A bed of trials episode 6 - 7

A Bed Of Trials (episode 6 & 7)

A free conscience fears no accusation because no matter how complicated the lies heaped on you might be, they will surely be vindicated; however, it might take a little time but it will surely happen. When Edward was confronted with a note that instigated that he was having an affair with someone else other than his wife, it felt like a big joke because he had no clue of who wrote the note and how it managed to be attached to him. The confusion was intense to the extent that tension filled the atmosphere. Where Edward bombarded Olivia with questions she seemed to have no answers to, she threw the questions back at him because she felt he was in a better place to answer them. What an awkward night it was indeed for the couple!

“Babe I am really serious right now, where did you find this note and why is it in front of me?” Edward curiously inquired. Olivia took a deep breath and looked into his eyes in search of any slightest deception but there was absolutely none. Unable to detect if he was lying or not, she began to explain how the strange note came about. “While waiting for the babysitter to arrive this morning, I decided to do some laundry since our daughter was fast asleep. As I sorted out your clothes, I saw the note inside your pocket so that’s why I believe you are in the best position to explain why a lady would write you such a note to contact her for whatever reason. I need more answer than you do so I suggest we talk about this now and come to the root of the matter” Olivia calmly said.

While Olivia narrated how the note came about, Edward fell into deep thoughts as to how the strange note might have gotten into his pocket. As he searched his mind for answers, the incident that occurred the day before with Maya popped up in his mind. Immediately it dawned on him that Maya could have slipped the note into his pocket when he went to help her after she twisted her ankle, he didn’t hesitate to reveal his findings to Olivia. “Wait a minute, I think I know who slipped this note into my pocket. Yesterday, a lady who owns a restaurant came to the office to inquire about our services and pricing. While we spoke, she made some flirty comments towards me and I waved it off with a smile because I didn’t want to be rude. When we were done discussing business, she got up to leave and twisted her ankle while walking out the door. I hurried to the door to help her up because I felt she might have injured herself. When she got up, she whispered some casual words into my ears but the manner at which she spoke gave me hits that she might have ulterior motives towards me. I informed my secretary to handle business with her from then on. I guess she might have slipped this note into my pocket while she whispered into my ears. Everything happened so fast that it didn’t occur to me that she had done something like this. Babe you have to believe me because that’s the honest truth” he said.

At that moment, Olivia didn’t know what to believe but strongly felt that her husband was saying the truth. Before then, they have never had any issue associated with infidelity so it was easy for her trust for him to supersede every doubts she was having. “I want to believe you but I am just scared because there’s no smoke without fire” she sadly said. Without hesitating, Edward dialed the strange number on the note right before Olivia and put the call on loud speaker. He didn’t want to stress the matter further by beating around the bush so he decided to hit the nail on the head by calling the mysterious person immediately. The call barely rang halfway before the person picked up. “Hello Edward, it’s good I already saved your number from your card. I didn’t know you would call this soon and to be honest, I am happy to hear from you” the picker said.

Immediately Edward heard the person’s voice, he knew instantly it was Maya speaking. That confirmation was relieving because it would go a long way to prove to Olivia that his story was genuine. Cleared of every doubts, he spoke for the first time. “Maya is this you?” he bluntly asked and she replied “Yes, were you expecting someone else?”. Unable to answer such lame question, he went straight to the point. “Maya, I don’t appreciate you slipping notes into my pockets. Our relationship is strictly business so I suggest you erase every funny thoughts you have up in your head. I am married and have a wife and daughter whom I love so much so I don’t think I am the guy you are looking for. If you don’t want our contract to be terminated with immediate effect, I will appreciate you change your motives and redirect it back to business. Speak to my secretary if you have any issues as regarding your contract with us, she has all the answers you need. I believe I have made myself clear. Goodnight!” he said and ended the call.

After such transparent conversation, all Olivia’s doubts towards Edward died instantly and she began to feel slightly guilty for ever doubting him in the first place. Loss of accurate words to describe how sorry she was for confronting her husband in such manner, she moved closer and sat of his laps. “Did I hurt you by coming at you in such manner? If yes, then babe I’m sorry. It’s just that I was scared for a moment and thought you had betrayed our love and vows to one another. I trust you and would handle such situations better next time if I am ever faced with it again. Give me a k-ss” she said and planted a soft k-ss on his lips. That k-ss took away every tension in the atmosphere and restored a more peaceful feeling. They k-ssed passionately for a while and hugged each other dearly afterwards.

“Should I feed you?” Olivia inquired with a warm smile on her face as they loosened their grip on each other. Edward k-ssed her neck and replied “Yes, sure”. With a go-ahead approval, she began to feed him and also ate likewise. They had a good time that evening and retired to bed after freshening up.

There’s a popular saying that ‘a prayer a day keeps the devil away’, so what then happens if you stay away from prayer for a long time? It simply means that the devil would get closer in his devises to hurt you. Despite the fact that Edward had put Maya in her place, that didn’t actually guarantee that she would rule out every attempt to make him hers. At this point, it’s safe to say that she was now obsessed with the idea of having such a handsome, body built, soft spoken and intelligent man to herself. Maya fantasized about Edward whenever she wasn’t busy and the more she dwelt in his thoughts, the more deeper and rooted she got with him. Her desire for him might not look destructive for now but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t headed towards that direction.

