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A bed of trials episode 10 - finale

A Bed Of Trials (episode 10)

There’s a limit as to what everyone can take when disrespected and when this limit is crossed, be prepared for the outcome. How on earth did Maya ever think it would be ok to show up on a vacation trip that consisted of a married man and his family and expect the wife to welcome her with a smile or opened arms. What was she even thinking when she stalked Edward to the extent of secretly following him to another country, knowing fully well that he travelled with his wife and daughter? How desperate and thirsty could she have been to have done something of such magnitude?.

It’s sad how a person can go after someone’s spouse when there are so many other fishes in the ocean ready to be caught. The world is over-populated with billions of men and women, so why go after what belongs to another person when you can have yours?. Don’t be the reason a married woman/man would go to bed in tears just because you took what belonged to them. Many would justify their actions for snatching someone’s spouse by saying things like “if he/she didn’t want to be stolen, they wouldn’t”, fine, but why do the stealing in the first place?. Let’s call a spade a spade and don’t sugarcoat ‘snatching’ because it can never be justified.

Immediately Olivia walked out on Maya who was still trying to get over the slap that reset her brains, Edward ran after his wife because he could see tears falling uncontrollably from her eyes. The fact that Olivia didn’t deserve to be stressed and disrespected in such manner, made him feel extremely bad. Another major problem on ground was the fact that no explanation would ever convince Olivia that her husband had no hand in Maya’s sudden appearance in that same hotel. What would he say to make her ever believe that it was all a coincidence and that he had no hand in Maya’s appearance in that location. There was fire on the mountain!!

“Get your hands off me this minute, how could you? How could you humiliate me like that in front of your mistress and why did you let her touch my child? What in God’s name is all this? Just so you know, I am leaving this place first thing in the morning and going back home so I can give you and your mistress all the time in the world to carry on with your secret affairs. Wow!! So all these while, you brought her along on this trip and have been on vacation with two women. I can’t even look at you anymore, so after all I have done for you, this is how you pay me back? It’s alright. Just stay away from me because you won’t like what I would do to you if you ever touch me again. Moveee!!” Olivia furiously said and headed toward their hotel room. Edward didn’t want to defend himself while she spoke because they were outside with many eyes on them. He let her assume whatever she wanted at that moment because he knew she was too angry to listen to any word that would come out from his mouth.

Being a gentleman, Edward followed Olivia to their hotel room; despite warning him to stay off her. Immediately they entered the room, he grabbed her from behind but she knocked his hands off yet again. “Babe, it’s sad how you would look me in the face and indirectly call me a cheat after the trust we have built in this union since we got married. We have been through this issue countless times but I can see you still didn’t trust me to handle ladies like Maya who throw themselves at men regardless of if the man is married or not. Do I look irresponsible and cheap to you? What makes you think that I am not satisfied with you alone and want another woman in my life? Everything happened so fast this afternoon and to be honest, I am still in shock as to how things went from 0 to 100 in a flash of light” he calmly said.

However, despite Edward’s explanation, Olivia still wasn’t having it. “You must think I am a fool or a kid. Are you trying to tell me this minute that Maya surprisingly happened to be in the same vacation hotel with us without you having a hand in it? Why was she with my daughter when I walked in on both of you? How did she know you were at the pool side if you didn’t tell her? What madness is this because I am lost at this point” she furiously said.

At that point, Edwards knew he had to come clean about his encounter with Maya the very first day they arrived at the hotel. He knew that only the truth could save his marriage and change his wife’s mind about leaving the next day. The only way to change her perception was to say the truth. Without hesitating, he began to narrate everything to her; leaving no stone unturned.

As Edward narrated his encounter with Maya and denied every claims that he had a hand in her sudden appearance there, Olivia’s temper gradually calmed down. His story was genuine and felt true but it was still hard for her to believe everything he had said. There were just so many things that felt too good to be a coincidence. “Are you trying to tell me right now that Maya just happens to find herself in the same hotel with us and this is just a mere coincidence?” She bluntly asked, “Darling, that’s the honest truth and to be frank, I have been thinking about this myself and don’t seem to fathom how this happened. It could be that she has been stalking me or happen to know the agency that org-nized this trip. To be honest, I am very tired and plan on filing a restraining order immediately we get home because my family and I can’t continue to be harassed this way. I believe she isn’t totally ok because if she was, then I see no reason why she would be doing all this and going to such length to prove a fruitless point. Babe you have to believe me” he said.

To be honest, Olivia knew her husband was saying the truth but she was just too angry to let him off the hook. However, the fact that he mentioned filing for a restraining order actually made her believe him more and that was the final water that quenched her burning anger. Slowly, the tension in the atmosphere began to decrease and eventually vanished. Olivia sat on the bed and wrapped her arms around her daughter. Tears flowed down her eyes non-stop and it broke Edward’s heart that she was hurting all because of a lady he had never taken a second to think of. He drew closer and sat beside her. Immediately his hand touched her shoulder, the tempo of the cry increased.

