I was shocked. steal her man and destroy her marriage? Which marriage Biko?? I sha kept my cool
“plz it’s not a good thing for u and ur own mother to be at loggerheads”
“abeg shut up and mind ur business” she shushed me and continued pressing her phone.
I stood up gently and went to the kitchen to look for what to eat.
At about 9pm, another round of disagreement ensued between Precious and Mama. Mama had gone to the kitchen and dishes out food to eat while Precious threw the plate of food away insisting mama cooks hers.
oh chim o
There was a hot exchange of words between them. I just looked not knowing what to do or say before they turn everything on my head.
They quarelled till few minutes to 11pm before everywhere became quiet again.
Written by Adindu Presh
The next day, Precious went to work as usual and I left to wander about. I came home around 4pm and smelt a good aroma from the kitchen. Mama was cooking! I greeted her and went inside to freshen up
Soon, Mama came into the room with a tray of food, Semi and afang soup. I thanked her profusely and attacked the food in hunger not asking myself why she suddenly started becoming nice to me.
Few minutes of me eating this delicacy, the room door opened and Precious walked in.
“who gave u food that you’re eating?”she asked looking at me and the food
“have u lost ur manners? No greetings??”I asked angrily
“who gave u food to eat eh John??”She asked again ignoring my question
mama came in “it’s me.. Any problem??”
Precious turned sharply and threw the remaining food away. Mama went forward and landed her a slap.. I watched as they argued and shouted scre-ming the wh0le neighborhood down.
I didn’t dare separate..
They took their fight outside the house and I managed to drag Precious outside the compound to calm her.
After about 30mins, we went back into the house and I knocked for Mama to open the door
“both of u should sleep outside o Coz am not opening the door.. Goodnight” Mama shouted from inside
Precious shook her head and told me to follow her..
That night we lodged in a local hotel and early the next morning, we went home and the door was opened.
Precious entered and threw Mama things outside and asked her to leave.
Many neighbours came out and Started blaming me and calling me all sorts of names saying am watching mother and daughter quarrel and I did nothing.
Finally, Mama left..
Precious quit her job of 2weeks with flimsy excuses and we were now back to square one.
I was angry with my life and conclusively, I decided to relocate to Lagos..

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