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Zainab Episode 13 to 16

Chapter 13
opening my eyes, I saw myself in the hospital, I tried to remember how I got there, sitting close to me was a lady beautifully dressed, thank God you are awake she said to me, I looked at her in a kind of way that speaks who are you please, she got the mesaage
“oh I am Mrs Chioma, I know you don’t know me, but please you have to calm down while I get the doctor to check on you,,,the lady left and went to call the doctor, I was still wondering how I got to the hospital, I was able to remember I was bleeding in Sani’s house, maybe Sani had brought me to the hospital I had thought….
Soon the lady came in with the doctor, who checked me and asked me to relax
“where is oga Sani? I asked
oga Sani? the lady asked in return
yes ma, oga Sani that brought me to the hospital
young lady, no oga Sani brought you to the hospital, I brought you to the hospital, I saw you lying almost dead in path while I drove, I actually thought you were dead, but I felt i should confirm, there I saw you bleeding and brought you here
“so Sani wasn’t the one that brought me here?
no my dear, it wasn’t Sani, who is Sani by the way?the lady asked me, I guess he’s the one who gave you the pills for the abortion that almost took your life, tears drops started flowing down my eyes
“you are very lucky to have been brought here by Mrs Chioma if not you would have been dead by now “the doctor said
i didn’t want to do it, Sani forced me “I said
it’s too late for that now, the baby is out already, you need enough blood to replace all you have lost if you must stay alive “the doctor said
doctor please do all you can “Mrs Chioma told him
we shall do our best,let me check up on other patients,, the doctor said and left.
Mrs Chioma took good care of me like a mother to a child,she should be in her late fourties, a very beautiful and sophisticated Lady with the heart of gold,she comes In the mornings and evenings to check up on me,and brought fruits and food,she was a mother to me,I saw nothing but my mother’s picture in her,my mother would never have allowed me go through all these in my life if she were financially independent..
After about a week and two days,I was ready for discharge,Mrs Chioma was there, she wanted to drive me home, getting to her car, she asked me where I lived so she could take me home,, I looked at her and said
“ma,I don’t know where I lived,,what are you saying she asked me, how can an adult like you not know where you live “she asked
ma ,I don’t know ,it’s a long story,,,
well get in the car,I am not in a hurry will like to hear it all….
We entered into her car, while I naratted my ordeal to her from the very beginning,,the lady couldn’t help but shade some tears drop
that was really pathetic,how can your parent allow you to go through all these,and that uncle of yours needs to be jailed, Sani is just a bastard,how I so wish you know his address ,I would have gone to arrest him immediately,no child deserves to be treated like this,no child,so what do you indeed to do now, go back to your village?she asked
no ma, I do not wish to go back to that village,I want to remain here in Lagos,but certainly not with Sani, please ma,I beg in the name of God, let me leave with you as a maid, I promise not to be a burden ma, please I beg of you
oh my God,I don’t know how this will work,I didn’t tell my husband you would be coming home,you would have to wait for me to call him first,I really hope he allows,she placed a call to her husband,but he didn’t pick,she called again,and again but he didn’t pick up,so she decided to take me home and explain everything to her husband when he comes home….
Getting to her house, she lived in a beautiful duplex, there was a lady who took care of the house and the gate keeper,she also showed me to the guest room,a beautiful nice room.,, towards evening,her husband came home and saw me, I greeted him and his wife welcomed him cheerfully,”Onye bu ka (who is she)”,he said to his wife,I knew he was asking about me
please ZAINAB, excuse us if you don’t mind,,
oh no I don’t ma, I said and went to my room
sweetie that’s the girl I told you about, she’s discharged now
so what’s she doing here” he asked
honey, she doesn’t have a place to stay and her story is very pathetic,she would be staying with us for some time
what, Chioma,you bring a stranger to our home without my consent
honey I tried calling you but you weren’t picking up, I am so so sorry honey
she’s leaving, she can’t stay here
“ha, honey why?,
You are asking why,are you seriously asking why, you are, asking me why, bringing an hausa girl into our home, so you have not heard about all the bad things they do,and how wicked they are
oh stop it honey, all tribes and languages have both the good and bad lets stop judging tribes, and generalising because of one mistake we see, aren’t there Igbos who are bad too, we all preach of one Nigeria, but one Nigeria and peaceful Nigeria begins with you and I.
