Edge of a knife episode 18 - 19

Edge Of A Knife – Episode 18
Theme: Cold War
©Cal Empéror
At Ogba
An old man sat under a cool shade, savouring the coolness of the fresh morning air, a pair of reading spectacle could be seen resting on his nose, as he peruse through the contents of the dailies, everything in his palatial home spoke of immense wealth, he was Senator Olarenwaju, Kemi’s father, just as he opened the last page of the newspapers, he heard his Rottweiler dogs barking uncontrollably, Umar! Umar!! The old man called to the house guard for him to see to whatever was wrong with the dogs, but there was no response from him, so he stood up to go check it out by himself, After taking some few steps from the cool shading tree, he bent towards the dogs cage, and there he found Umar in the pool of his own blood.
What??? Good gracious, old man exclaimed!
He rushed over to the dead guard, and shook him hard but there was no life in him,
Oh no this can’t be happening, wake up Umar, he called, but then he heard the click of guns on his head.
Kemi’s Dad: Please please don’t kill me please he begged, but the gunman said nothing instead he released the trigger, and the bullet drove into his skull, it was followed by another one that went through his chest as he dropped to the ground, and off went the killer.
At Kemi’s Apartment
She and Oscar could be seen resting on her bed, they were just on a gist, this was the old Oscar kemi thought, she was so happy to have him back, he made he laugh the had continued to share the happiness of happy couples when Kemi’s phone rang, she picked it was an unknown caller, it was the police, they told her the situation on ground at home, and at once she broke down to tears, Oscar was shocked to see the once lively kemi that they were both having fun with words not quite long ago, breaking down to tears after receiving a phone call, he tried his best to get her to tell him what the matter was, but she never said anything instead she continued in her sobbing, just when he was about giving up on asking her, she said.
Kemi: They took him Oscar, they killed him.
Oscar: Killed who? Who took who my love? He asked, still surprised at the outburst.
Kemi: My dad, my all, my king, they killed him the police called to tell me.
Oscar: Holyshit!!! What the hell, he said and stoop down to console her, he tried his best, she gave in accepting fate.
Kemi: Baby, are you sure this isn’t you, you threatened me to kill him babe!!
Oscar: I swear I am not, you know I wouldn’t hard your old man he said, we never had problem with him.
Kemi: It’s fine babe, it will never be well with the perpetrators of this evil act, my father was a pure man even to this very day, that I can vouch for, she said and broke down to tears again, and Oscar consoled.
Oscar: I promise to help you avenge him babe, please don’t cry, he said.
Kemi: ok babe I am going home, she said.
Oscar: I am coming with you love.
Minutes later, they both entered the car, and zoomed off to ogba.
Today been the day mom was to visit dad at the hospital, I had to be there too I went over to the hospital I met my mom there, she was all over dad, who was getting fine, but immediately she noticed me, her mood dropped, dad was overwhelmed by the presence of his complete family, he brought the topic, about those that were after his life, and how God has disappointed them, I tried to chip in on the topic, how great God was to give us a upper hand over our adversaries, but mom never contributed, she kept giving me looks, probably imagining what sought of devil I was, how much I could cover up my dirty games, my dad noticed mom’s unusual reserved nature, and he asked ‘‘Imade, are you not grateful to God over the victory he granted us and sustaining my life?’’ he asked, of which she affirmed, and also cautioned we stay safe and be very careful from now onwards.
Sorry about your blood rise, dad stated I was tensed, but I noticed mom responded fine, and I knew at once it was Cathy’s handwork. After a filled day at the hospital, even when I tried to get mom’s attention but she always find a way to wave me off, I went back to the mansion.
We were set for war, for a test run, our boys rolled out that evening in massive numbers, we took the Fox unaware, and smite them they didn’t see it coming, they walked freely on campus, far away from their safety zone, which was the fox mansion, and that was our chance 15 boys died that evening, all were on the fox side. I was somewhat happy at the outcome, it seems very much, how well Joshua has blended into the confra way.
Nelson called that evening telling me he was getting better from his wound, I was happy, I fed him on the latest, he was happy I was still alive, but really happy about Eric out of the picture, he had confessed that even when he and Eric had come save me sometime ago, he really didn’t like the dude, we talked more about many things, before I hang up.
Episode 19
At The Fox Base.
Oscar walked into the company of Tiger and some few boys, they were all smoking away the sorrow that lurk in their hearts, concerning the impromptu attack the Creeds launched on them they had lost more men, Oscar presence brought some decorum, as some of the boys made to do away with their Sticks and weeds. He didn’t mind them he only signal for tiger to come with him. He too had felt the impact of the creeds.
Tiger followed him into his bunk.
