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False accusation episode 1

Episode 1
Two sisters were discussing in a house.
“Sister Grace, see ehn, not that I am not born again, but the way Bro. Toju is taking his own Christianity is too much…” One of them whose name was Truthful said.
“Sister Truthful, it’s very true. He seems to be the only one who knows what Christianity is all about. Every time he wants to preach to the youths, it’s always worldliness, ungodliness and immorality he preaches against….” Sister Grace replied.
“All this hypocrites in sheep clothing. Who knows how many sisters they are sleeping with in the secrets?…” Truthful said and hissed.
“Hmm…I know that one day, God will exposed them….” Grace said.
“Please, I need to see Pastor Paul today. Let me hurry before night falls…” Truthful said and left the house.
In the cool of the evening, a lady is seen in front of a door.
She knocks.
“What a surprise! Linda! Is this you?” A young handsome and charming man exclaimed after he opened the door.
“Yes ooo, my long forgotten and troublesome playmate….” The lady, whose name was Linda replied.
“It’s really been long. Please, come in…” The young man said as he opened the door wide enough for the lady to enter the house.
When Linda entered, she looked around and was surprised at the emptiness she saw.
“Heyyyy, Toju, you mean this is where you live? No chair, nothing at all, just this bed that almost occupies the wh0le of this rickety one room. I can’t believe you abandoned the home just to come and suffer in this place, all because you said you now born again and wanted to serve God fully without being distracted….” Linda said as she observed the room again.
“Linda…. Stop na…” Toju pleaded with her.
“Stop what, ehn? But why…. Why have you become so low like this?” She asked pitifully.
“Hmmmm, it is well. How did you locate my house and why did you come?” Toju asked her.
“Ehm, I just couldn’t bear the boredom at home na. I have missed you and all the nice time we have spent together in the house. I didn’t even tell mum that I was coming to look for you. I sneaked out of the house with the excuse of a business trip for three days. I have been crying in that house secretly. I want to see you, my brother again. Remember, I called you yesterday…?” She said.
“Yeeees, you did…” Toju said.
“How did you get my number, sef? I remembered I lost the one I had before…” Toju said.
“Heyyyy….man! This is a global world! Remember, a friend of yours on Facebook called Mhiz Lindsy….?” Linda said almost laughing.
“Yeeees, I remembered…” Toju said.
“Remember, she asked for your number 3days ago in one of your chats and you were saying you don’t just give your number out to ladies?” She said demonstrating in a funny way.
“Yes…. Wait! How did you know all these?” Toju asked her, looking suspiciously at her.
“That lady was me!” She exclaimed.
“You….Ahhhh… Linda…you should have opened up. You don’t know how I have missed you all these years, and prayed for God to connect us back again!” Toju said.
“I used my GPS call tracker to trace your location when I called you yesterday. That’s how I got to know this place, but, Toju, please, come home …. please… I can’t stay in that big house without you… please..” Linda said.
She was sitting on the bed while Toju was also sitting opposite her on the same bed.
“Why did Bro. Toju leave his door opened?” A sister, who was passing by the road that leads to Toju’s apartment said to herself.
She drew near a little, and heard Linda’s last statement “I can’t stay in that big house without you…”
“Jesus Christ! So, bro. Toju has a girlfriend…. Ahhhhhh!..” she exclaimed as she drew nearer.
She saw Toju and the lady sitting on the same bed laughing and talking playfully.
She tactfully snapped them with her phone from the window, unknown to them.
She held up her head with her hands and tiptoed out of the place immediately.
“My God! So, this is what this brother has been doing since…. sleeping with ladies up and down…. Thank God he has been exposed today. I am going straight to the pastor’s house to report him….” She said and walked off.
While on the way, she met another sister, Chidinma.
“Sister Truthful wait for me….” Chidinma called out to her.
“Why are you walking very fast like this na” Chidinma said p-nting heavily, having ran to meet up with her.
“Oh, Chi, I’m very sorry. What my eyes have seen today ehn, is too much for my mouth to talk ooo….” Sister Truthful said.
“What happened? What have you seen?” Chidinma asked her.
She brought out her phone and showed her the picture she took.
“Jesus Christ! Bro. Toju! That holy, pure and strong advocate against immorality and worldliness! That brother that can blow a little breeze and sisters will be rolling on the floor shouting ‘fire….fire’…. Ahhhhhh… How are the mighty fallen!”… Chidinma shouted.
“Keep your voice down. Stop shouting na….” Truthful cautioned her.
“So, where are you going?” Chidinma asked Truthful as they walked along the busy road.
“To Pastor Paul’s house, of course….” Truthful said.