Chioma,do you even know what you are saying,that girl is a Muslim for heaven’s sake
“and so what, the Bible says we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves tribe nor religion not being a barrier
exactly Chioma, your neighbor, is that girl your neighbor?
oh stop it Obinna,ones neighbor is not only those who live around him, anyone who needs your help, becomes your neighbor at that point, that young lady needs our help,it’s only nice we help her Mrs Chioma said, please honey, please, don’t say no, please.
“I don’t like her one bit, I don’t, but for your sake I shall allow her live here, and am watching her, one bad act, and she’s gone…he said
oh thank you honey, she hugged him, I was happy Mr Obinna had allowed me to live with them, even though he didn’t like me, I decided I was going to be very careful and well-behaved so that he wouldn’t have any reason to regret allowing me stay in their house…
Chapter 14
Living with the obinna’s, I tried to really be useful, I helped the Lady in charge of the house keeping to do most domestic chores, Mrs Chioma works in a very big company, so I later found out, she was the one in charge of everything and the home, she was the wealthy one, and her late husband was also very rich, she has two daughters with her late husband, and they were based abroad, the first was already done with school and was working already,, while the second was still in school. Mr Obinna was her second marriage, and he seems to love her, at least so I thought, Mr Obinna wasn’t doing anything reasonable then, Mrs chioma was everything, yet she respected and loved him, that you would never know. She allowed him to be in charge of paying i and miss Chelsea, I was very grateful when she placed me On a salary, it was the best thing that happened to me
With the help of my salary and permission of Mrs chioma, I was able to enroll for WAEC ,I studied so hard, it was difficult, since its been years I sat to learn, seeing my determination, Mrs chioma registered me in a lecture house, that was really helpful, although I had to start from the basis, it was worth it at the end…
Mrs Chioma was sometimes sad, she wanted to have children for her present husband, but each time she was pregnant, she ends up having a miscarriage, it had happened for over five times, but thank God for her husband who understands, age was also telling on her, she would soon be Fifty.
Although Mr Obinna was few years younger than she is, she was very grateful to have found love again, if only she can have just a child for him, so that he can have someone to call his own,she doesn’t seems to know why all the babies weren’t staying, herself and mr Obinna had gone for medical assessments, and they were okay and compatible, what then seems to be the problem was the big question on Mrs Chioma’s lip…
Mrs Chioma was always very busy at work,she’s usually the last to enter the house, leaving I and miss Chelsea in charge of the house.
But since I was attending lectures, miss Chelsea was always in charge most of the time.,soon I noticed Mr Obinna was always home in the afternoons, I always come back from lectures at about 2Pm to meet him home,he didn’t like me at all,and seeing me,casuses him goosebumps I guess,once I enter he always seems to be in a hurry to leave,and he comes home again in the evening. one night,i was thirsty, and I had to get water, on my way to the kitchen,I saw Mr Obinna tiptoeing out of miss Chelsea’s room,I had to quickly go back and thankfully he didn’t see me,,I thought about the wh0le thing all through the night, what could be going On between miss Chelsea and Mr Obinna, I really hoped it wasn’t what I was thinking, because Mrs chioma has been very good to miss Chelsea, and definitely didn’t deserve such betrayal…
Since I wasn’t sure,I didn’t want to jump into conclusion, so I decided to put my ears to the ground and eyes on them.
The next day, I left lectures before the normal closing time,only for me to see Mr Obinna and miss Chelsea making out in the living room, I saw them through the window, so i went back to the lecture house,,i came back again at the normal closing time, and they never knew i saw what happened…
I was confused,now that I was sure what was going on between those two, I didn’t know what to do, should I or should I not tell Mrs chioma,she wasn’t going to believe me,she may think I made it up because the man doesn’t like me,, she seems to love him so much,telling her will break her ,I thought,,, but how can I hide such thing from a woman as nice as Mrs chioma, making her look foolish in her own home, another voice whispered to me,,,after mush consideration, I decided i wasn’t going to speak,i can’t be the harbinger of such evil news that would cause her sadness I said,it is also possible the matter could turn to be my doom,so I decided I was going to keep mute.
Chapter 15
Even though I choosed not to talk, I was greatly hurt inside, the foolary was too much on poor mrs Chioma,these went on for several months, soon I was done with my waec, thankfully I came out in flying Colours, Mrs Chioma was so very proud of me,she was willing to send me to the university to study any course of my choice,I was very very thankful to her,I started studying vigorously, I wanted to pass the cut off mark for medicine, I was really grateful to God for making my path cross that of Mrs chioma, but one thing was bothering me, that’s the fact that I knew what was happening in the house, but I wasn’t talking, I knew she would be very disappointed in me when she finds out I was aware of everything.
