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Royal Bride episode 5

[He has to remember⏰]
Written by Eunice Nwodu
Indian rom-nce series💝
Chapter 5
Ranu’s pov:
I opened my eyes weakly to find myself lying on a mat!
I flinched and sat up.
I looked around my surrounding.
I was in a small ugly messy hut.
I was starting to feel agitated. Am a princess for Christ sake!
I looked beside me to see an ant crawling to the mat I was on.
I jerked up.
“Anushka!!” I called in fright.
Anushka rushed in.
“Ranu, you’re awake” she said and hugged me tightly.
“What’s going on Anush? I woke on a mat. How can I sleep on a mat? Look at my skin. It’s not smooth cause of the hard mat” I complained.
She brought a stool and I sat on it.
“Kill the ant” I said pointing at the red ant approaching us.
Anushka’s eyes widened.
“I don’t know how to! Am almost a princess like you” she cried.
We both rushed back watching the ant come closer. I pushed Anushka closer to the ant.
“Ranu!” She scre-med and I giggled.
“Just step on it. Just the weight of your foot will kill it” I rapsed.
She slowly stepped on it and ran back.
The ant is dead.
“What’s going on? Why are we here? What happened to the palace? My bedroom?” I asked despondently.
“Oh Ranu! It was horrible but thanks to lord Shiva and goddess Jasmine. We escaped” she said.
She began narrating what happened after I fainted.
I can’t believe dad is gone.
Everything is gone.
“…your clothes and jewelries I carried were lost on the way and we couldn’t go back. Your mom is outside cooking. I was assisting her before you scre-med” she stated.
I cried more.
Why does this have to happen to me? Why now? Why me?
I quickly wiped my tears as mom entered the hut with a pot in her hand.
Wow, the aroma was enticing.
She dropped the pot close and hugged me.
“Stop crying Ranu. Let’s eat first so we can feel better” she said against my hair.
I sniffed.
Anushka handed me a bowl filled with water and I washed my hands.
We joined hands and ate in silence.
I’ve never in my life been in a hut, neither have I eaten from a pot.
No, this can’t be how my life would be from now on. It can’t😭
Javan’s pov
I sat on my sofa as one of the call girl s-cks my d*ck.
Am just into forepl-y not the real inter course.
I admit am still a V-rgin.
But I don’t like getting ho-ny and not doing anything about it.
The door burst open and Lakshmi rushed in.
She saw the sight and rolled her eyes.
“Have you been watching the news?” She asked and ran to the large TV at the far end of my room.
She switched it on.
On seeing Ranu’s picture I jerked up and the maid gagged.
I ignored her and went to stand with Lakshmi.
“Handae kingdom was attacked last night. King killed, wife and daughter are no where to be found. Am so sorry Javan” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.
I couldn’t just believe it yet.
No,. It can’t be!
Princess Ranu…
She has to be alive.
She can’t f–king leave me like this.
I was looking forward to seeing her again.
Willing to learn the formula that made her so beautiful and innocent.
I racked my hair like a psycho.
“Get my cars ready. Am going there” I ordered Lakshmi and she nodded running off.
I have to find her.
Sikanda’s pov:
“I don’t want to hear any more of your goddamn excuses! Find the princess before I send you all to where I sent her dad!!!” I rapsed unable to control my burning anger.
The fools nodded and rushed out.
I smashed the glass cup I was holding.
I know she was watching me. I turned slowly and there she was just looking at me.
I sighed…
. Ranu’s pov:
“Since your father is dead and the kingdom has been overthrown…you’re no longer a princess Ranu and I have lost the title as queen. We’re are of now like other citizens” mom said grieving.
It was like a loud bang in my head.
Am no longer a princess..*
Am no longer a princess..*
Kept ringing on my head.
I’ve lost him then…
I’ve lost Javan!
Javan’s pov:
I arrived at Handae kingdom which had been wiped out to pieces and there was just reporters around
I wanted to scre-m her name.
I can’t believe this.
I went back to my ride and sobbed.
I really wanted a chance with her..
My phone rang and I switched it off.
The other one began ringing.
I picked it up feeling really bitter
“Javan, get to the palace now!” I heard Lakshmi yell.
What’s going on there?
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