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Royal Bride episode 6

[He has to remember⏰]
Written by Eunice Nwodu
Indian rom-nce series💝
Chapter 6
🎻 Javan’s pov🎻
I got off the car and rushed into the throne room meeting Lakshmi by the door.
“Javan…you need to calm down” she said and I knew she looked scared.
What’s going on?
I looked up to see dad standing by his throne with the most terrified look ever.
Where’s mom?
I turned to Lakshmi.
“Where’s my mom?” I asked trying to sound strong but my voice failed me.
“She…She slipt into coma…Again” she said as tears came down her cheeks.
I stared at her like she was a comic or something.
I scoffed clenching my fist.
“Am sorry Javan…” Lakshmi said and hugged me.
For the first time in so many years,
A tear slid down my cheek.
“Why???” I shrieked out with pain eating me in two.
“She collapsed after hearing the news of Handae kingdom” she replied despondently.
“She kept saying Ranu’s name till she was placed on oxygen. She’s upstairs. Where she was kept sixteen years ago” she said.
Ranu’s the cause of her failure? Ranu’s the reason she broke down?
I wish she never came into our lives.
I begged mom not to fall into coma again.
She promised she’d never leave me.
I pushed Lakshmi away and stormed out of the palace.
😘 Ranu’s pov😘
The shock of loosing everything in a blink of an eye haunted me for weeks.
Mom, Anushka and I had been trying our best to survive.
I don’t even have access to a phone.
We’ve been staying with an old lady, Naina for weeks now.
She’s friendly and nice but am afraid she’s running out of foodstuff to contain four of us.
Anushka and I were at the market buying things for old lady Naina. Anushka hasn’t been eating like she used to but she’s still plump and chubby.
“Ranu!” I heard and shuddered.
“I’ve been calling you for a while now. What’s troubling you?” She asked squeezing her face.
I could see her face past the black veil we were wearing so nobody would identify us.
“Nothing much. Just thinking about our financial status. Old lady Naina is going broke. We need to assist her” I said and she nodded.
“You’re right Ranu. I can draw and paint very well so maybe I’ll open a painting services. We’ll make lots of money!” She said leaping.
“We? I can’t draw” I said feeling quite disappointed.
“That’s not a problem. I’ll teach you. In no time, we’ll both be the drawing sisters” she beamed.
I chuckled.
We walked past a store with Javan’s photo on the billboard. Wow! He’s so hot and charming in this photo.
I sighed and quickly took my eyes away.
I’ve lost him.
🎻🎶Even though we both know we’re liars
And we start each others fires
We just know that we’ll be alright.
🎻🎶Even though we get kicked out at’d party
Cause we hit on everybody with the ones
They want to be like
🎻🎶So don’t let me down
Keep me in trouble
Born to be wise
Out in the jungle
Ranu💘: And I don’t wanna be surviving without your body…
(Close to me)🎤
And if it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t want anybody
(Close to me)🎤
Cause am an animal
Animal.. Like animal
Like you so I don’t wanna be surviving
Without your body close to me.
(Close to me)🎤
My eyes were filled with tears as I stopped by a place to cry. Anushka didn’t notice cause I was wearing a veil.
🎻Javan’s pov🎻
I watched Lakshmi carry my luggage into the boot of the car.
Am leaving for London.
I need an alone time for myself.
Till whenever I decide to come back.
Mom’s in coma,
Dad has been unhappy,
And Ranu, my wife to be…
I have to forget her.
I need to.
If not for her, mom won’t be in such a critical state that she’s in now.
Lakshmi hugged me shedding tears.
“I’ll miss you Javan… So much! Please be safe. And don’t get any slut pregnant, okay? Promise me Javan” she said.
I smiled.
“Promise Lakshmi. I love you” I said and k-ssed her on her cheek.
She smiled out tears while I headed for my car.
“Javan!!” I heard and paused.
Dad was running to me.
He hugged me tightly.
“Two years Javan.
Please.. Give your mom two years. She’ll wake up” he said and I nodded.
I looked around the palace for a while before my journey.
I entered my car and drove off.
Fate will bring ’em together for sure😭😭

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