“Sister Truthful, do you think it’s the best thing to do? Why not let us meet Bro. Toju and confirm this thing. If he denies it, you’ll show him the picture you took, I believe he would be broken and repent of his deeds. We may also have an opportunity to restore his soul back to God, rather than defame his character and we can’t tell what the devil is planning to do against him….” Chidinma said calmly.
“What are you trying to say, that we should cover him up? Who knows how many sisters in the church he has defied under the covert of spiritual counseling and mentoring? This evil must be exposed and the church must be purged. I am going to report him to the pastor…” Truthful said firmly.
Chidinma left her along the way, while she went to the pastor’s house.
“Linda, see, I really want you to give your life to Jesus Christ. Mum and dad were against my new life as a Christian. I couldn’t continue to allow them restrain me from serving God, so, I have to leave the comfort of that big mansion and secure my life striving for the mansion Jesus offers….” Toju said as he tried to explain to Linda.
“But Toju, seriously, I like your new way of life. You have changed very much. I know how you used to live 5years ago, but, you have changed. I really admired you then, just that I couldn’t say it out, because of dad….” Linda said with her heads down.
“Linda, Jesus is the best for you. All those your boyfriends can’t give you the satisfaction that Jesus offers. You have done 3 aborRtions. That was as at 5yrs ago, I don’t really know how far you have gone now. Please, my dear sister, I need you alive. Every night and day, I do cry and pray for you. In fact, I had a vigil just last night, all for you. I am on a fast currently just for you. I love you and want you to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. You are the only sister I have from Dad and mum. I felt it seriously when I left the house. My first one month outside the house was not easy, just because of you. Please, Linda, join me to serve this Jesus. Let’s enjoy Him together as siblings….” Toju said in tears.
Linda’s heart was broken when she saw her brother in tears. She too started to cry.
“Toju, stop crying na…. please” she said crying.
“I….I…. I don’t really know if this your Jesus can still forgive me. I’m a total mess. My life is shattered. I have become a seEXx toy for the boys around. I have been gaNng-raApPed, used and dumped in different relationships. I don’t know how I got myself into all this mess. I can’t sleep without MASTURBING. I watch p-rnIC just to satisfy myself. I engaged in different occultic practices just to get my sanity. I tried several times to kill myself, but it didn’t work. Toju, I am going crazy. Please, tell your God to help me, please…. I’m tired of my life….” Linda cried out.
Toju too was moved greatly.
He embraced her and prayed so passionately for her.
She surrendered her life to Jesus in tears.
After that, they both cried and prayed.
“Don’t worry, my sister. Jesus has given you a new life. Just remain strong and don’t go back to your sin again. I’ll find time to come and see you at home and also be calling frequently….” Toju said as he lifted her up. They were both on their knees before.
“Wait…. it’s already 7:30pm now. How are you going to get home?” Toju asked her.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get a bus going home. You know I’m a night traveller before na…” She said with such joy radiating from her face.
“No way! I can’t risk your life on the road. This place is different from where you’re coming from. It’s not safe. You’ll stay here tonight, tomorrow, you can go home…” Toju said.
“Me, stay in this place? You’re joking. Which food did you cook sef?” Linda said playfully.
“Ehm… don’t worry, I’ll buy you something…” Toju said.
“You see. I said it. This my brother has been killing himself with hunger! Thank God I brought something while coming…” Linda said. She brought out the bag she carried.
“Wooow…. See food!” Toju exclaimed when he saw what Linda brought.
“Thank you so much, Linda…” He said.
“I believe these fruits too would help you to break your fast before pouncing on the others….” She said playfully.
“Toju, I’m very grateful. I don’t really know how to thank you for all your prayers. I can feel peace and joy within me. I feel light….I feel clean….I feel…. I can’t even describe how I feel now…. This Jesus is indeed great.! I owe Him my life, my time, my money and my everything. I will serve Him. Just wait and see, you’ll be surprised that I will even grow stronger than you….” She said playfully.
“Glorrrrrryyyyyyy!!!!!! I’ve got my sister back….” Toju said joyfully.
After they ate, Toju suggested that he would pass the night in one of his neighbours house, while Linda would be in his (Toju’s) room.
She agreed.
The next day, she arranged her things and went home.
Pastor Paul’s call came in
“Hello Toju, meet me in my office when you close from work today” Pastor Paul said firmly
“Is all well, sir?” Toju said when he heard the tone the pastor used.
“When you come, you will know….” The pastor said and hung up.
“Why is Pastor Paul sounding like this….” Toju asked himself thoughtfully.
TO be continued

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