I called her one evening and told her I wanted to tell her something, she gave me her attention, but again I was scared of talking,I didn’t know if she would believe me or not, I had no one in Lagos, if she send me out I will definitely be stranded
ma please I want to tell you I needed money for pad, I had said, since I didn’t have the courage to say what i knew
is that why you sound so serious, oh come on zainab, I may not be your birth mother but I want you to see me as one who is like a mother to you, be free and open with me, don’t worry I shall get you pad now, I am even heading to the supermarket to get some groceries, so come with me let’s go together, she had said. This woman is indeed too nice, and certainly do not deserve all Mr obinna and Miss Chelsea were doing to her.
On our way to the grocery shop, I felt it was a good opportunity to let the cat out of the bag, but again, my courage failed me. I was concentrating on my studies, I wanted to make Mrs chioma proud.
one afternoon, I had gone out to get something from the market, as I was about entering the house, I heard Mr obinna and Miss chealsea having a conversation, so I decided to eveadrop
do not mind the idiot Mr obinna said, how can she still wants to get pregnant at this age
hope you have drop the substance in her drink? Miss Chelsea asked
of course I have done that this morning Mr obinna replied, after five miscarriages she still wants to get pregnant at almost 50, does she really think I want her to be the mother of my kids, just like always, the substance will take effect tomorrow or next and that bastard in her womb will be flushed out again, meanwhile I have succeeded in collecting over 30 million naira from her, my main target is the doc-ments to this house, this house will cost over a 100 million, so I would want us to sell this house before leaving this godforsaken country, and together with our two kids we shall live happily abroad
obinna please be fast with whatsoever plan you have, I am tired of staying in this house, I am tired of watching her k-ss you, I am tired of acting like a maid, I am tired of staying in this house, I just can’t wait to have my family back again, I mean you,
the kids and I all together,
Ijoma, I know you have tried, it’s not easy watching another woman k-ss your husband in your presence, but baby, we are doing this for our children and for our future, please be a little more patient
ok honey I shall, just please be fast I beg of you” miss Chelsea added
“I hope the kids are okay? Mr obinna asked
yes they are,I checked up on them last week, Ngozi seems to be taking good care of them
oh that’s nice, all these will soon be over” Mr obinna added.
My God I couldn’t believe what I have heard, so miss Chelsea is actually Mr obinnas wife, they even have two kids together, their plan was just to extort money from Mrs chioma, sell her mansion and travel abroad, my God, they have even been the one responsible for madam’s miscarriages, how can human beings be this wicked, no no no I must speak, I cannot allow these criminals get away with this, madam deserves to know the truth, I kept quiet this while, because I was scared of breaking her home, but there was never a home actually, she was going to get hurt anyways, is better I told her the truth, and prevent the criminals from going away with her money and belongings. I stayed some minutes outside, so that they wouldn’t know I heard all they said, I tiptoed back to the gate, and was singing towards the door, so they could hear my voice and org-nise themselves, getting inside the house, I greeted Mr obinna and as usual, he answered me with hatred in his tone. I greeted miss Chelsea or should I say mrs ijoma, and she answered me,I gave her the things she had sent me to buy from the market, I now understand she sent me away so that they could have their conversation
welcome back ZAINAB, hope the market wasn’t too stressful
oh no auntie, it wasn’t, I said and went to my room,thinking of how I was going to present the matter to Mrs Chioma.
When Mrs Chioma arrived, Mr obinna was all over her, pretending to love and care as usual, with Mr obinna around it was difficult for me to speak to her, I just prayed earnestly within me, that an opportunity should present itself.
ZAINAB, Mrs Chioma called me
“yes ma’am
please tomorrow by 3pm, you shall come to my office, and together we shall go to the market to buy some house stuff, Chelsea says we are running out of things, ok ma, I was very happy that Allah had heard my prayers, a drive to the market would give me an avenue to tell her all she needed to know I had said.
