Royal Bride episode 13 - finale

(He has to remember🎤)
Written by Eunice Nwodu
Chapter 13.
**Compiled to the End. It’s pretty long tho.**
❤Ranu’s pov😘
The party got rowdy and Anushka danced for a while.
She sat beside me feeling lonely and sad.
“Should we go? Aren’t you going to wish Devi a happy birthday?” I asked.
She sniffed.
“No, he’s busy” she replied.
I shrugged and grabbed my jacket.
A man approached Anushka and held her wrist
“Hey beautiful. You’re so pretty. Just the shape of a woman I want” he said grinning.
Anushka yanked his hand off.
“Let me go, you drunk man!” She rapsed.
The man held her again.
From nowhere, A punch landed on his face.
He pushed the man away from Anushka.
Devi’s friends ran to us and separated them. He looked so angry.
“Devi, chill!!!” One of his friend beckoned him.
The strange man stuttered off.
All eyes slowly drifted away from us.
Devi took Anushka’s arm and left with her.
Oh my God!. What a fight.
I stood up and went looking for the restroom. Am so pressed.
💋Anushka’s pov💋
We got to somewhere dark and retarded
“Are you okay?” He asked looking around my body.
“Did he hurt you?”.
I shook my head short of words.
“Happy birthday” I muttered.
He smiled.
“The only person I’ve been waiting to hear those words from” he beamed.
He drew near and claimed my lips.
My eyes widened.
Oh my!
His lips was so soft and he did favours to mine.
He pulled away.
“Will you be mine?” He asked still holding me.
I nodded smiling.
He hugged me tightly and I hid my head in his chest.
I never thought someone would love me like this. I finally have a man that care about me.
“Should we go back to the palace?” He asked.
“No, we haven’t taken our couple photo yet and I haven’t tasted your cake” I jibed.
He chuckled.
“Let’s go love” he beamed and we went back to the party holding hands.
😘Ranu’s pov😘
After using the restroom, I decided to leave the party.
Everyone else was having fun but I wasn’t.
Anushka is so lucky.
I wish I wasn’t a princess in the first place!
It’s like I lost myself…
I walked past the garden.
There was white bulb lights around.
It looks so rom-ntic
I approached the place and saw a little stream. It was shining and glittering.
I looked up and figured it was close to the palace.
The royal garden!
I remember when Javan and I met here and he stole my first k-ss. I turned and saw the tree there. Wow!
I approached the tree but noticed someone sitting at it’s root.
“Javan” I blurted not knowing I said it out loud. I quickly covered my mouth and he looked up.
I quickly stepped back.
He stood up.
“Javan? You don’t know my title?” He asked.
How disrespectful of me!
“Am sorry my pri–“.
“Why do you look so familiar?” He asked making my heart skip.
I stepped back some more.
“Why are you going back?? I asked you a question didn’t I??” He added coming close.
“No, you don’t know me. I’ve never met you before” I stuttered.
“Think hard” he said.
Think hard???
I took another step and my feet collided,
I was fallen.
I held onto Javan dragging him down with me and we both fell.
He was ontop of me but wasn’t pressing his weight on me.
He looked deep into my eyes.
He drew near and I feared he would k-ss me since our lips were jusr an inch apart.
We k-ssed.
He rolled his tongue around my mouth and I mo-ned a bit.
“Ranu…you’re Ranu” he said and my heart skipped.
He got up and helped me up.
“What happened to you? You changed completely! Do you know the trauma I went through because of you??!” He panicked.
“You can’t blame me.
In just a twinkle of an eye,
Our kingdom was torn apart.
I had to paint and draw to provide for mom!
And you!
I can’t marry you because am no longer a princess” I said as tears filled my eyes.
“Just come here” he said and pulled me into a hug.
He patted my hair while I sobbed on his shoulder.
“There can’t be an ‘us’ Javan. You’ll have to marry a princess” I muttered.
“No, don’t tell me that” he said sounding pissed.
Suddenly, it began drizzling.
Huh, it’s about to rain.
Javan and I ran to the palace holding hands.
He took me to his room where it was warm.
“What about Sanjana?” I couldn’t help but ask.
He scoffed.
“Forget about her” he said removing his rings from his fingers.
