False Accusation episode 2

Episode 2
Pastor Paul’s Office,
Toju entered the office and was met with a stern look from the pastor and two other church leaders who where there with him.
He greeted them, but they answered him very coldly.
“Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. Everyday for the sinner, one day for the judge…” One of the leaders said and hissed.
“Pastor, sir, what’s going on? Why that proverb?” Toju asked, surprised at their attitude.
“Can you stop pretending as if you don’t know what you have been doing behind our back, hypocrite!” The other leader said.
Toju was startled by that remark.
“Brethren, let’s calm down…” The pastor said.
“Toju, sit down….” He ordered him…. “No, keep standing, because this issue is a very big disgrace to the church…” He added.
“Pastor, I don’t understand….” Toju said.
“Can you imagine!” one of the leaders whose name was Catherine said. She was in charge of the youth sisters in the church.
“Toju, you are a disgrace to the church. So, all these while you’ve been a leader among the youths, you’ve been exploiting them immorally? We thought you are a serious and very matured spiritually endowed brother, but now God has exposed your secret deeds….” Pastor Paul said firmly.
“Pastor, I’m lost here. There must have been a misunderstanding somewhere…” Toju replied.
“A broken spirit and a contrite heart, God will not despise, but the proud heart will be brought low. Bro Toju, just admit your fault…” Sister Catherine said.
“What fault? What sin did I commit?” Toju asked them confused.
“Hmmmm, I’m very surprised at you, Toju. Your arrogance and pride are trying to disgrace you. The Bible said in Proverbs 29:1 (KJV) he that being often reproved and hardeneth his heart, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy….” The other leader, Pastor Eric, who was the assistant pastor said.
“Toju, your deeds of immorality has been exposed and you don’t want to admit it…” Pastor Paul said.
“Me? Immorality? No…. Never! God forbid! Pastor, you know me na. I am, by God’s grace, a strong advocate against immorality and worldliness in the church. I have spoken and preached vehemently against it in several occasions. I am innocent of this accusation, sir….” Toju said as he knelt down crying.
“Stop that tears of hypocrisy, Toju. Stop it!” Sister Catherine said.
“Have you checked your WhatsApp messages lately?” The pastor asked him.
“No sir. I ran out of data yesterday. I’m yet to subscribe…” Toju replied still crying.
“Make sure you subscribe today and check for yourself. The church will decide your case in the next service day. You may leave now….” The pastor said finally.
Toju was greatly surprised by the accusation.
As he walked home, he was asking himself “God, what has happened? What type of accusation is this? Who is responsible? I’m innocent. Lord, you know I’m innocent, right?”
He went home and spent that night crying and praying on the issue because he was confused.
He subscribed his phone for data and decided to pray before he open his WhatsApp.
“O God, give me the grace to bear what I am about to read right now in Jesus name…”
As he opened his phone to check his WhatsApp messages, the first thing that pop up on his church group page was the caption ‘A MAN OF INIQUITY IN THE GUISE OF INTEGRITY!…
“Oh God, what is this!” He exclaimed.
There was a long message under that caption which eventually end with the picture Sister Truthful took.
“Ahhhh…. but this is my sister! Wait, who took this photograph?” He asked himself.
There were a lot of comments on the post.
“Hmmmm…God has exposed the hypocrite in our church…”
“Pretenders everywhere. They will be hiding under anointing and power, not knowing that they are the very agents of Satan…😡😠😡
One comment goes thus…”brother ‘Receive it’😂😂😂… Who knows how many sisters have received the ‘anointing’ on his bed……”
Sister Chidinma was not happy with Truthful, she commented “Sister Truthful, this is not right at all…”
Her comment attracted a lot of attacks from other church members.
“Keep quiet there, madam holiness. Who knows whether you are also one of those who have received the ‘anointing’ from him..”
“Every evil deeds must be exposed….”
“The Lord is purging His Church. Judgement must begin from the house of God…”
Chidinma didn’t comment again.
Toju was heartbroken, he sent a comment.
“Please, you all are getting it all wrong. That lady was my sister….”
“Heyyyy.. you see, one of those loosed ladies has become his ‘sister’🤣🤣🤣… Chaiiiiii….the anointing is flowing 🙇🏾‍♂️”
“That sister must have been baptized with the ‘holy spirit’ and speaking the tongues of fornication…”🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️
Toju couldn’t bear what he was reading. He threw his phone on the bed and went on his knees crying. He wanted to pray, but his emotion got the best of him. He cried all through the night.
The next day, he tried checking his Facebook page, but found out that that same message has been shared on Facebook, and also on his timeline with almost 500 comments and 250 shares.
Many were raining insults on him and the church.
“Blood of Jesus! What type of attack is this, Oh Lord? What have I done to deserve this type of public disgrace and embarrassment?” He shouted.
He was indoor all through, crying and praying.
The next day was Sunday.
Toju didn’t want to go to church that day, but he felt he should go, at least he would be able to explain to the pastor.
When he went to church that day, he sat at the back to avoid any stir from the people. He couldn’t do anything as he used to do before.
Sister Catherine was the one who took the Sunday School class for the youth. The Sunday School lesson that day was on GOD’S JUDGEMENT ON THE HYPOCRITES.
Toju felt the ground should open and swallow him as sister Catherine poured out her anger against him indirectly during the teaching.
As if that was not enough, before the main message, the pastor came out to speak.
“Blessed people of this temple of God Almighty, today is a day of soberness and personal reflection of our own lives. The name of this church as well as the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has been greatly blasphemed among the unbelievers and all who have known us for long to be a strong adversary of all forms of worldliness and ungodliness prevalent in the land. One of our very own leaders, whom we have trusted and thought to be a zealous, holy, disciplined and God-enpowered Christian has been caught in the act of immorality. Toju, please, step out….” Pastor Paul said.
Toju stepped out and walked gently to the altar. Everybody was stirring at him and mocking him secretly, only few were found crying.
“This brother has disgraced the church and the name of Jesus Christ. He was caught with a lady alone in his house…” Pastor Paul wanted to continue but Toju interrupted him.
“But, pastor, please, let me explain….” Toju said.
“Explain what, ehn? You want to deny your immoral affair?” Pastor Eric spoke out.
Toju couldn’t say anything as the congregation went wild with shouting.
The picture was displayed on a screen for all to see.
“Ahhhhhh…” Everyone shouted, when they saw it.
“Deny it na….yes, brother holy holy….deny it…” Some jeered.
“People of God, nothing can be hidden from the eyes of God. Thank God, we even have technology now that can exposed the secrets of men….” Pastor Paul said, then cleared his throat and continued.
“Our church has a standard as regards offense of this gravity. Bro. Toju….” He called out, but a woman from the congregation objected.
“Don’t call that fornicator a brother. He is not worthy of that title….”
The pastor continued.
“You have been placed on 5years disciplined. All files and doc-ments with you are to be returned to my office immediately….” The pastor finally said.
“Pastor, you still want this fornicator to remain in the church? You want him to infect our young boys with his venom of immorality? He may even continue to defile more of our girls in the church. Let him be excommunicated. I will not be in the same church with this hypocrite!” One of the elders of the church said. He was very popular in the church and well respected.
When the pastor heard what he said, he gave approval for the excommunication of Bro. Toju from the church.
Toju knelt down, cried and walked out of the church with many mocking and calling him all sorts of derogatory names.
The effects of this excommunication almost cost him his life.

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