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A bed of trials episode 5

A Bed Of Trials (episode 5)

The devil is always on the look out for relationships to devour and ruin. Any looph0les in your relationship can serve as leverage for the devil to come in and destroy it. On seeing that Edward and Olivia’s marriage was back on the right path, what better way to snatch their new found happiness than to introduce new problems. The couple had just fortunately passed a tough test in their marriage and the last thing they needed was another problem knocking on their door, but it’s sad the opposite was the case for them.

Since Edward and Olivia got married, they had never thought of cheating on each other, talk more of actually doing it. They might have a thousand problems in their marriage but infidelity was certainly not one of them. Both parties made it clear to the opposite s€× that they were happily married and not available. The absence of insecurity in their marriage made them trust each other. However, was this fate about to change due to the introduction of thirsty ‘Maya’ in Edward’s life? Well, we will find out as we read on.

When Maya left Edward’s office that afternoon after making a significant impact by whispering sed-ctively into his ears, he was shocked and just stood in front of the door lost of words. The fact that his manh-od was er-cted due to the manner at which the strange lady came at him made him highly uncomfortable being around her.

For a second, Edward thought of cancelling every appointment and contract his company had with Maya because he didn’t want such thing to occur again but at a second thought, he felt that would be a bad decision to make as a businessman that he was. What a fixed corner he sadly found himself in. After thinking about the incident for a little while, he dust every memory of the strange lady under the carpet and went about his day like nothing had happened.

“Rebecca please come!!” Edward voiced out from his office, “Ok sir” his secretary hurriedly replied and walked into the office. “You see the lady that left here a while ago” he said and his secretary nooded ‘yes’. Without hesitating, Edward began to issue a stern warning; “Whenever she comes into this office again, I want you to handle affairs with her. She doesn’t need to see me in person or interact with me. I believe you know well about how sales are carried out here, so I trust you to do a good job without my supervision. I will be going home now, hope I am perfectly understood?” He said and Rebecca replied “Yes sir”.

The measures Edward had taken to curtail every direct contact with Maya was the best decision he could think of at that moment. He didn’t want to test himself by claiming tough only to fall later. It was quite commendable for him to tackle the situation that way to avoid it from escalating but the sad question is ‘did it actually help?’. Fingers crossed as we read on to find out.

For all the while Edward sat in the back seat of a taxi on his way back home, he had no idea that Maya had secretly slipped a note into his pocket that read; “I would love to know you more, call me with the number on the card I gave to you or with this number here. Can’t wait till I hear your voice again”. Edward had no idea that such note was slipped into his pocket when he went to help Maya up from the ground after she twisted her ankle. The trouser he wore that day had several pockets so it was hard for him to ever find out what had happened.

When Edward arrived home that evening, he was a bit tired so he ate dinner, carried his daughter till she fell asleep and went straight to bed. Olivia was a bit busy in the living room working on an important presentation she had the next day so they didn’t go to bed together. Immediately Edward was done taking his bath, he put his worn clothes in the laundry basket and went straight to bed without seeing the note that was in his pocket. After about an hour later, Olivia joined him in bed and they slept off.

The following day while they both prepared for work, they talked about random things that happened in each other’s lives the day before but Edward didn’t see the need to tell his wife about Maya’s advances towards him. To him, he felt it was an unnecessary detail that would only breed insecurities and issues so he left that detail aside. After spending some time with each other, Edward was the first to leave for work, while Olivia prepared and waited for the babysitter to show up for the day. The baby was still asleep at the time so it gave her some free time to put the house in order and do some laundry.

Olivia carried the laundry basket in her daughter’s room and also the one in her matrimonial room downstairs to begin washing. She first tossed her daughter’s clothes into the washing machine, while she sorted out that of Edward and herself. As she reluctantly separated each cloth, she felt a paper-like texture in her husband’s trouser. “Maybe it’s money, I guess today is my lucky day” she happily said as she ins**ted her hand into the pocket. She felt disappointed when she found out it was a mere paper instead of some money but that disappointment wasn’t anything compared to what she was about to feel after reading the content on the paper.

