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False Accusation episode 4

Episode 4
All through the night, Mrs. Jones couldn’t sleep. Her heart was heavy for her son, Toju. The message she read was really strong against him.
“Who did he offend? Why will such person be this wicked as to publicly disgrace an innocent person? Oh, Toju, please, stay strong. Stay strong, my son…” She said to herself.
Her phone rang. It was her husband, Corporal Omasan Jones.
“Hello honey, I’m very sorry for disturbing you this dead hour of the night….” He said over the phone.
“There’s no problem. I’ve been awake…” She said.
“I just got a post on my WhatsApp from one of my colleagues about Toju. This boy want to ruin my career. Do you know the gravity of such action to my position as a District Police Officer? My colleagues are making jest of me because of the picture. If he wants to destroy his life, should he put it on social media?” Mr. Jones said furiously.
“Darling, observe the picture carefully before making your conclusions….” Mrs. Jones said.
“What do you mean by that? This thing is before me right now….” He said over the phone.
“Whaaaat! Is that not Linda…..? What was she doing with him? Hope it’s not what I am thinking…? I’ll kill that boy with my bare hands. I said it….yes…I said he would disgrace me one day. Now look at what he has done….” He said mournfully.
“You are taking this issue out of proportion. We abandoned our son for 5yrs. No calls, no care, no checking on him. Linda only went to see him, but I don’t know who snapped that picture? My son is innocent. Linda has changed due to that one day visit to Toju’s house. They didn’t do anything. My son is innocent. Don’t you get it?” Mrs Jones began to cry.
“Okay. Calm down, please, calm down. I’m sorry for overreacting. How’s he now? I mean, Toju? Have you seen him?” He said.
“I don’t know, but we have planned to see him first thing in the morning….” She said.
“Okay. Please, when you have found him, give me feedback…” He said and hung up.
As early as 5am, Mrs Jones was up. She quickly went to wake Linda up.
“Mum…. it’s still early. Let’s wait for the sun to shine before going…” Linda said yawning.
“I thought you said the place was like a journey and will take us roughly 6hrs to get there. So, if we move early, we’ll come back early….” Mrs Jones said and left the room to prepare herself.
They arrived Toju’s house late in the afternoon.
Everywhere looked des**ted. Toju’s door was closed.
Then suddenly, they saw Ahmed coming into the compound.
“Mummy, that’s his friend….” Linda said.
“Good afternoon, young man” Mrs. Jones greeted courteously.
“Good afternoon, madam…” Ahmed responded.
“Wait…. Nor be you come here last week Saturday?” Ahmed asked Linda.
“Yes, yes… I am the one, and this is my mum…. Please, where is Toju?” Linda asked hesitantly.
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“You don change. I nor even recognize you before…” Ahmed said
“TJ almost die yesterday night ooo. Na God nai save am. He wan kill himself before. Right now ehn, he dey hospital. Na only the oxygen wey the doctor fix for him nose nai dey keep am alive. He never fit open him eyes since the time wey I carry am go there….” Ahmed explained.
“Oh my God…Oh my Jesus… Toju… In the hospital? Ahhhh….” Mrs Jones began to cry.
“Mummy calm down… please…” Linda said and turned to Ahmed. “please, take us to the hospital…”
They entered the car and went to the hospital.
When they got there, they went to the ward where Toju was lying down.
“Oh, my son! I am sorry for abandoning you. Please, forgive me….” Mrs. Jones said. She was in tears when she saw Toju on oxygen.
“Doctor, what happened?” Linda asked the female doctor.
“From the report we go from his friend here, he attempted hanging himself. As at when he was brought here last night, he was already gasping for air. We did all we could to help him, but he relapse into a coma. We have been on his case and observing him, pending when he will regain consciousness….” The doctor explained to them.
Mrs. Jones was heart broken, same with Linda.
They booked for an hotel around the area, so they can keep checking on Toju everyday.
Toju, while in coma, saw himself in a very big dry and dusty des**t. He was walking and getting exhausted. There was no water. The sun was scorchingly hot. He fell down, then stood up again and started walking. He was very thirsty.
