Royal Bride episode 4

[He has to remember🎻]
Written by Eunice Nwodu
Indian rom-nce Series💝
Chapter 4
Ranu’s pov:
Javan and I got to the dinning and everyone smiled, even dad.
“Wow, this is marvelous. Congrats to you two. We’ll go ahead with the wedding preparations” Javan’s father said.
I didn’t know how to feel.
There’s surely no going back now.
I glanced at Javan and he was staring at me.
I quickly looked away!
After a long time, the dinner was over.
Mom, dad and I headed for our ride home.
I entered my car and shuddered seeing Anushka already in the car.
I hit her arm.
“You scared me Anush” I pouted.
She chuckled.
Her cheeks were dancing.
I looked closely.
She was eating a banana.
“So, how was it Ranu?” She asked not minding the fact she was talking with her mouth filled with banana.
“It was better than I expected” I shrugged.
“Whoa!! Someone is getting married to prince Javan. The only Indian prince that has won the heart of many girls all over the world!” She squeaked.
I chuckled.
Always lousy.
“You’re lucky Ranu” she beamed.
I only blushed.
“You won’t believe what happened to me earlier today! I got into trouble with some guy whom I didn’t know was royalty. I was almost killed Ranu…if not for goddess Jasmine! Hail goddess Jasmine” she narrated.
I rolled my eyes.
“Oh Anushka, what am I going to do with you?” I asked enthusiastically.
She laughed.
“Do you want some mangoes? Or berries?” She asked bringing out a plate.
“No thanks. I’ve eaten enough at the dinner” I retorted.
“What! You mean to tell me I missed all the delicacies served?” She asked with a crumpled look.
I rolled my eyes.
Javan’s pov
I walked into my room to meet Lakshmi on my bed.
“Hey L” I said heading for my desk.
“Hey J. How was it?” She asked from behind.
I smirked.
“You missed alot” I jibed.
“No I didn’t. I was there at the garden” she said and giggled.
“What?!!!” I exclaimed standing up to face her.
She wore a cunning smile.
“I never knew you could be so…rom-ntic” she sajd and winked at me.
I scoffed.
“Whatever Lakshmi. Am not falling for your lies” I said unbuttoning my shirt.
She came close and took an apple from a bowl.
She threw it up and caught it.
“Believe me Javan. I don’t lie on Fridays. Hope you enjoyed the k-ss” she said and ran off.
This girl is crazy.
She was there all along.
This is so embarrassing.
She saw me k-ss those soft lips of Princess Ranu.
This is just crazy!
Ranu’s pov:
Anushka was spending the night in my room cause it was late for her to go home.
She lives with her step mom and dad so it’s best she spends the night than to go home late cause his dad won’t let her in.
I wore my nightie and we laid on our bed watching TV.
“Ouch. My tummy hurts, I need to use the toilet” Anushka pouted and ran to the bathroom.
Oh, I hope she flushes it😓
Sikanda’s pov:
I stood by the table with my glass of liquor in my hand.
“Are the men in position?” I asked gazing at princess Ranu’s photo.
“Yes sir. We await your next command” the guard replied and I smirked dropping the liqour bottle and taking my gun instead.
“Let’s move” I said sternly.
Handae kingdom.
Am coming for you.
Ranu’s pov:
Anushka stepped out of the toilet and took her seat beside me.
“You eat too much Anush. You take it easy” I said suddenly feeling quite sleepy.
I shut my eyes and I see Javan standing before me.
He leaned close and we k-ssed like nothing else mattered.
No doubt.
Am starting to have feelings for him.
“Ranu! Ranu!!!” Anushka yelled and am forced to wake up from dreamland.
Anushka was standing by the window.
“What’s going on?” I asked perplexed.
“The kingdom is under attack!” She yelled.
She ran to my closet and starts to bring out my clothes.
I sat stiff on the bed watching her run around forcing my jewelries into the small bag.
“Ranu, put on some clothes!!!!” She yelled and I rushed to her.
I was in my nightie.
I started hearing loud and disheartening gunshots.
I cried as we packed desperately.
Suddenly mom rushed.
She was soaked in blood and her eyes were filled with tears.
“They have killed him Ranu… They have killed your father!” She said dropping the bombshell that made me collapse.
“Ranu!!!” Anushka yelled trying to hold me.
Every other sound starts to echo in my ears.
I was loosing my breath and I think it’s no longer Ranu, am dead. No, it can’t be!!!😭😭
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