As Olivia reluctantly opened the folded paper and read through, her wh0le body instantly froze. It felt as though a huge trailer had knocked her off the road and landed her in a mortuary. The chilled s-nsation that ran through her body was enough to paralyze her heart and cease her breathing. What a hard blow on her face!

Before Olivia could process what a note such as that was doing in her husband’s pocket, there was a knock on the door and it was the babysitter. Immediately she was brought back to reality, she checked the time and realized she was already late for work. Without hesitating, she instructed the babysitter to finish up with the laundry so she could prepare and leave the house. In no time, she was on her way to the office.

While the distressed lady drove to work that fateful morning, she was absent minded and sober. She fell into deep thoughts and tried her best not to cry too soon. The thought that her husband could be cheating on her was such a hard pill to swallow. She didn’t want to call him over the phone for explanation but rather thought it was wise to wait till they both got back home in the evening. Despite going through some personal issues, Olivia still managed to ace her presentation at the office and wowed her bosses.

On the other hand, Edward was happily going about his day with no clue of what his wife found in his pocket. He tried calling Olivia in the late hours of the day but she wasn’t picking up. He felt she was extremely busy and didn’t read any meaning into it. Coincidentally, Maya called that day but her call was answered by Edward’s secretary ‘Rebecca’. The thirsty homewrecker somehow got the feeling that Edward was avoiding her, hence the reason his secretary was giving all manners of excuses as to why she couldn’t speak to him directly. Determined not to give up on the fantasy of having a taste of the drop-dead handsome gentleman ‘Edward’, she began to plot for other ways to reach him.

“Sir, Maya called earlier today while you went for inspection on the farms” Rebecca revealed, “Ok, what did she say?” Edward inquired, “she wanted to speak to you personally despite all efforts to inform her that you weren’t around. She didn’t want to talk business with me and insisted that it has to be directly with you” she said. He took a deep breath, sighed and shook his head; “if she doesn’t want to speak to you, then she can forget and go to another fish pond” he said and walked into his office. Immediately Edward settled down and picked up his phone, he scrolled through social media and saw a strange account that recently followed him. It was when he looked through the person’s profile that he realized it was Maya.

There was great shock on Edward’s face as he wondered what sort of lady would go to such length just to carry out whatever agenda she had. He wanted to block her instantly but decided to leave her because his heart was pure and genuine towards her. He didn’t want to conclude too soon that she followed his socials for personal reasons. For all he knew, she might have actually followed him for business purposes because he usually updated his followers about his fish farm activities.

At close of work that day, Edward rushed home as usual because that was his peaceful haven. He wanted to get home early so the baby sitter could leave in time but this time around, Olivia beat him to it. Immediately Edward walked into the compound and saw his wife’s car parked there, he realized she came back before him which was something that rarely happened. Oliva was a senior partner in her firm so she was usually one of the last persons to leave because they held meetings upon meetings after working hours. “Welcome sir” the gateman greeted as he walked inside, “how are you doing?” He asked and the gateman replied “Fine sir”.

Immediately Edward entered inside the house, Olivia welcomed him normally as though nothing was up. He gave her a peck and made his way to the dinning table. “Babe, you came back early today and even had the time to make dinner; what happened?” He happily inquired and all she did was smile faintly with no response to his question. Unable to read any meaning to her odd reaction, he assumed she was a bit stressed and saw no reason to stress her more with questions. The babysitter had already left by then and their baby was fast asleep too.

As Edward sat in the dinning table waiting for his food, Olivia carried a tray with food and walked towards the dinning to serve him. As she gently removed each item from the tray and placed on the table, she also placed the note she found in his pocket on the table. Edward was quick to spot the strange looking paper beside his plates so he picked it up and read its content. Immediately he read the content, he was confused as to why such note was on his table and also who the content was referring to. “Babe what’s this?” He confusingly asked and without hesitating, Oliva replied; “I should be asking you, after all, I found it in your pocket”.

Confused and clueless on what was happening, he shockingly said; “What! In who’s pocket”.

End of episode 5 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow for the next episode to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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