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Zainab Episode 17 & 18

chapter 17
Life in France was very interesting,the two sisters pear and precious were very helpful and supportive, although it was difficult at first living in a strange land,I was able to cope, because I had two wonderful ladies as my tutor.
I concentrated on my studies so that I don’t disappoint myself nor Mrs Chioma. I sometimes think about home ,about my mother and siblings. I sometimes imagine life at home, how my mother is coping ,it’s been years without seeing nor hearing from me, could uncle have told them what happened to me, did Sani even informed uncle Suleiman, I doubted he did, i would say to myself. since Sani could abandoned me when I passed out and left me to bleed to death, he probably doesn’t know I survived.
MY mother would have been thinking about me ,what would Sani tell my family, I sometimes wonder, well I don’t think I’m that important to them ,if I were they would have allowed me lived my life the way I wanted and not detect for me, studying medicine was not easy, it’s required so much commitment, hard work and sleepless nights.
I sometimes get frustrated, but when I think about my community and the lack of medical personnel, I knew I needed to become a doctor. so many women and babies had died in my place ,because of lack of medical personnel, I also wanted to fulfill my dreams, and also make my mother proud.with all these in my mind I was able to do my best.
It’s been 3 years of studying, but we had to come back home because Pearl was getting married. She met Desmond in France,a Nigerian who lived in France ,we had to come home for the wedding ceremony.
Returning to Nigeria after 3 years was beautiful, Mrs Chioma was very happy to see us all, it was not easy planning the wedding for our sister Pearl, at last it was the D-Day,, people of all walks of life were in attendance, the creme Dela creme of the society were present, it was a beautiful moment.
I met someone during the wedding, Ahmed. he was a colleague to Desmond’s brother, one thing led to another we exchanged contacts, and started talking after the wedding Mrs Chioma called me
my child are you not going to see your family, she asked out of care and concern, the question came to me as a shock, after much thought and consideration, I knew I wasn’t ready to face them.I wouldn’t want anything that would jeopardize my chance of being a medical doctor, so I told her I wasn’t ready to face them yet.
Ok my child, I understand, please take your time. “thank you very much ma’am I am grateful.
After sometime ,we were on our way back to France, the newly wedded, myself and precious. We arrived France successfully myself and Ahmed still kept in touch we had become fond of each other, though nothing was going on between us yet, we just enjoyed each other’s company. Ahmed was a young hard-working man, a faithful Muslim and a gentleman to the core. he had all I wanted in the opposite s€×, and I knew there was possibility of us being an item, nevertheless I hope he would accept me for who I am and if he could deal with my past.
Pearl had started living with her husband, leaving me and Precious at home. Precious was done with school and was already working,i on the other hand was still in school and almost rounding off. As time went on, Ahmed was able to speak his mind, and he told me what he wanted from me,but I asked him to wait till when I returned to Nigeria, he obliged and agreed to wait.
Few years later I was done with my education, graduating with amazing results, I decided to work for some time in order to have some money, because of how amazing my results was,I was able to get a job in a very good hospital in France, the pay was magnificent, couple with some allowance,I also did other part-time jobs, i limited my expenses,I had a picture and a target ahead of me, my dream was to be able to build a good hospital for my community so I made sure I saved properly for the big task ahead.
Pearl was already a mother to a beautiful princess, while precious was preparing to get married ,so we had to come back to Nigeria again. It was not easy on me being the sister to the bride-to-be, Pearl was expecting another baby. That made me the one in charge of most of the planning, it was a tough time, I had little or no time for myself. I was trying to make sure everything and everyone was in ok.
I was practically Precious’ hands and legs. thank God at last, the party was over. surprisingly precious and her husband Walter decided to have their honeymoon in Nigeria.
Ahmed came around again, looking all good smart and better from the last time, this young man is good I whispered to myself, but I didn’t get my hopes up, even though he had told me he was interested in me, I wanted him to know me and my past before accepting him, will this beautiful lady do me the honour of a dinner, a voice whispered to me one evening, oh i made you scared , well I’m very sorry my lady please have dinner with me
oh of course you will Mrs Chioma cut in
oh come off it young lady it’s just dinner, I mean fooddddddd, mum said sarcastically
fine fine I went inside and changed into something better, and I was set to go on a date with Ahmed…
You look stunning the young man said looking straight into my eyes, it was a candle light dinner I couldn’t believe a man could love and appreciate me that much .
Different thoughts were running through my head, is it not the same me, the same me that Alhaji treated like a piece of trash, the same me that was a s€× object and nothing to Mr Sani, so a man can still treat me like a queen.I thought ,no wonder the popular saying one MAN’S TRASH is another MAN’S TREASURE.
what is it ZAINAB, is anything the matter?Alhmed asked, I didn’t noticed some teardrop were falling from my eyes
oh no Alhmed, I just remembered something, it’s nothing to be worried about ,I said
Ok then, if you say so,I hope you are enjoying the food?
oh yes ,I am I said.it was a beautiful dinner and he drove me back home…
Alhmed and I went on other subsequent date, the young man had fallen head over heels in love with me,I’m afraid, I was too.But I just didn’t allow my feelings got the best of me. I really wanted to be very straight with him, I wanted him to hear my story because I wouldn’t want him to find out from another person.
