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A beautiful thorn episode 9B

Episode 9B
I told Precious about my plans to relocate to Lagos to start up a new life because I was no longer comfortable with the environment as people looked at me as a wicked guy who stood still and watched my girlfriend and her mother fight.
I also didn’t have any friends because Precious’ character has chased them all away.
My parents had since relocated to the village coz of my dad’s deteriorating health.
She concurred with me and agreed to follow me to Lagos. I didn’t want her to but I couldn’t just speak up so we planned that she’d leave for Lagos first to get an apartment for the both of us while I joined later.
Few weeks later, She went to Lag after we sold most of the things in the house to enable us raise money for transport and accommodation in Lag.
A week after she left, she called and said everything was ready and I should come over which I did.
I landed at 6th Avenue, 28 road.. Festac
I roamed Lagos for one week in search of Job while my madam sat at home doing nothing.. Finally, I got a Job at Madam Tanyan Beauty salon located at 5th Avenue. I was very happy and I resumed work immediately..
After working for 3days, Precious approached me
“baby I want to ask for a favour”she said making baby face
I was eating corn and ube.. “what is it?”
“see ba.. U know its not good for me to be at home ehh”
I nodded not getting her point exactly
“I was thinking that.. U could get another Job while I take on ur own present Job.. With that, we could be saving and then get enough money to get married. We’re not getting younger.. I will be 26 soon and I need to settle down”
I looked at her in anger
“You should replace me? While I go hunt for another Job?” I asked to be sure of the ridiculous nonsense I heard
“Yes baby.. u know I can’t go job hunting.. all these evil men would want to use the opportunity to sleep with me before giving me the Job”
“I can’t do that.. It took me serious searching before I got this one and I’ve just worked for 3days..go out there and look for ur own job after all not all bosses are men”I stood up and went outside
Precious started nagging and giving me trouble ever since I declined her request. What sort of a human being is this one? Very beautiful yet a torn in my flesh. Her troubles were piling up day after day that I just gave up and told her to take up my Job while I go look for other just for peace to reign
That night, she rode me like a horse and gave me the best s€× ever.
The next day, I took her to Madam Tanyan and told her I’d be travelling so I brought in someone to replace me.. After much accessment, she was accepted and resumed work immediately while I went back to the street again job-hunting.
You can call me a fool or anything but u need to see this girl.. A beauty to behold, nice shape..very presentable and a lioness in bed.
Why would God give such a Jezebel such nice features to men’s detriment?
Don’t blame me.. Blame God
I was charmed by her beauty and physical finess.
God helping me, I got another Job after 3 days at Alakija market. I started working immediately.
2 weeks later, I came home and met Precious m-ssaging her face with hot water. I sighed coz I knew she must have gotten into a fight but who could it be this time?
“What happened to u?” I said holding her face carefully scrutinizing it to know the level of damage.. It was bruised up with several scratches here and there..
“Is it not that stupid Madam Tanyan? She asked me to remove the nails I fixed just yesterday because one stupid customer came around and she wanted me to attend to her” She hissed
“haba Precious! U know this our work, as a lady u don’t have to fix nails so that u can attend to a customer properly. As u fixed ur own nails, u won’t be comfortable fixing a customer’s nails” I stressed in frustration
She hissed loud and long “So because am working, I shouldn’t look beautiful again abii?”
I ignored her question
“So, how did u get those bruises on ur face?”
“eh she said I should either obey her or leave her shop.. I said I’d rather leave but she has to pay for the 2weeks I worked there.. She disagrees and we got into a fight”
“Precious!! U got into a fight with ur madam? So officially now, u are back to being jobless? Why on earth can’t u work for at least a month? From one wahala to the other? What exactly is ur problem??” I asked frustrated
“John please save your sermon for sunday service o.. Don’t come and disturb my peace with ur blames.. U are supposed to help me fight so madam tanyan would pay for the two weeks I worked but here u are spitting thrash”
I sighed in resignation and walked into the room.
The house bills were solely on my head because Precious wasn’t even ready to work.. Twice I’ve looked for a job for her and twice she had Left without working for a month.
After leaving Madam Tanyan’s work, I got her a job close to the Island.. She left after fighting with a customer..The second, she left saying the boss was always staring at her br-ast.
I was still working at the place I got after letting go off Madam Tanyan’s shop for Precious.
OK o
One faithful Saturday evening, My mom called
“John nwam how are u? ”
“Nma am fine.. How’s Papa?”
“getting better”
“U don’t even call us anymore. It’s been close to 4years since we last saw and u don’t bother coming home or even send us little money for upkeep. Ur father said I should call and ask u if we offended u”
I scratched my head “Nma am sorry please..help me send my apologies to Papa.. In fact I don’t even have any excuse for not reaching out.. But I promise I’ll change from now on”
“Hmm.. John where are u now?”
“Is everything OK with u over there?”
“Hmm.. I won’t lie Nma.. Nothing is okay with me.. Everything is bad”
“I know.. I’ve been having strange dreams about u for days now but I’ve been praying earnestly for u.. I hope you’ve not stopped praying?”
“No I’ve not stopped”I lied
“That’s good.. pray against any evil company or friend distracting you. That is what the pastor asked me to pray against for u after I told him my dreams”
“OK mama I will”
“Ngwanu take care”
“Yes ma.. greet Papa for me”
The line went dead.
Written by Adindu Presh
I sat down at the corridor where I had received the call to think about my life
All the troubles I encountered before Travelling out, all the problems in Benin Republic, all the problems after I came back.. And now, at 29 heading to 30 I have achieved nothing worthwhile
I have forsaken Christ and the teachings I got while at the Pastor’s house.
I can’t remember when last I prayed in the morning not to talk of attending Sunday service.
No friends.. Nothing Nothing..
I stood up and headed to the room
And for the first time in a long time, I knelt down and busted into tears
“Lord Jesus.. am tired of this kind of life.. Come and give me ur own type of Life… ”
I prepared for Sunday service the next day which was Sunday.
“ahahn.. This one u are all dressed up today. What happened?”Precious asked
“am going to Church”I answered buckling my shoe
She started laughing hard
“this one u remembered Church today, any problem??”
I didn’t reply her as I headed for the door
“John it’s you am talking to oo”She shouted but I was already outside heading to Church. I didn’t know any Church to go but that wasn’t a problem.
I soon saw a Church were worship session was going on and I was drawn there.written by Adindu Presh
I participated actively in all that was happening in Church.
Service ended by 12pm and I waited for new members special welcome that was announced.
We were served malt and biscuit which I pocketed
“You are welcome brother John”the new comers coordinating minister who introduced himself as Brother Olu welcomed me after I told him my name.
Soon, we were dispatched with some brethren so they would know our house and follow us up.
Sister Tabitha was asked to follow me to know my house.
We gisted until I got to my place and met Precious standing in front of the door hands akimbo ready for a fight..

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