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False Accusation episode 5

Episode 5
Toju and his family continued to serve God.
His father was bent on prosecuting the person that brought out such false
allegation against his son, but Toju pleaded with him to allow God do the
finding and judgement.
He then gave up the idea.
Toju grew very fast once again spiritually, even becoming more anointed
than he was before the excommunication. He became the assistant pastor of
the church he was attending.
That church grew and increased due to the workings of God in the life and
ministry of Toju.
Also, he managed his mother’s business which was a big supermarket, well
known in the town.
He got married and settle down with his family.
In the office of one of the elders (Mr. David) of Toju’s former church
(The same elder that said he can’t stay in the same church with Toju).
There were about 5 police officers that came to the office.
“Good morning, gentlemen. How may I help you?” Mr. David said to the
“We are police officers from the Area 3 division police station…” Their
leader said and brought out his I.D.
“Sir, we have been investigating a case for about 5yrs now. Every
investigation points to your company. We have proofs that your company
smuggled contraband goods into this country and has been doing that for the
past 5yrs now. We tracked one of your truck filled with contraband goods
and traced it to this place….” The officer said.
“Officers, please, sit down. You know we can always resolve issues like
this amicably. Let’s just settle this thing smoothly….” Mr. David said.
He opened his drawer and brought out an envelop containing some cash.
He smiled…
“I see you are new officers in this area. This is how we used to do it.
This is a hundred and fifty thousand naira cash. It belongs to you….” He
said and gave a broad smile.
“I’m sorry, Mr, we don’t collect bribe. You are under arrest for not only
being involved in smuggling contraband goods into the country, but also
trying to bribe an officer of the law. Sergeant….” The policer shouted.
“Sir…!” Another responded.
“Take him!” He commanded.
“Officer, please…. please…. consider me…” Mr. David pleaded.
“You are to remain silent and cooperate with us else we use force on
you…” The sergeant said to him.
Mr. David was taken to prison. He was tried and found guilty, thus his
company was closed down and himself was given a sentence of 10years
“Heyyyyy…. I’m finished…!” Sister Truthful said regrettably.
“What happened….” Sister Grace said as she drew near to her.
“Hmmm, I went to my bro. Richard’s place. It was just an innocent visit. He
told me he wasn’t feeling well. I would have called you to follow me, but I
went alone, and the worse happened!” Truthful said.
“Talk na. What happened…” Grace asked her.
“I can’t explain, but we did it…” Truthful said.
“Ahhhhhh! Sister Truthful! You committed fornication!” Grace exclaimed.
“That’s not the issue, I just went to the doctor and he told me that I am
pregnant…. ahhhhhh! This is a disgrace to me ooo” Truthful mourned.
“Preg….what? Sister Truthful, you know the stand of the church on this
matter. Why did you fall so cheap like this?” Grace said looking
disdainfully at Truthful.
“Don’t look at me like that, please…” Truthful responded.
“Are you a saint?” Truthful asked angrily.
“Ooooh, so, you want to judge me, because I told you I had 3 abortions for
bro. Jonas, abi? I don’t blame you…” Grace said and stood to leave.
“Please, I’m sorry. Please, don’t go. I don’t just know what to do now. I’m
confused….” Truthful said.
“Do you want my advice?” Grace asked her.
“Removed it….at least, nobody will know” Grace said.
“God forbid! I will not kill this baby!” Truthful stood up.
“Let me bear the shame…” She said.
“Okay ooo…” Grace said and left the house.
Sister Truthful went and reported herself to the new pastor that took over
from pastor Paul. His name was Pastor Godwin.
“Jesus Christ! What is happening to this church? Ahhhhhh! What have I done
to deserve all these attacks against this ministry? Just 3 years I came
into office and there’s been one bad news or the other. Pastor Paul was
disciplined because of his adulterous lifestyle. Pastor Eric, found with
human parts in his car, sister Catherine died mysteriously, no man knows
what happened. Just this morning, I was called that elder David has been
arrested for involving in illegal businesses. Now, it’s you, sister
Truthful?” The pastor said with a mournful face.
“Pastor, I’m very sorry. I can’t explain how it all happened. I was
overwhelmed with my emotions and gave in to bro Richard. I’m sorry, sir…”
Truthful said crying.
“Something isn’t right with this church. I have never seen this kind of
challenges since I began my pastoral ministry…” He said.
He prayed for Truthful and told her to go.
As she was about leaving,
“Sister, please, come back….” He called out.
Truthful returned and sat down.
“Last night, the Lord showed me a revelation, and I saw you standing and
pointing your hands at a young man who was being mobbed by a grouped of
people. You were shouting ‘he is guilty…..deal with him’ while he was
trying to defend himself saying ‘God knows I am innocent’…. I woke up,
but couldn’t understand the meaning of that revelation….” The pastor said
and paused. He noticed Truthful was crying.
“Do you have anything to say about this..?” He asked her.
She broke down on her knees and explained everything that had happened 5yrs
“Lord, have mercy!” He exclaimed and stood up from his chair.
“No wonder all these things have been happening. God has been specifically
picking up all those involved in this issue. But, why all these hypocrisy?
Even if the brother had been guilty, shouldn’t the church have at least
investigated to know the very truth of this matter?” The pastor said.
He was confused.
“Okay, do you know where we can find this brother? We need to apologise to
him, if not, I’m afraid more woes are coming…” He said.
“It’s been 5yrs now sir, and I haven’t seen him since then…” Truthful
said crying.
“Does he have friends we can meet? Maybe they’ll have his number….” The
pastor said.
Truthful told him about Ahmed.
The pastor called his wife and they went to Ahmed’s place.
They were able to get Toju’s number from him and put a call across.
Truthful was placed on discipline alongside her fiance (bro. Richard).
The wh0le elders of the church, the pastor and his wife with sister
Truthful all went to visit Toju.
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