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Royal Bride episode 10

(He has to remember🔥)
Written by Eunice Nwodu
Indian rom-nce series
Chapter 10
🔥Ranu’s pov🔥
He came close while I shifted from queen Freya.
The way he stared at me, I wished the ground would open and I’d get swallowed.
I was waiting for him to yell and cuss me!
Of course he won’t be able to recognize me.
Am no longer attractive like I was years ago.
“Who are you?” He asked breaking the silence.
I gulped.
I was quiet for a while.
I wasn’t able to complete my statement and a cough interrupted me.
Queen Freya!
She turned.
Javan looked damn shocked and he rushed to her.
“Mom” he called holding her.
“Ranu…” She muttered sounding disturbed.
Oh my!
Could it be I woke her?
My touch woke her??
She kept turning.
I quickly ran out of the room.
🔥Javan’s pov🔥
This is unbelievable.
She woke mom.
That strange girl woke mom.
She broke Ranu’s curse…
The royal physician and dad rushed in attending to mom.
The girl had ran out.
I didn’t get her name.
Who is she?
She has that innocent face…
I shook my head.
No Javan.
Forget about love.
It’s nothing but pain.
I left the room with my hands in my pocket.
I bumped into someone.
A kind of short girl with big eyes.
She looks childish.
She bowed.
“Prince Javan” she greeted.
I could tell by the jewelries and everything. She’s the princess father wants me to marry.
I sighed.
“Hey” I simply said and headed for my room.
Maybe I should just go on with dad’s craziness.
I give up!.
Am going to marry that princess.
🔥Ranu’s pov🔥
“…And then she coughed! Javan was busy trying to calm her and I ran out. She mentioned my name Ranu…why?” I stated feeling so uneasy.
Anushka chuckled.
“Calm down bestie. Everything happens for a reason. Am so glad Javan has finally seen you but…he doesn’t remember?” She asked with her eyes wide opened.
“He doesn’t remember me Anush” I replied feeling despondent.
“Don’t worry Ranu.
What will be will be. If Javan is really yours, you’ll have him and you’ll both will stay together ” she said giving me a reassuring smile
I smiled out tears and hugged her.
Seeing you reopened the buried feelings.
It made me remember the short time we spent together…
At the garden and at the dinning.
C’mon… You have to remember me.
🔥Princess Sanjana🔥
I smiled to myself satisfied with the way the nightie made me look irresistible!
I took a veil and covered my face. I went to his room and knocked.
I got no response.
I knocked over and over again before Lakshmi showed up.
We were once classmates but not so much of a close friend.
She grinned.
“You won’t gain Javan’s attention by wearing trash.
He’s a respectable young man.
Not ready to mess himself up with half n*ked women” she sneered.
What a kill joy..
“I suggest you mind your business Lakshmi. I am your future queen. You need to show me some respect” I said full of rage.
She chuckled.
“Don’t flatter yourself. Javan doesn’t even know your name” she said laughing.
She pressed a button at the door and it opened before she went in.
I angrily stormed back to my room.
Who does she think she is??!!
🔥Javan’s pov🔥
Mom was awake but it looked like her lips were sealed.
“She’ll start speaking in few days, let’s give her sometime” the doctor said and I looked at mom.
She nodded.
I smiled though I felt pained.
“Javan. Are you sure you don’t know the girl that woke her up?” Dad asked and I shrugged.
“I really don’t” I replied.
“Whoever is the person will gain four boxes of pure gold and silver” dad declared.
I smiled remembering the girl.
She’s quite thin.
She needs the money.
I went to my room and laid down.
Lakshmi had gone to bed in her room.
I felt two hands wrap around my wa-ist and the person drew nearer.
I turned and figured it was the princess.
Princess Sanjana.
She k-ssed my back and all I could do was sigh.

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