It was 2:30 p.m. the next day, and I was sad to leave for Mrs chioma’s office, I arrive there 3:05pm, she was very happy to see me
“good afternoon ma I greeted her cheerfully with a smile, good afternoon ZAINAB how are you, I’m very fine thank you ma I replied, please give me some minutes let me tidy up my office before we go
no problem ma, please take your time.
soon she was done with what she was doing and we were set to leave for the market, haven driven some few kilometres, I was thinking on how to present the topic, my containance had changed
ZAINAB what is it ?,you look disturbed, Mrs Chioma asked out of concern
“mam there is something that is seriously bothering my heart, in fact it is has been eating me up.
She looked at me with so much surprise, seen how serious I was, she pull over, and looked for a place to park her car
ZAINAB,i have told you time without number, I may not be the woman who gave birth to you, but I am like a mother to you, you are a good girl with a pure heart, I know you have seen so much in your life, and because of that you find it difficult to trust, but please dear child you should learn to open up, tell me ZAINAB what is it that is bothering you, tell me and I promise you, if it’s what I can do, I would definitely do my best.
Thank you so much ma, you are a very nice person, and do not deserve all that is happening, what are you talking about ZAINAB,, what don’t I deserve, please talk to me you are making me scared
ma, I know what I am about to say may be difficult for you to believe but please ma, just allow me finish please
ok talk to me ZAINAB I am all ears.
Madam, Mr obinna and Miss Chelsea are not who they seems to be to you, Mr obinna and miss Chelsea are husband and wife
ZAINAB are you okay, are you sure you did not abuse any drug, what rubbish are you saying from your mouth
ma I know it is difficult for you to believe, but please I beg you in the name of God, allow me to finish….
I discovered some months ago, that Mr obinna and miss Chelsea were having an affair, I didn’t know how to tell you, knowing fully well how much you love him, Mr obinna comes home every afternoon to see miss Chelsea, and some nights, he sneaks to her room,but I couldn’t hold it any longer and decided to tell you when I learnt about their evil plot yesterday.
They are planning on selling your house, I mean the house we live in, according to him, he has gotten over 30 million naira from you, and he plans to sell the mansion, so that himself miss Chelsea, who happens to be Mrs ijioma and their two kids, could relocate abroad.
ZAINAB are you out of your mind, what are you talking about, what rubbish are you saying, obinna loves me and he can never never hurt me
ma I thought so too, but its just a plot, to make you fall in love with him and turn you into a money making machine, madam I believe you are pregnant now, how do you know, ZAINAB how do you know I am pregnant
well I am afraid I heard it’s from Mr obinna telling miss Chelsea, I am also sorry to announce it ma, the baby in your womb will soon be lost like other pregnancies you have lost before
ZAINAB are you mad , how dare you wish I lose my child
“ma” I’m afraid it’s not me, from all I heard yesterday, Mr obinna has been the one terminating your other children,once he knows you are pregnant, he put a substance in your drink, then after some days you lose your baby, making you believe it’s a miscarriage, I believe he served you a drink yesterday morning, he had already put the substance into the drink, and by today or tomorrow you would lose your baby
shut up, shut up, stop now, not another word shut up before I strangle you, no wonder obinna never liked you, so your plan and purpose is to destroy my home, well I’m sorry to disappoint you dear, it is not possible
ma if you don’t believe me why not wait and see if you will lose this child or not, by the end of this week, if nothing happens to the baby you are carrying then you can do whatever you want with me, you have been like a mother to me, you gave me life, home ,and everything I have now, why then, Will I wish you evil
just shut up shut up ZAINAB and I kept quiet while we drove to the market to get the needed items….Hi peacemaker +2348037873157 to be added you to the platform
The next morning, Mrs chioma was dressed for work already, when all of a sudden she scre-med,I and miss Chelsea rushed to their room upstairs, getting there we saw she was bleeding, Mr obinna was already assisting her, I and miss Chelsea helped her to sit up, while Mr obinna put a call through to the doctor, I noticed Mr obinna and miss Chelsea, gave a thumbs-up to each other,I believe that was for mission accomplished, I was so hurt and pained, as to how wicked some humans can be, some minutes later, the doctor had arrived, after checking up on her, he said,”I am so sorry Mr and Mrs obinna, she lost the baby
oh not again, Mr obinna shouted, pretending to be hurt, why do we keep losing our babies, doctor tell me why why why, I was very shocked at his reaction, indeed some humans are heartless, Chelsea on the other hand, was even crying more than Mrs chioma, my God some people are heartless indeed. mrs Chioma was just lying weak on the bed, some teardrops were rolling down her eyes, she was indeed very broken..