Day and night, Maya would stalk Edward’s social media handles and blush whenever she stumbled upon his educative fish pond videos. There were a handful of family photos in his socials that consisted of Olivia and his daughter but she scrolled passed with speed whenever she came across those type of photos. It’s strange how she knew that this man was ‘officially taken’ but that didn’t stop her evil agenda to have him to herself too. What a home wrecker indeed!

While ‘miss thirsty’ was busy stalking a married man and trying all possible best to reach him physically, Edward on the other hand was planning to take his family on a vacation trip to cool off after all they had been through in the past months. It was supposed to be a one week trip but he extended it to two weeks because he felt they needed enough time away from the noisy city. A week prior to the trip, Maya came visiting to pay in cash for a pending transaction, even after she was told by Rebecca that their policy doesn’t accept cash payments. The stubborn lady still came with cash just because she needed a perfect excuse to see Edward after a long time of not setting her eyes on him physically.

When Maya arrived at the fish farm, she saw Edward standing alone beside one of his ponds inspecting it. On seeing he was alone, she knew it was the perfect time to have a face-to-face conversation with him. The desperate lady had been looking for a way to reveal her feelings to him and that was the perfect time to make her move. As she walked closer, he saw her coming and stood still staring at her till she got to the exact spot he stood. “It’s been a while, nice meeting you again” he said with a faint smile on his face.

There and then, Maya could tell that Edward wasn’t too happy to see her but that didn’t stop her from showing how happy and excited she was to see him. “I see you have been avoiding me” She said, “what for?” Edward bluntly asked and she chuckled, “Do you mean to tell me that you don’t know yet that I am attracted to you? I believe I have given you enough greenlight to know my intentions by now. Look me straight in the eyes and tell me you aren’t attracted to me too. Tell me you don’t want me” she calmly said in a sed-ctive tone.

Without fidging about what was said, Edward looked into Maya’s eyes and could see a desperate lady that would stop at nothing to have him to herself. He had a lot to say at that moment but didn’t see any need to waste his energy because he knew for sure that his words would fall on deaf ears. Without seeing the need to waste time talking to a lady who won’t take ‘No’ for an answer, he decided to give her a word of advice.

“Maya, I want you to take what I am about to say seriously for your own good because I have nothing to lose but everything to gain if you do or don’t. You are beautiful, hardworking and smart, and I know for sure that there are so many men that would give up anything just to have you in their lives but the truth is that I am not in that queue. I see you as someone who has serious issues that are bigger than me because I see no reason why you would want someone that is happily married with a child. I love my wife and would never replace her spot with you. That woman is someone you can never be to me and you certainly can’t live up to what makes her amazing to me. You need to learn how to respect people’s home and union even if you don’t personally see marriage as a big deal. I see my marriage as a big deal and would be happy if you respect my union and stop all these games of yours. I want to stay married and don’t intend to trade my family for any sort of pleasure you can give to me. You are beautiful and can get any man you want but not just ‘Me’. If you would excuse me, I have an inspection to tend to. I believe you came here for business purposes, so I would suggest you go meet my secretary inside to tend to you” Edward said. Just when it seemed as though the worst had happened for the day, more was on the way coming.

It happened that Olivia had some work runs do in town and decided to stop by Edward’s fish farm to see how things were going because it’s been over a week since she visited last. Unknown to her, she was about to walk into a scene that would shatter her heart.

As Edward and Maya stood beside the fish pond talking, Olivia drove in and could sight her husband talking to a strange lady dressed in extremely flashy clothings. As the car drove in, the sound of the engine got to Edward’s hearing and he immediately looked to see who was driving into his firm. Immediately he saw it was his wife’s car, his heart instantly dropped because he knew there would be problem once she found out who was standing beside him; knowing how the strange note caused issues between them a while ago.

The sudden tension in the atmosphere gave Maya hints that something was up. She turned her head towards the gate direction and saw a lady alighting from a white Range Rover. As the mysterious lady elegantly walked towards them with a confused countenance, Maya prepared for whatever was coming because she could she a flashy ring on her wedding finger and the lady looked so much like the lady in the family photos Edward posted on social media. “That must be his wife” Maya thought as Olivia walked closer to them.

Immediately Olivia got to where they stood, Edward broke the silence; “Hey babe, you are welcome. This is a surprise because I didn’t know you were coming” he said without stuttering. Olivia smiled and gave her husband a peck; “I decided to surprise you today since I was close by” she said.

After greeting Edward, Olivia looked at his guest and realized they hadn’t exchanged greetings. “Oh my bad, I forgot my manners. Hi, my name is Olivia and you?” She casually said expecting a reply. Without hesitating, the homewrecker replied; “My name is Maya, nice meeting you”.

Immediately the name ‘Maya’ left her mouth, Olivia was utterly shocked because that name instantly rang a bell in her memory. Looking extremely flabbergasted, she shockingly looked at Edward and said “Maya?”.

End of episode 6 & 7 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow for the next episode to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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