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A bed of trials episode 8

A Bed Of Trials (episode 8)

‘Trouble’ is when your wife walks in on you having a conversation with the same lady she once suspected you were having an affair with. Majority of women will definitely feel a type of way on seeing their husband with a lady that once slipped a secret note into his pocket?. The fact that she walked in on them looking relaxed and comfortable made everything feel a little suspicious, despite trusting her husband. The atmosphere suddenly felt tensed and awkward.

Immediately Maya voiced out her name, Olivia was left dumbfounded because that name rang a bell in her memory. She couldn’t hold back the shock she felt at that moment. While still trying to control her emotions, she gave Edward a subtle look and voiced out the name ‘Maya’ just to see his reaction. The tension in the atmosphere was evident and without hesitating, Edward knew it was time to dismiss Maya for the second time, just incase she didn’t hear him the first time.

“It was nice of you stopping by today, my secretary will be waiting inside the office to attend to you. If you don’t mind, you can excuse my wife and I” Edward calmly said in a polite manner. On seeing that her presence was no longer welcome, Maya smiled, said goodbye to him alone and walked away; thereby neglecting Olivia. It was such a weird encounter that left numerous questions in the mind of the once happy ‘wife’ that paid her husband a surprise visit at work. With Maya gone, an intense conversation began between the couple.

“What in God’s name is going on here? Is this the Maya I think it is or am I dreaming? Why on earth is she here being all comfortable around you when you clearly assured me that you have put measures in place to never come eye-to-eye with her. Babe I need an explanation” Olivia bluntly said. When she was done talking, Edward drew closer and wrapped his hands around her wa-ist. “Babe this is not the time for hugs, I need answers” she insisted. On seeing that she wasn’t in the mood for any sort of affection, he began to explain all that happened and assured her that there was nothing to worry about. “Darling, you need to trust me otherwise we will keep going through this sort of tension any time you see me with any woman that isn’t you. I haven’t seen Maya since after the note incident and it just happens to be bad timing that she walked in today and saw me inspecting the ponds. I guess she came to make some sort of payment because she has a pending transaction with us. Whatever ulterior motive she has up her sleeves is none of my business because I don’t concern myself with anything that isn’t business related when it comes to my clients. I dismissed her long ago before you drove in but she kept bringing up more topics for discussion; of which I can’t shun her or keep mute. Please let’s not make a mountain out of a mole because Maya certainly doesn’t deserve a second of our precious time spent discussing about her. I’m so happy to see you” he said.

In as much as Olivia was still a bit upset and troubled, she decided to let go and not allow a stranger ruin her happiness that afternoon. “I brought you lunch, it’s in the car” she said with a faint smile on her face. Edward held her hand and they walked towards the car to get the food she brought along with her. Maya could see the adorable couple walking together and holding hands from the receptionist glass door. She greatly envied Olivia and wondered what spell she had on Edward to make him so committed to their marriage. “What does this lady have that I don’t? What’s so special about her that has got this man highly glued to her? I can’t believe he doesn’t want to give in to my advances despite how hot and beautiful I am. What am I not doing right?” Maya wondered as she sat in the receptionist office.

While the couple sat in the car, Edward decided to eat the food Olivia brought there to avoid bumping into Maya in the office. He knew she hadn’t left yet so he tried to avoid any further meeting or confrontation with the strange lady. Seated in the car, he ate the delicious rice and chicken Olivia brought for him.

About 30 minutes later, Maya walked passed Olivia’s car and entered a taxi that was waiting to pick her up. Edward tried not to look at the gorgeous lady as she walked by, but that didn’t stop Olivia from stealing glances at her. As she stared subtly, she could sense the poisonous venom in Maya. Everything about her felt wrong but Olivia couldn’t pin point what exactly was turning her off. She knew that Maya was up to no good but had to let every thought slide so as not to pollute her mind further than she had already done.

Shortly after Maya left, Olivia left the fish pond too and hurried back to work. She still had few hours to spend at the office before officially closing for the day. On th other hand, Edward rounded up with the inspections and went into the office. As he sat on his chair thinking of all that happened earlier with his wife and Maya, he felt a bit unhappy to know that Olivia might be harbouring some ill thoughts in her mind due to what has been going on. The fact that she was now having trust issues in their marriage wasn’t something to take lightly. A tiny drop of water eventually makes up an ocean, so it’s just a matter of time before this wh0le situation escalates to something very big and deep.

There and then, Edward immediately began to think of ways to discard Maya for good and the only way that seemed possible was to terminate every contract his firm had with her. “I can’t do this anymore, she has to look for another supplier because I can’t keep putting my marriage on the line all because of business and money. She has to go this time around and my decision is final” he said to himself. After concluding on the best course of action, he called his secretary into his office so as to pass the new information across to her.

“From today henceforth, we are no longer going to supply fishes to Maya; our contract with her is terminated. Call her and pass this informed across. Today’s transaction would be her last with us” Edward said with a straight face. Without hesitating, Rebecca began to implement her boss orders. She sent an official termination email and text message to Maya with immediate effect. Seconds after Maya received the termination notice, the office telephone rang non-stop. Rebecca picked up the phone and told her the same thing over again till the news sank in well. It was truly a hard pill to swallow but the ‘home wrecker’ had no other option than to accept her sad fate. “It has to be his wife’s doing, so because she saw me today with her husband, the best she could do is persuade him to cut all business ties with me. How dare her do such a thing to me? Well, she better stay ready because she just woke the sleeping lion” Maya said to herself after the termination news was broken to her. Just when we felt the business deal termination will finally put Maya in her place, the reverse was the case because it actually motivated her to go harder. Edward didn’t see her evil schemes coming till one fateful day.

It happened that the couple finally went on the trip they had been planning for a while now. When they arrived at the vacation location, they settled in with their daughter in a hotel and began to get ready for a blissful two weeks trip. “Babe thanks for doing this for us, I truly appreciate your constant dedication and commitment towards our family. I would say a resounding ‘yes’ to you over and over again” Olivia said with a simle on her face after they settled into their room. Edward was happy and flattered by her comment, nothing made him more happy than being able to afford such a trip for his family after going through a rough path. His wife was his greatest supporter when he had nothing so she certainly deserved everything now he was doing well. The trip seemed like a gateway from their busy lives and little problems, but it’s sad they didn’t prepare for what was coming.

After the couple had settled in properly, Edward left the hotel room to go purchase some items Olivia forgot to bring with her while packing. As he took the lifter down to the ground floor, he walked passed the lobby and headed outside to wait for his Uber ride that was close by. As he stood there waiting, his eyes caught sight of someone that almost gave him a heart attack due to shock. He cleaned his eyes countless times just to be sure he saw right and Lo & Behold, it was Maya!

Confused and shocked as to what Maya was doing in another country and in their vacation hotel, Edward stood at the entrance of the 5 star hotel looking extremely dumbfounded. As he prayed for his Uber ride to arrive and take him away from there, it was already too late because she had gotten close to where he stood. “Hi Edward, nice meeting you here” she said with an evil smirk on her face. “Are you following me or something? This can’t be a coincidence” he shockingly said.

Before Edward could process all that was happening, Maya gave him a peck on the cheek and whispered “I have got me eyes on You” into his ears. As she majestically walked into the hotel, he almost died due to tension. All Edward could do was worry because he knew the vacation with his family was officially ruined if Maya was staying in the same hotel with them.

The only words that came out of his mouth at that moment was “Who is this woman and what does she want from me?”.

End of episode 8 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow for the next episode to see what happened next.

✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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