Chapter 16
Mrs Chioma was not herself for days, I believe the reality of things were evident already.Mr obinna as usual in his pretentious nature, was so caring and supportive during that period, miss Chelsea also was acting up, pretending to care, after some days, Mrs Chioma, asked Miss Chelsea and I, to go to the market and get the ingredients for vegetable soup, Mr obinna was not around, but ma
how can you stay at home all by yourself knowing you’re trying to recover
yes ma’am she’s right” miss Chelsea added
oh come on You two, this isn’t the first baby I am losing, I can manage, you just promise to come back early, also Chelsea, check the kitchen, and stock everything that is not available
ok Ma,I shall, miss Chelsea and I left for the market leaving Mrs chioma all alone at home.
After about two weeks, miss chioma was strong enough to resume her job. I was surprised that she didn’t address the issue I had discussed with her, she probably didn’t believe me I thought,nevertheless I noticed she had withdrawn from me, I felt so bad and regretted ever raising the issue.
One afternoon I went to her office, what brings you ZAINAB, I hope all is well at home” she asked
all is well ma, I just needed to talk to you
oh my god what is it again ZAINAB, I hope it is not because of that matter, because if it is drop it
ma it is because of the matter, but I just want to say I am sorry,you have withdrawn from me, you seems to be going too far from me, and I know it is because of that issue, I am very sorry ma, I am sorry to have interfered, please forgive me ma, you are all I have in Lagos, the only person who believes in me and has given me a meaningful life, please ma I need your motherly love in my life again, I promise never to interfere in your family issue, please I am very sorry ma. Having pleaded for a while, she came to me and held my hands
it’s ok ZAINAB,I hold nothing against you and I am not angry at you
thank you very much ma I am grateful, she hugged me beautifully
do not allow such issues bother you my child,just concentrate on your exams so that you can come out in flying colours
thank you very much ma I promise to make you proud. After staying sometime with her in the office, I was on my way home.
Miss Chelsea and Mr obinna’s secret affair continued. The wh0le thing was really driving me mad but there was little or nothing I could do.
Soon I was done with my exam into the university, thankfully I made my papers, Mrs Chioma was very proud of me, she promised to sponsor my education to any level I wanted, i was very thankful and grateful to her.
One Sunday evening, Mrs Chioma asked everyone to come to the sitting room, she said she has an interesting movie for the wh0le family to see, she then slot a CD plate into the DVD player, miss Chelsea, Mr obinna, myself and Mrs Chioma where all eager to see this interesting movie, just then familiar faces appeared on the screen, there were no other but miss Chelsea and Mr obinna’s face, they seems to be having a conversation, I have succeeded in getting the doc-ments to the mansion Mr obinna said in the video
I have also made arrangements for a buyer, ones the old fool leaves for work on Monday, we shall send the other pest zainab to the market to buy things, before the idiot return from the market, we must have finished the transaction with the buyer, then we shall leave this state with our kids and start our doc-ments preparations, in a week or two we should be in Canada
wow that’s so lovely honey, you are really a master planner, I’m so tired of this house, our happily ever after is certain. I love you honey, miss Chelsea added
oh I love you too my baby.
I would have loved to see the tears on that old fools face, miss Chelsea continued
oh come off it dear, who cares about that one, Mr obinna said, and to think that at almost 50 she was still desperate to have a child for you, do you know I almost threw that substance away, I thought the old cargo, was no longer able to bear kids, since the last pregnancy was over a year ago, thank God you didn’t honey, Mr obinna added
I was even surprised when she told me she was pregnant, the next morning as usual, I made her breakfast in bed, then I added the substance, I do not want anything to make me look back, even if we decide to have more kids, that would definitely be in Canada
yes honey ,maybe one to make them three that should do, miss Chelsea said
by this time Mr obinna and Miss Chelsea were surprised,and already restless where they were, hot tears were rolling down Mrs chioma’s checks,another secene soon appeared on the interesting movie we were watching, that was miss Chelsea and Mr obinna making love, this time,Mr Chioma was so hurt, if tears could finish, hers would have definitely finish that day..