Oscar: Weldone Tiger. Now the old man is of the picture, we can focus on using kemi, to get to Josh and the creed, we really need to round off this war, and continue our reign in supremacy, the creeds are no match for us, he boasted.
Tiger: thanks boss, how is she reaction to the death of her father?
Oscar: Not very well Tiger, she’s been sober and all weepy, it hurts me to see her in that state, I really love and would wish none of this had happened, but what has to be done must be done, I want to make her hate that boy, so she will comply, and help us get information from her, I am fixing her fathers death on him, she has sworn she will do anything to bring Justice to her father, which I promised to help her with.
Tiger: Smart move boss, nailing her Father’s death on the creeds won’t be a bad idea, that will compel her to help us s-ck the dry of every of their information.
Oscar: Good thing you can cope Tiger, Oscar commended.
Tiger: sure boss.
Oscar: I love kemi though, I will marry her after all this, and I will take charge of her Father’s money, he said to Tiger who nodded his head like a lizard.
Tiger: you are the master planner Boss man tiger hailed and they head out after the secret meeting,
He made the other boys assemble, while they sang all old confra songs both in mourning of their dead brother, and that of victory at hand, Oscar briefed them a little on the next step to take, which was accepted by all the boys. And they continued in their sorority songs.
Day after day, kemi mourned the death of his father, he had called Joshua and told him of her loss, he commiserated with her, Joshua had a way with words, he made her stopped crying and mourning, every night and day, he always called her to give her soothing words, at some point he had even planned to visit her, at the expense of Hus safety, but she was against it, she made him see reasons why he shouldn’t come because of the confra clash, as a number 3 man, His life was at stake, any careless move from him would result to his death, Joshua saw some sense in what kemi to him so he heeded, Kemi had told him, she was just fine with his calls and affectionate gestures and soothing words Just to keep him safe, because she didn’t want to take chances, Oscar was around, Joshua might Just come to visit her in her house and boom, Oscar walks in she knew for sure Josh would be a dead man, Truth be told She was loving Joshua more than she did Oscar, but she couldn’t just detached herself from the death king, not like Joshua was even a saint, at some point she had even asked herself, ‘‘was my life destined.to always be in love with confra men?’’. But there was no one to answer for her, Oscar do come around sometimes, but her love affair with Josh online skyrocketed she loved him just the way he does her. For a week, Oscar made her believed he was working on the death case, and was soon close to getting the culprits.
Weekend saw Oscar telling her how the creeds had done the hit on her father, he also showed her footage from the surveillance camera in her Father’s house, of people that performed the hit, a well doctored photo that displayed Josh face while pulling the trigger had made her crash to the floor, she cried he eyes out, the only one thing was playing on her head, at that time was that she was busy loving the devil that killed her father, she didn’t express that at Oscar’s presence, she only laid curse on the creeds and on Joshua, Oscar smiled inwardly at the effect of his wit on her, he has confused her and to even confused her the more, he went further to explain how the creeds were working for one Mr Ajayi, who was the Late Ex Senator’s Political Opponent, Kemi could Still remember the man, he was actually the one that caused her mothers death, he had sent thugs to kill Her father then when he was still campaigning for the senatorial position, that evening the goons had burst into her house, then she was still an O’Level student, she sat at the living room watching opera, when they came in, her dad was out of town, her mum had come down to join her when she met her daughter lying flat on the floor at gun point, the gunmen asked the woman to join her daughter which she complied to without any resilience, the sight of gun frightened her, Where is your husband? One of the guys yelled, and she told them he was out of the state, the searched the wh0le house buts did not find him, so they had to drop a message for the lucky man, and the message was to kill his wife. She died at the hands of the gunmen. That had left Kemi an orphan with just a paternal parent, to look after her, and now he was gun, the same Mr Ajayi that took his mother from her has also sent the Creeds to take her father, so Oscar made her believed. What the hell did my father do to this man she cried.
Oscar: It’s Okay my love, we will take care of him, if you want it done, I will send Tiger to take care of him right away, He said soothingly.
And the hopeless Girl concurred to His suggestions.
Oscar: Now for the creeds who were the instrument used to perpetrate this evil act, it’s time to get back to them, Kemi with the hate in your heart, I want to to milk your lover boy from the creed, of every plans and strategies they were making towards taking us down!
Kemi: Babe, are you in any way using me?
Oscar: No dear, you know you can’t fight the creeds, the only way for you to do that, is help us get information from them, so we will use to melt out Justice to them, in respect to avenging your father, Oscar said kemi saw light in what he said, but it still pained her, that Joshua was the one that killed her father. Did Joshua Knew all along, and pretended not to be aware, but instead closed to be telling me soothing words and making me love him the more? I am so confused she said.

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