As Olivia cried bitterly due to the outburst of diverse emotions she was feeling at that moment, Edward collected the baby from her hand and placed her head on his chest. He gently ran his fingers through her hair and patted her back with same hand, while carrying their daughter with the other hand. “I promise this will be the last time something like this will ever happen again. I will put Maya in her place once and for all because she is a big threat to our peace and union. Since she doesn’t regard my ‘No’, then I believe she would regard that of the court. Please let’s not let a stranger ruin this last week of our trip, she isn’t worth it” he said. A day that was meant to be a happy one by the poolside, happened to be a sad day for the couple.

After that incident, Edward put a call through to his lawyer the next day to file for restraining order from Maya. The process began with immediate effect and would finalize when he returns from his trip. It took a while before Olivia regained herself and began to speak to him freely like she used to. Thankfully, they still had two days remaining before their vacation comes to an end, so it gave them more time to bury every pain caused by Maya and enjoy their trip.

Still sorry for what happened, Edward booked a spa session for Olivia so she could relax and rid herself of every bad energy. The spa was really helpful as it helped to calm her nerves. As evening drew nearer, they went for sightseeing in a beautiful park. It atmosphere was cozy and had the best mood for deep conversations. They located a nice spot and sat down to view the calm lake before them. Their daughter was fast asleep in her stroller so they had time to spend with each other.

As they looked above the water, Edward reached out for his wife’s hand and held it tightly. “Babe, you know I have never truly thanked you for being the best partner anyone could have ever asked for. Where do I start? You stood by me when I lost everything, you gave me hope when I had none, you gave me a beautiful daughter when I thought nothing good could come out of my life again, you believed in me when I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror twice because I saw a failure, you cheered me on when I lost my voice and you have never stopped being amazing with each passing minute. I must have done something right in this life for God to bless me with such an angel like you. I bless the day I met you at that conference because I wonder what my life would have been without you in it. Olivia, I love you so much and would never stop loving you all the days of my life. This moment, I reaffirm my love for you and promise to love you even more till death do us part. I pray God keeps giving me the grace to never disappoint you and our marriage. I want to grow old with you and no one else. I love you babe and renew my vow to you today. I promise to be by your side till the very end despite the storms and trials of life. Our marriage has been a bed of trials and not roses but I cherish every good and bad times because I get to go through it with you. I pray you never stop loving me the way you do because I would never stop loving you every day of my life. I need you more than I have ever needed anyone and I say a Big ‘thank you’ to you for giving me your replica: our daughter. I pray she grows up to be like you or even more because you are an angel. I am so happy I get to raise our daughter with you because you are the perfect role model of what I want her to become. Thank you for everything my darling” he calmly said while looking into her eyes.

When Edward was done talking, Olivia felt a type of way she had never felt in her lifetime. At that moment, she felt genuinely loved and appreciated by someone and it made her happy that it was her husband. Unable to hold back her emotions, tears clouded her eyes. “Baby, I want to also thank you for being an amazing and exceptional man. You could have given a hundred excuses to remain home and be lazy when you lost your job but you didn’t, rather, you kept striving to come out from that situation no matter how unfit the job description was for you, which is something I will always respect you for. You picked up the pieces of your life and started afresh and now you own a successful fish farm business with over 10 ponds to your credit. That day you bought those groceries when you collected your very first salary while still working in your friend’s fish farm, is a day I will never forget. The salary was small but you thought about your family first before yourself. How did I get so lucky with a man like you to live the rest of my life with? You make my life beautiful every single day and I am so glad our children will have an exceptional example like you in their lives. I am the happiest woman on earth to have you as my husband and I promise to hold you forever. I will be your light in darkness, your happiness in times of sadness, your superhero in times of trouble and your greatest supporter. I pray God keeps giving me the grace to love you unconditionally and always be there for you whenever you need me. My love for you is forever and I pray we grow old together. I love you with all my heart and I reaffirm my love for you. Thank you for everything you do” she calmly said and planted a soft k-ss on his lips.

They k-ssed passionately and held each other tightly while at it. What a beautiful way to reaffirm their love for each other after everything their marriage had been through.

The next day, they returned back to base and continued to live in bliss. The restraining order was granted and served to Maya to stay clear from Edward, his wife and daughter. Failure to comply, she stood a chance of being arrested and charged to court. This was good news to the couple as it meant that the home wrecker was out of their lives forever.

A year later, Olivia was promoted to the position of ‘President’ in the company she worked for and Edward’s fish farm expanded beyond his wildest imagination. He bought more lands and expanded his business; totalling his fish ponds to about 50. He was ‘Made’ as a fish farmer and never desired to go back to his old corporate world again. Life went from good, better to best for the couple.

They deserved every blessings coming their way and loved their ‘imperfect’ selves ‘perfectly’ till Death Do Them Part!

End of Story! 😉
Thanks for staying tuned till the end, comment below how soon you want another story. Love you all 😘

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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