Mr obinna stood up, also was miss Chelsea
“chioma Mr obinna started, I am sorry you had to find out this way, but the truth is that I am a married man with two kids, Chelsea happens to be my wife the mother of my children, you are a nice woman, a very nice one at that, but I am sorry, I do not love you, I was only interested in the money, and now that I have made a little, I think is time we went our separate ways,
Obinna in three years I lost 6 pregnancies, you were busy adding whatsoever to my drink, you did not even have pity on me, what if I had bleed to death, all I ever did was to love you,how in the name of heaven did I deserve all these, and you chealsea, you are a woman also, how did you deal with your conscience hurting a fellow woman in such manner
oh please chioma, do you know how I felt, watching you k-ss and made love to my husband, it was horrible, what even made you think, that a man like my husband, would love someone like you, I mean you are 5 years older than him, she laughed sarcastically.
Was I the first person to have fallen in love with a man younger than she is, there are people who get married to men that they are 10 years older than, I thought I’d found loving him, Mrs Chioma said in so much pain
oh please excuse me, go look for your love elsewhere, for it isn’t with my husband..
I’m so sorry Chioma, I know you are hurt now, but you will somehow get over it, Ijioma let’s go Mr Obinna said. As they were trying to leave, getting to the door some policemen were outside, Mr and Mrs obinna, you are under arrest, for theft, impersonation of character, and attempted murder, you have every right to remain silent, because anything you do or say will be used against you in the court of law, you have a right to a lawyer, but if you cannot afford any, the state will provide one for you, officer handcuff him, the officer in charge said.
Chioma please you can’t do this to me I am sorry, Mr obinna pleaded, please have mercy forgive me I am sorry, ZAINAB please help me talk to her
and for the record obinna, the doc-ments you took were all fake, I am certainly going to make sure you rot in jail, that is a promise, for the blood of my six innocent babies, you shall definitely pay, Mrs chioma said with tears falling from her eyes, Mr obinna and Miss chealsea were taken away.
Zainab I know you are wondering about the wh0le thing, when you told me indeed I didn’t believe you, it was hard for me to comprehend, I trusted obinna so much, Chelsea came to the house through him, he said he used to know her late mother,,and that she needed help to take care of her two children, so I offered her a job, I even sometimes give her money to the kids, who she said were living with her immediate elder sister, during Christmas and Easter, she goes to see the children, and I give her so many goodies for them, not knowing those were obinna’s children.
Even though I didn’t believe you when you told me, I was shocked to have lost my baby again the next morning as you have predicted, the loss of that baby, serve as an eye-opener for me, and so I decided to give a thought to what you said, the day I asked you and Chelsea to go to the market, a man was already waiting to implant cameras in the wh0le building, he hid the cameras in places were they weren’t noticed, I had long discovered the truth, that all you said were true, but I wanted to be able to stand strong before raising the issue,and have good evidence,
when I said I was going on a business trip 2 weeks ago, I actually went on a vacation to digest the wh0le thing, it was hard for me to comprehend, some human beings are wicked but I’ll be forever indebted and grateful to you for being an eye opener to me. Thank you so much, I am grateful, I have always loved you, I am officially making you my third daughter, thank you very much dear child ,she hugged me beautifully ,I couldn’t hold back the tears flowing down from my cheeks , it was an emotional moment.
Mrs Chioma charge the case to court, and Mr and Mrs obinna were sentenced to 25 years in prison on multiple charges. Every single penny on Mr obinna account was given back to Mrs Chioma, it was a difficult time for her.
Her children had to come home to be with her.
Pearl and precious thanked me very much, for being their mother’s Savior, I and the second child precious, were age mates,we were 20 years old by then, she was few months older than me, and she was in her final year in the university, while pearl the older sister, was working and also running a master degree program,she was 23, myself and the girls bonded almost immediately, they took me to very exciting places in Lagos, we had become sisters.
One amazing thing I liked about Mrs Chioma and the girls, was that, they still allowed me practice my faith, I was a faithful Muslim, while they were great Christians, indeed we are one Nigeria. When it was time for the girls to go back, they didn’t want to leave without me because we had become very close, so their mother decided I joined the girls in France and further my education there, I was shocked to my bones when she said this, this was more than a dream come true,because I have never dreamt of leaving the walls of Nigeria, I couldn’t hold back the tears falling from my eyes,thank you very much ma’am I am more than grateful I had said to her and the girls
oh come on ZAINAB, I would have lost millions of naira, and a roof over my head,my late husband mansion, if not for you, you are a child with a pure heart and you deserve this and more, we had a group hug.
Weeks on, we were all travelling to France, I lived with the girls, soon I was enrolled in the same university as precious to study medicine, I was very thankful, my life was beginning to have a meaning…….

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