“If I married her, would you be happy?” He asked and I slowly shook my head.
He came to me and planted a k-ss on my lips.
“I love you Ranu…” He muttered.
“I love you too Javan” I replied.
“It’s crazy, right? The more I tried to push you off, the more I want you close to me” he said.
I blushed. “Very crazy”.
“C’mon, let’s go to sleep” he said locking the door.
“But Javan…We…” I paused not knowing how to put it.
He chuckled.
“It’s okay” he said and went to the bathroom.
He came out soon.
“No, fixed your bath” he said and I nodded.
I went to the bathroom and locked the door.
I pulled off my clothes and stepped into the bath tub.
💋Javan’s pov💋
I suddenly heard a knock at the door.
“Javan?” I heard her call.
I ignored her and returned to the room.
Ranu was still in the bathroom.
Am damn happy!
I was so mad at her then but just knowing she’s back to me makes me happy.
I just knew there was something about her.
❤Ranu’s pov❤
I went back into the room and met Javan on the bed pressing his phone.
I scurried to the closet and took a T-shirt to wear.
I also took his long socks and wore.
I went to the bed and laid beside him.
He drew close and k-ssed me.
“Ah! That’s enough. Go to sleep now” I protested.
“Ranu…let me enjoy this” he said and got on top of me with his hands behind my head.
He k-ssed me going down my neck.
He pulled up my T-shirt and starts to svck on my right n–ple.
What’s the essence of this?
It felt so good…
He was now inbetween my legs.
I felt him rub his co*k around my v.
He k-ssed me and I mo-n into his lips.
He came into me and I squealed.
It hurts!
I tried to push him off but he hovered me with intense k-ssing.
I held back my scre-ms.
He kept going back and forth.
I couldn’t hold it anymore,
I scre-med.
Cried and
Dug my nails deep into his skin.
Written by Eunice Nwodu
He didn’t say a word and he Continued going deeper stretching me out.
I was starting to feel pleasure mixed with pain.
He released inside me and pulled out.
The pain was driving me crazy.
He k-ssed me and wouldn’t let me go.
“You’re mine Ranu” he sajd softly.
I felt like beaten him.
“Am deeply sorry. The next one won’t hurt an inch.. I promise” he said and I nodded weakly.
❤Javan’s pov❤
“It’s the law Javan! You must marry a princess” dad yelled furiously.
“Screw that law dad!, am talking about my feelings and Ranu is the one I want” I retorted.
“Never!” Dad yelled.
“Chandra…why can’t he marry the girl of his dreams?” Mom asked walking in.
Dad and I gasped.
She’s able to talk now!
I rushed to her and we hugged tightly.
“I missed you mom” I said.
She smiled.
I told mom of my plans to marry Ranu not the spoilt ass princess Sanjana.
“Let’s grant him that wish then” mom said and dad scoffed.
“One on condition, ” he said and drew near to mom’s ear.
He whispered something and they both laughed.
“Done” mom said to him.
Ranu’s mine now.
I left them and ran to my room where Ranu was and surprisingly, Anushka was there.
They had been talking.
I pulled Ranu up and k-ssed her.
“It’s sorted out. We’re getting married” I said and she smiled.
“Congrats you two” Anushka said.
❤Princess Sanjana❤
I cried as the maid parked my stuff.
My plans have failed.
I’ve lost Javan to that bitchy Princess that refused to die.
I have to accept fate then😢
❤Javan’s pov❤
Sikanda was the one that caused Ranu to loose her family, everything they had!
Am not going to let him go that easily. I hired trained assassin’s so they could finish the job.
I waited the next morning and the news had spread like wide fire📰📰📰
He’ll have to die with whatever reason he had to destroy Handae kingdom.
Ranu and Anushka were dressed in their finest outfits. With dresses and jewelries allover.
Today’s their wedding day.
The priest will wed them both together.
Ranu can’t believe it.
She for once lost everything, even her parents but faith and being humble brought her everything again. And a family of her own.
Anushka later gave birth to three plumb kids; two boys and a girl while Ranu gave birth to two girls and a lovely set of twin boys💕
I had to round it up cause many weren’t enjoying the story.
Thanks for reading💚

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