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False Accusation episode 7 - finale

Episode 7 (Final Episode)
The church was packed full. Many had gotten the information of Toju’s innocence and that he was going to be in the church that day.
Sister Chidinma (now married with two children) was very happy.
She saw Sister Truthful and ran to meet her.
“Sister Truthful, don’t worry, God will strengthen you. I’m very for those my hash words. Also, I’m happy about this your decision to put the devil to shame. Be strong and don’t be discouraged….” She told her.
“Thank you, so much. I’m very sorry for my attitude towards you. Please, try to forgive me….” Truthful said soberly.
“I have forgiven you since. Just be strong, okay? I know it may not be easy to face the crowd today, but don’t worry, I’ll be praying for you….” Chidinma told her.
She gave her warm assuring hug.
They both went inside the church.
After all the activities had been done, the pastor came up to give the announcement.
“Dear people of God, it is to God’s glory we are gathered here today. We are grateful for the fact that Satan, who planned to reproach the church of God some years ago has been disappointed. You all could remember how that 5yrs ago, your former pastor, Paul, gave the approval for the excommunication of a beloved brother over an alleged report of immorality. This has really affected the church greatly, because such action was taken without proper investigation….” The pastor said and called sister Truthful out.
“This our Sister, as you all know very well, has been placed on discipline based on an act of immorality. This same Sister was the one responsible for that false allegation that was posted on the the church’s WhatsApp page as well as on Facebook. We have been able to get the truth about the wh0le issue, but I will allow her to speak and make her apologies to the church. What she did was done secretly, but had large and terrible consequences on the church and the person in question. Nevertheless, nobody should cast any blame whatsoever on her. She has repented and God has forgiven her. This meeting is to enable us clear off any form of doubts that may still be in the heart of anyone concerning her apologies on social media. Let her speak now….” The pastor went back to his seat.
Sister Truthful took the microphone and began to speak.
“I greet the church this morning in Jesus name. I stand here today to apologize to the church for my foolish and arrogant attitude against Bro. Toju 5yrs ago. I met him alone with a lady in his house, and without proper investigation about who the lady was, I snapped them and gave the false allegations that he was having an immoral affair with ladies. I am deeply sorry. I recognize my fault now. That lady was his sister who came to visit him that evening……” She began to cry.
“I know I have sinned against God, the church and bro Toju. I want the church to forgive me. I am deeply sorry. I also want to use this medium to tell everyone of you that no matter what you know about your fellow brethren, don’t be Satan’s mouthpiece against them. Don’t be a journalist for the devil against them. Rebuke and correct them when they err and do that with Christ love in your heart to save their souls. If you’re not sure of the information, do a proper finding before making your conclusions. Also, beware of trying to justify your wrongs. Repent and do your restitution. Once again, I am very sorry for misleading the church by raising a false accusation against an innocent and beloved brother whose ministry then had had a great positive impart in the lives of others…” She concluded and dropped the microphone.
The pastor came to the pulpit.
“Church, we are going to pray for this sister. What she did really affected the church both physically and spiritually. Please, stretch forth your hands and begin to plead for the mercy of God over her life”
The church prayed fervently for sister Truthful while she was on her knees crying.
“In Jesus name we have prayed….” The pastor said to round up the prayers.
“Amen…!” They all responded.
“Now, we are going to have our beloved brother, who is now a pastor to come up to the podium…” He said.
Bro. Toju went up to the podium.
“Pastor Toju, apart from sister Truthful that wronged you, we have also hurt you by our ignorance. We allowed the devil to use us to disgrace and embarrassed you. On behalf of the entire church, we want to say ‘we are very sorry for causing you great pain and would love if you will pray for us’. Your forgiveness at this point would go along way to heal the church of the wounds she had sustained from the attacks of darkness…” The pastor gave brother Toju the microphone.
“Church, Praise God” Toju said.
“Halllllllllllleeeeeeeeeellllllluuuuuuuyyyyyyyaaaaaaahhhhhh” the church responded.
“Today, is a great day for me. Before I continue, I want to say that I have forgiven you all. I hold no grudges against anyone. The Lord had told me through a dream that the storms I faced through those periods of my excommunication was initiated to push me forward. If it had not been the challenge, I don’t know whether I would have had the grace to be what I am today. My family members have all been converted and they are serving God with me. Quite a lot of great testimonies there are that I can’t begin to mention, all because of that storm. I pray that every tongue that the enemy had used to accuse this church before will from today be used to announce this church in the name of Jesus…”
“Ameeeennnnnnnnn…” They responded.
“Every attack that had been staged against this church, I rebuke it right now in Jesus name…”
“Ameeeennnnnnnnn” they responded again more loudly.
“My dear sister Truthful, I pray for you that the mercy of the Lord will be shown upon you. May the reproaches of darkness against your life be turned into testimonies of God’s goodness in Jesus. I bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ….”
“Ammmmmmeeeeeeennnnnnn…..” They all responded….
I believe the Lord has spoken to you through this story.
Please, don’t forget to pray for me.
That’s the payment I demand from you…YOUR PRAYERS๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿพ‍♂️๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿพ‍♂️๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿพ‍♂️
God bless you.
©Ebosa Monday

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