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False Accusation episode 6

Episode 6
The journey to Toju’s place was a very hectic one for Truthful, not because
of the distance or the nature of the road, but because of how she was going
to present her apologies to a brother whose reputation and dignity she has
dashed to pieces.
She was crying and begging God for mercy all through the journey.
“Oh God! I am indeed wicked. I am bad. I feel terrible. How did I get
myself into this mess? Why didn’t I listened to sister Chidinma? Why did I
allow Grace to convince me to blackmail bro. Toju with that picture? Even
if he was guilty, I shouldn’t have gone that far na. Ahhhhhh! God, please,
have mercy on me. I know I’m not worthy of your mercy right now, but,
please, forgive me…” She cried.
She remembered what happened at her house that evening after reporting to
the pastor. She was with sister Grace.
“Sister Truthful, this is a great opportunity to deal with this brother.
With all the good things you have been doing just to get his attention, he
still had the guts to rebuke you in the church. A beautiful and elegant
Sister like you. This brother doesn’t know what is good at all….” Grace
“Hmmmm.. I’m really in love with this brother, but he doesn’t know it. I
felt really embarrassed that day when he spoke those words at me in front
of everybody ‘Sister Truthful, stop trying to take by force and crooked
ways what doesn’t belong to you…’ Can you Imagine!” Truthful said angrily.
“I will teach this brother a lesson he will never forget in his life. He’s
flirting around with ladies, yet pretending to be holy….” She hissed.
“But Grace, what should I write under the picture?.” She asked.
“Hmmmm…let me think…” Grace said. “Yes, write A Man of Iniquity in the
guise of Integrity…that would speak volume!” She said.
“Sister Grace.. I hail you oooo….” Truthful laughed.
That was how she composed that message.
As she remembered everything, she kept on crying.
“Sister Truthful, calm down. God will have mercy, just calm down” the
pastor’s wife tried to console her.
“Mummy, are you sure God will forgive me? Even bro Toju, will he ever
forgive me?….” She cried again.
“God is a merciful God. There’s no offense beyond His mercy as long as we
are willing to humble ourselves, repent and do our restitution where
necessary…” The pastor said.
The journey continued until they got to the location as described by Toju.
Toju, his wife and Linda were already there to receive them.
When Truthful saw Toju, she bowed her head and couldn’t even look at his
They went to Toju’s house.
After all the complements and greetings, the pastor stood up and said….
“We thank the Lordp for his mercy and grace that we are alive today. Bro.
Toju, please, don’t be annoyed that I didn’t give you the full details of
why we are coming. I and the the elders of our church of which you were
once an active member, before the unfortunate event happened, have decided
to come and see you….”
“Thank you very much, pastor. I’m very grateful. I was actually surprised
when you called me and told me you were coming to see me. I didn’t know the
honourable leaders of God’s house would be coming along. Please sir, permit
me to ask what brought you here?” Toju said.
“I would allow one of our elders to speak…” The pastor said.
Elder Silas stood up.
“Bro Toju, I believe you know me very well. It’s been 5yrs now, and I thank
God we met again. We have come to clear up a long time offense….” Elder
Silas said. He cleared his throat and continued.
“Bro. Toju, we, the entire Church have greatly offended you. The father may
think he’s always right, but sometimes, he is wrong. We have come to plead
for forgiveness from you, on behalf of the entire Church….” He said and
then beckon on Sister Truthful to come.
Sister Truthful stood with him.
“Bro. Toju, the person behind that blackmail 5yrs ago is this Sister
standing here with me. I know you are very familiar with her, because I
used to see two of you together then. Most of us thought you were going to
get married. I never knew she was behind this terrible issue. Forgive our
ignorance….” He said.
Toju’s wife looked at Toju. He held her hands softly to pacify her.
“What she did has led to the downfall of many in the church as well as
God’s judgement on the church’s leaders who refused to do the necessary
investigation before accusing you. I remembered warning Pastor Paul back
then about his spurious act of discipline as regards your case, but he
allowed the voice of other elders of the church to go ahead with the
discipline. Please, try to hear her out…” The elder said and allowed
Truthful to speak.
Sister Truthful tried to speak, but she couldn’t because of her tears. Then
she summoned courage.
“Bro Toju, I know I’m not worthy of your forgiveness. I’ve wrong you so
much. I’ve caused you great pain. I’ve shattered your heart and wreck your
reputation. I don’t know what more to say than to say ‘I am sorry’. It
happened 5yrs ago, while I was going to pastor Paul’s house to submit a
report, I saw your door opened. On getting close I heard you and a lady
laughing. I sneaked to peep through the window and then snhous€× x you
both. I showed pastor the picture as well wrote those allegations against
you. I’m very sorry. I acted foolishly. I feel very terrible right now
about my actions. Please, forgive me…..” She cried as she begged him.
Toju stood up and was quiet for some minutes.
“Hmmmm…. Thank God that He is not a man. My sister, stand up….” Linda
said to Truthful.
“I was the one with Toju that evening. I know you may not recognize me now.
I have changed and all those things you saw on me have been burnt. That
night was when God used Toju to deliver from the road to Hell fire. I got
saved that day. My life has never remained the same since then, as you can
see. I’m grateful to God that I am now a genuine Christian, because what
you did that almost cost the life of my brother made me angry. If not for
God’s grace, I would have turned back to my vomit. But, I’m still
standing…..” Linda stood up and lift Truthful up. She gave her a warm
hug…..”Don’t worry, we have forgiven you… okay?” she said.
Truthful once again cried.
“Sister Truthful, I actually don’t have words to say because God has taken
control. I forgive you for whatever it is that you did to me. I truly
forgive you from my heart. My lovely wife here too has forgiven you, but on
one condition…” Toju said and paused.
“Whatever the condition, I am ready to bear it. I have suffered enough
guilt already. What’s your condition, sir?” Truthful said.
“You have to write a counter message to debunk that accusation against me.
That’s my condition…” Toju said and sat down.
“I will do just that. I am very grateful for your kindness. Thank you so
much sir….” Truthful said.
The pastor’s wife came to carry her to her seat.
“Bro. Toju, we are very grateful for your kindness and forgiveness. May God
bless you. We would also like to make an appeal to you. We would love if
you come to the church so that we can publicly apologize to you in front of
the wh0le church. Also, we would need your prayers too…..” The pastor
Toju thought of it for some minutes and then agreed to it.
They were entertained and relaxed for the night.
Truthful and Toju’s wife also had some time together that evening
discussing. Toju’s wife encouraged her and told her to be strong.
Truthful typed the message of apology and posted it on Facebook and
WhatsApp tagging all whom she knew.
Linda’s picture.
She intelligently explained everything in her post and encouraged those
reading to desist from laying false accusations on people. Even if they are
guilty, love them and reach out to them instead of blackmailing and
disgracing them on social media, you cannot tell what great damage you may
do with that innocent post of yours about someone’s error.
There were a lot of reactions, but many also commented encouraging her.
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