Ahmed asked me to be his wife,but I politely declined and told him I had something to tell him before giving him my reply. What is it ZAINAB he asked out of curiosity
I’m afraid Ahmed, it’s not the right time.
One evening I asked Ahmed to meet me in a calm and cool place, it was a place for nature sightseeing, after sometime, I summoned the courage to tell him about my past, I mean everything, when he heard everything I had said, he shock his head,and anger was all over him ,his countaince had changed, the ever-smiling Ahmed, was full of so much anger in him, he looked at me for some time and walked away .then it was certain to me we were done, I accepted my fate that I was not to be loved by a man, for that is my DESTINY.
chapter 18.
It’s been days and no word from Ahmed, I actually thought he loved me, was I wrong to have told him the truth and nothing but the truth
“oh no my child Mrs Chioma said, marriage is to be built on trust and sincerity, if he cannot accept you for who you are, then he doesn’t deserve your love “but mother, I have never loved any man, he is the first man I’m committed to, why did it have to end like this, if I had known, I wouldn’t have given him my love
“oh no Zain, everyone deserves to love and to be loved, you weren’t wrong to have fallen in love, calm down my child, it shall be well.
While we were still talking and mother trying to encourage me, we heard a knock at the door, guess who,?, It was Ahmed, I couldn’t believe he came back, I wonder what brought him anyway. I was just looking at him not knowing what to say
“hello ZAINAB he said with a dazzling smile, I didn’t know whether to reciprocate the smile, probably guessing my thoughts, he came closer to me ,
ZAINAB, I wasn’t angry at you, I was angry at those men for treating you that way, no child deserves that,especially in this our 21st century, frankly speaking I was shocked at your story, but in all I knew you were not to blame, you are just a victim of life, you are a strong, hard-working, and courageous young lady, many would have given up on life if they went through half what you did, but that didn’t break you, rather they made you stronger and better, you are such an amazing person, very rare I must say, and I’ll be the luckiest man alive, if you allow me into your life, I have loved you all this while and nothing is about to change that, I was speechless, happiness was in my heart, I hugged him beautifully, Mrs Chioma stood and was smiling and happy for us.
Ahmed, in as much as I love you and want to be with you, but please, I need time, I am not ready for marriage yet .I saved enough and I would want to build an hospital for my community..
ZAINAB I know that, you have told me that time without number, i shall support you and together we shall build a good hospital for your community, we shall also make sure sani is brought to book
thank you very much, I am grateful “I said.
I am very happy for both of you my children, Mrs Chioma said.
Ma, I sincerely want to appreciate you, for the massive role you played in Zainab’s life, thank you for being different in our today’s society, where tribalism and religion conflict is the order of the day, even though you are from the Eastern part of Nigeria you were kind enough to save ZAINAB, this is very rare these days, you didn’t only save her but you gave her a good life, you also respected her faith and believe, your kind is one in a lifetime, thank you very much you have proven that indeed, we are one Nigeria
“oh Ahmed, ZAINAB is like a daughter to me, she has a good heart, she was a God sent to my life to, I was a fool for a long time, until she came in, the truth is that when we support each other and defend each other,not withstanding our tribal differences and religion differences, we make a better team and have a better life,so I’m very proud to have met a beautiful person like ZAINAB…
“ZAINAB, is high time you visited home, it’s been years, don’t you think so? Ahmed asked
you are very correct I shall pay my hometown a visit ” I said
my child, are you sure you are ready for this Mrs chioma asked
yes ma I am, it’s been almost 10 years I need to know what is happening to my family and my community, moreover I want to commence the building of the hospital
very well my child I am so proud of you
thank you mother “I said.
Least I forget, ZAINAB, Ahmed said, we shall first be paying a visit to Sani, before heading to your village, that bastard deserves to rot in jail, oh I shall make sure of that,I Shall be handling that case myself
“oh calm down Ahmed,I am sorry,I don’t know his place,he never allowed me to go out,he always locked me in, that bastard,he would certainly be sorry if I ever meet him.
Ahmed and I had become an item,he was so amazing,I never knew being in love could be so amazing,who ever said all men are thesame, didn’t really meet all men,I met a first man,who was bad,met a second one who was worse,but this third,is the best, life indeed has a plan for us,and takes us through so many journey,before finally bringing us to our destination.i am very proud and blessed to have met Ahmed,I couldn’t stopped thanking Ahalla. Ahmed was a very outstanding lawyer,he had never lost a case, though his charges are high, people still come to him, because of his outstanding performances in court.
Ahmed and I had plans of visiting my family that day,when all of a sudden he called to tell me,he couldn’t make it that he was at the police station,he had a case to handle,but he made me promise to come over to the station before leaving,he wanted to see my face,I didn’t want to, but after much persuasion, I decided to. I got to the police station and, met Ahmed with his client, upon seeing the client lo and behold it was Sani…

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