Then a heavy storm began in the des**t, which carried himself away and threw him far.
He became distress and wanted to die.
“Kill me… just let me die, I can’t continue any longer….” He cried out.
Then as he tried to walk a little further, he saw an oasis just ahead. He was surprised and ran with his little strength to get a drink of water from it and took shade under the tree that was there.
Then a voice spoke to him….
“That storm was a favour for you to get here on time. All things work together for good to them that love God, even to them who are the called according to his purpose (KJV Acts 8:28).
“You still have a lot to accomplish in your life. Go and continue my work…”
After one week, Toju regained consciousness.
Linda and her mum were there that day. It was a joyful moment for them when Toju opened his eyes.
“Oh, Toju, my son, I am very sorry for letting you down. Please, try to forgive me. I promise, I will be the best mum…” Mrs. Jones pleaded.
Toju, though weak, was surprised at the sudden care from his mum.
“This was the same woman that strongly opposed him and told him to leave the house and not come back again. How come she has changed?” He thought within himself.
After a few days he was discharged and taken home.
That night, he reconsecrated his life to God and was able to find a good church around to attend.
Although, they initially were behaving odd towards him, but he was able to explain to the pastor what happened. Linda too was there. The pastor saw the picture and wondered why a fellow Christian would be so wicked as to do such thing.
Toju continued to serve God in that church. His mum and dad gave their lives to Jesus Christ eventually and encouraged him.
“Chidinma, I’m not feeling well…” Sister Truthful said to her friend.
“What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Chidinma asked her.
“No… I’m okay healthwise, but it’s about that picture and the message I wrote and shared on Facebook and WhatsApp…” Truthful said
Chidinma looked at her with surprise.
“So, it has now dawn on you that you have done wrong? Sister Truthful, sincerely, you are wicked….” Chidinma said boldly.
“Chidinma, why all this na? I was only trying to help the church to expose evil. Besides, there’s no proof that he is innocent…” Truthful was getting annoyed.
“I repeat again, you are wicked! That brother has lost everything. I even heard he has been sacked from his work because of this issue. Ahhhhhh… But, I warned you. I told you let’s confirm that thing before you report it to the pastor, but you were bent on doing your own thing. Now look, everybody is talking about the issue. Even the people we used to preach to are now driving us away. The name of the church stinks in the community. I wonder how bro Toju will be feeling now. I really cried for him that day when he was publicly disgraced and sent out of the church. Truthful, you are wicked….” Chidinma said in tears and stood up to leave.
“Please, don’t go na. I’m sorry. I was planning for us to go to his house today to know how he was doing….” Truthful called out to her.
“Crying over spilled milk. When you have damaged a brother’s image and shatter his dignity in pieces, then you want to pretend like a saint to go and see him? I am not going anywhere with you. Good day…” Chidinma walked away.
Sister Truthful called sister Grace to accompany her to Toju’s house.
When they got there, Ahmed was outside taking fresh air.
Immediately he saw them, he had a flashback.
<[He was coming out of his house that very day when he saw Truthful sneaking away from the backyard of Toju and walking briskly from the compound. She didn't see him]>
“Wait…. wait… Na you…” He pointed at Truthful.
“Yessssss, na you come this place dat day. I remember now. See ehn, if una nor take una leg vamus from this place ehn, I go break bottle for una head….” He said angrily.
Truthful and Grace were afraid.
“You still dey look me, abi? So, wetin you do against TJ nor reach you? I nor get time to yan nonsense. Make una wait for me, I dey come….” He rushed inside.
Truthful and Grace quickly ran away to save their lives.
Ahmed came out with a cutlass, but couldn’t find them.
“Una get luck. I for teach una lesson wey una nor go forget. Nonsense….” He went inside.
That night, Truthful could not sleep as her conscience was greatly troubled about what she did.
“Did I do wrong in exposing the sin of this brother….?” She said to herself.
“No…. I did the right thing…” She said.
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